Quendal ex Merinata

Name as Mage: Quendal
Name his Fearie Parents gave him: Lethflath
House: Merinata
Player: Adauli

Appearance: Hight: 1,69 Age: 33
A pale underwight man with straight long blond hairs, green eyes, slightly pointed but still human looking ears.
He have no facial hairs except for his eyebrows.

[code]Decreptitude: 0
Warping Score: 2 (16)
Confidence: 1(3)

Soak: +2
Form Bonus: Animal 1 Aquam 1 Auram 1 Corpus 1 Herbam 1 Ignem 1 Imaginem 2 Mentem 1 Terram 3 Vim 2
Fatigue Levels: [ ] 0 [ ] -1 [ ] -3 [ ] -5 [ ] Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20)
Dodge: Init -1, Att n/a, Def 0, Dam n/a

Personality Traits: Temperate +4 Studious +3 Sociable +1

Characteristics: INT +2, PER +1, STR -2, STA +2, PRE +3, COM +1, DEX 0, QIK -1 SIZE 0


  • The Gift
  • Minor Hermetic Fearie Magic [ArM5 42]
    1 Minor Supernatural Feary Blood Shide [ArM5 42] +1 Pre max +3
    1 Minor Supernatural Faerie Sympathy [RoP:F 112] Protection
    1 Minor General Puissant Finesse [ArM5 48]
    3 Major Hermetic Hermetic Flawless Magic [ArM5 42]
    1 Minor Hermetic Cautious Sorcerer [ArM5 40] -3 Botch die (still keep at last 1)
    1 Minor General Inoffensive to Humans [RoP:M 45]
    1 Minor General Apt Student [ArM5 40] +5 exp if getting teached/trained
    1 Minor Hermetic Ring/Circle Magic [HoH:S 113]
    0 Minor Mysterie Arcadian Travel [HoH:MC 92]
    0 Major Mysterie Animae Magic [HoH:MC 96]

3 Major Hermetic Difficult Longevity Ritual [ArM5 53]
3 Major Story Faerie Hertiage [RoP:F 114]
1 Minor Personality Fearie Upbringing [ArM5 54]
1 Minor Personality Temperate [ArM5 59]
1 Minor General Fragile Constitution [ArM5 54]
1 Minor Hermetic Unimaginative Learner [ArM5 60]
0 Minor Personality Flaw Fear Snakes [ArM5 54]
0 Minor Story Faerie Friend Dwarf [ArM5 54]


------ Academic ------
05 Artes Liberales - arithmetic 1
------ General ------
15 Awearness - searching 2
75 Bargain - with Fearie 5
05 Brawl - Dodging 1
05 Teaching - children 1
------ Languages ------
00 (75) Gaelic - Scottish 5
50 Language Latin - Reading and Writing 4
------ Lore ------
15 Area Lore Arcadia - Trods 2
05 Area Lore Edinburgh - Stores 1
15 Fearie Lore - Shide 2
30 House Merinata Lore - Self Initating 3
------ Magic ------
15 Concentration - spell concentration 2
45 (50) Fearie Magic - Becoming 4
105 Finesse - crafting magic 6+2
50 Magic Theory - inventing spells 4
05 Parma Magica - Corpus 1
25 (30) Sympathy Protection 3

Sigil: Shadows get smaller and more diffuse

Techniques:       Forms:
00 Creo       0   01 Animal     1   03 Ignem      2
00 Intellego  0   01 Aquam      1   21 Imaginem   6
28 Muto       7   01 Auram      1   01 Mentem     1
00 Perdo      0   03 Corpus     2   66 Terram    11
28 Rego       7   01 Herbam     1   21 Vim        6 

Formulatic Spells and Mastery

ReAn 05 Circle Of Beastwarding (Base 2, +1 Touch, +2 Ring) [ArM5 120]
[size=85]00 (05) Mastery 1 - Penetration [ArM5 87][/size]
MuIm 20 Image Phantom (Base 5, +1 Touch, +2 Sun) [ArM5 146]
[size=85]00 (05) Mastery 1 - Quiet Casting [ArM5 87][/size]
ReTe 10 Invisible Sling of Vilano (Base 10, +1 Touch) [HoH:S 38] +5 Dmg, Range increment 20 paces, need Stone and aim
[size=85]00 (05) Mastery 1 - Precise Casting [HoH:S 34][/size]
ReTe 10 The Unseen Porter (Base 3, +2 Voice, +1 Conc) [ArM5 156]
[size=85]00 (05) Mastery 1 - Imperturbale Casting [HoH:S 33][/size]
ReTe 15 The Spell of Wrought Iron (Base 2, +2 Metal, +1 Touch, +2 Group) [Cov 51]
[size=85]00 (05) Mastery 1 - Multiple Casting [ArM5 87][/size]
ReTe 20 The Phantom Blacksmith (Base 2, +2 Metal, +1 Touch, +2 Group, +1 flexibility) [Cov 51]
[size=85]00 (05) Mastery 1 - Precise Casting [HoH:S 34][/size]
ReVi 20 Iron Circle (Base 5, +1 Touch, +2 Ring) [ArM5 161] vs Infernal Realm
[size=85]00 (05) Mastery 1 - Penetration [ArM5 87][/size]
ReVi 20 Silver Circle (Base 5, +1 Touch, +2 Ring) [ArM5 161] vs Fearie Realm
[size=85]00 (05) Mastery 1 - Penetration [ArM5 87][/size]
ReVi 20 Golden Circle (Base 5, +1 Touch, +2 Ring) [ArM5 161] vs Magical Realm
[size=85]00 (05) Mastery 1 - Penetration [ArM5 87][/size]

Special Spell options

Fearie Magic [ArM5 92]
 Range    - Road=Voice=+2 must be on the same road as the target
 Duration - Bargain a extra +2 for Duration max 1 year delay
 Duration - Fire=Moon=+3 only for Ignem or Imaginem spells
 Duration - Until (Condition)=Year need Ritual
 Duration - Year+1=Year need Ritual
 Target   - Bloodline=Structure=+4
Ring/Circle Magic [HoH:S 113]
 Only affect (touch +1 ring +2 Circle +0) spells: concentration only needed when circle is borken when casting, can move 2x as fast drawing the circle, can simply mark a well defined boundary like a room or house 
Animae Magic [HoH:MC 94]
 Summon a fearie (Creo) or change something to a fearie (Muto) 

As Child he grow up in a fearie regio inside a large gorgeous fairy-castle mostly populated by different animal homanoids and some high grown light-skinned human like beeings with pointed ears and emerald green eyes.
His fater and mother are one of this light skinned humanoids and called Rìgh and Bainrìgh by all the others in the castle. 
With his father he also was on many travles in a ebony white coach that have golden ornaments and is drawn by white winged horses.
From this travels the places where everything seem to change mostly just in a subtle but allways in important way is what he remember the best. 
Coineanach , a white rabbit humanoid, was his nanny and from her he learned to speak with the animals of the sourounding forest.
When he got older a snake headed humanoid was trying to teach him a strange Language called Latin but because he couldn't stand this teacher the progress in this language was very slow.

On day when he played hide and seek in the forest when erything sudenly got dark for him.
When he regained his conciousness he was lying over a horse in bounds and a old looking human with a red cap riding with him on a brown horse along a road at the normal world.
This Redcap sold him to a Mage of the house Merinata who took him as his apprentice.
So he got down from be cared like a prince to having to do all the menial tasks for a slight crazy mage and worst of all he haved to learn how to get along with this small ear humans.

The Mage gave him the name Quendal in remembrance to Quendalon the first Primus of house Merinata. 
After some kind of ritual called the opening was performed on Quendal from his paren he learned how to read & write from watching and assisting him writing a Summa.
Because Quendal couldn't stand this Merinata mage he tryed to get away a vew times trough the first year but allways was captured and brought back.
The first years his parens teached him the extrem complicated theoretical things about hermetic magic for one season each year and as every apprentice Quendall haved to assist his master the rest of the year.
From having speaking Latin the complet time his understanding of this language improved over the time.
When Quendal learned enough of the Magic Theory his parent introduced him into the Fearie Magic, what makes the magic of house Merinata different from the other houses.
Because of the dangers that come with using fearie magic his parent lectured him to be carefull with magic and how to prefent some of the dangers comming with it.
Only after the worst time of the puperty was over Quendal learned the basics to all forms from his paren.
Around his 18th birthday his paren haved to go for a longer trip without Quendal and so he used this freedom to try his luck with the girls of the covenant but nothing lasting came from it.
Because his paren still didn't return when he turned 19 the Columbae Mage (ex Misc) of the covenant took pity on him and continued Quendal's apprenticeship.
The teaching of the new Master was more difficult to understand to Quendal especial as her Magic is a lot different from what he learned so fare.
From this Columbea Mage Quendal learned his first spells, all kind of circle spells and trough the time he haved to assit her he got a much bether understanding of circle magic.
When turning 22 he marrried the dougther of one of the covenant craft master who her self, even with her young age of 17, was already a master in this craft.
The gauntlet the Columbea put up for him would be difficult if he didn't managed to learn how she was able to use circle magic on a room trough the time he assisted her in the lab but so he managed to put a protection circle on the room and managed this task and she teached him the basics of the Parma Magica.

Two days after Quendal's gauntlet was over his orginal parent sudenly showed up again at the gates of the covenant but he was kind of changed.
When questioned at a meeting of the covenant mages it turned out that he only spended 3 Months in a Arcadia region and didn't know that there was so much time passed after he left.
So the covenant welcomed him back but in return he haved to start his usualy saison of working for the covenant right now and more important he have to get Quendal trough his Merinata Gauntlet and becomming a usfull mage for the covenant within 1 year.

This happened without asking Quendal and he wasnt happy when heared that he haved to spend a other year as apprentice.
But at last the gauntlet he haved to do this time was more interesting as he haved to selfinitiate in a slight modified Arcadian Travel initation for the gauntlet. 
(Default Wayfarer initation [HoH:MC 90] except there was no Arcane Connection)  

In the years past this gauntlet he managed to learn a lot from the different suma of the covenant and theyr Great Work.
Still the requirement to spend 1 complet saison each year to doing work for the covenant slowed the progress down.
5 years after the weeding his wive gave birth to a sohn and a bit over 1 year later to a girl.
Around the time of the birth of his second child Quendal decided he need to learn how to bargain in preperation to the next initation 
So he spend some of his money to a old traveling mercant from Edinburgh to teach him bargain for 1 saison each year over the next 4 years.
9 years past his second gauntlet he spend actual his first time in his lab using it to learn Image Phantom from a labnote.
Around this time he then was asked to move to a new forming covenant in Edinbourgh by the end of the year.
Together with his wive he decided that it was best to accept this suggestion as she could set up her own shop and Quendal hoped to have more free time for his studies, beside that the Regio sounded interesting.

The saison bevore he haved to leave his Parent visited him and told him that he would be willing to initate him over the next saison in the next Arcadian Mysterie.
To help him with this his Parent gave him a iron charm that is linked with the entrance of the mine.
From the script Quendal now haved to befriend a fearie and after some weeks he managed to become friend with a dwarf.
But to gain access to this secret he haved to strike a bargain with this dwarf and he asked no less then the firstborn of Quendal.
Remembering his own great time a child with fearies he agreed to this as it was bether then everything else the dwarf asked for.
Returning to the Covenant he he thought how to best teach his wive that her oldes sohn will be raised by a dwarf.
At the Covenant his parent finished the iniation and now Quendal is be able to creat spells that transform itemes or direct summon in animea called fearie.
(Default Animae Magic initaion [HoH:MC 96] except for the Prohibition)

To his suprise his Sohn never fanished but when he was about to leave the covenant with his family it came to his ears that a 14 year old girl got missing.
At first he didn't tought much about it but on his travel he puzzled together that this girl actual could be his dought as he haved a nice time with her mother when his paren got missing.  
For the move together with his family a complet saison is planed.
His old covenant request from Quendal that he send a copy of the official report direct to the covenant headmage together with infos about unusaly findings not included in this.
Also he should keep his eyes open for Craft Summa that missing in the covenant collection.
His 2 parens both asked him for a ongoing correspondence [Covenants 90].
With his Merinata parent this correspodence is about Fearie Magic and with his ex Misc. parent about Rego.

Difficult Longevity Ritual when you are planning on skipping it entirely ? Well, I guess you have to look at the whole character and not that one cheesy dodge. And Diedne Magic is actually a rather weak major virtue. Don't forget that it comes with the free major story flaw "Dark Secret".

You are missing some (well, most) of your formulaic spells. I would recommend a "The Crystal Dart" Mu(Re)Te 10 (easy for your to cast with decent Penetration) and "Invisible Sling of Vilano" ReTe 10 (from HoH:S), which will make good use of your Finesse to bypass spell penetration ? If you can free up a few xp to master them at least to level 1, with your cautious sorcerer you can avoid most botches maybe pick up multiple casting, or fast casting even.

Now at last how I see it it that the Lab totall for the 3 becomming steps are also affected by the Difficult Longevity Ritual Flaw what makes them difficult, otherwise it would be cheesy.
Deidne Magic actual becomes a lot stronger for him after Transforming the Body as it allows him to continue to use /2 spontan magic without spending confidence on it as fatigue replacement.

Urks your right I payed the spells from exp and complet missed the 120 spell level. Ohh my! :blush:
That why I didn't managed to do the math about your char. Back to the draftboard :wink:

OK the char now was reworked the second time and this time I just used the default rules except for

  • a 20 exp bonus from getting teached in Bargain & Area Lore over 4 saisons and having Apt Student
  • the 30 exp for 1 year was removed to cover up for the 2 initations and 1 saison learning Image Phantom from a Labnote

Still missing:

  • adjusting the timeline for the actual gamestart
    [strike]- Spell Mastery for each spell known so fare[/strike] (done)
  • Giving major NPCs of the Story a name
    [strike]- Sigil[/strike]
    [strike]- Combat Statts[/strike]

Added Spell Mastery, Sigil and Combat Statts

Hopefull I didn't miss something important or messed up at something.