query: Davnalleus timeline

Hello everybody,
I have just discovered these forums and I am still absorbing the very large amount of information.

However, I tried searching these forums for information about the early enemy of the Order of Hermes - Davnalleus (according to Latin pronounciation).
Basically I am trying to locate the 5th Ed timeline of his activities.
I was reading the 5th Ed Hedge Magic and the chapter on Gruagachan gave a rather different view of Davnalleus than I was previously familiar, so I was hoping to review everything that is in Canon. But apart from a paragraph in the 5th Ed corebook, I haven't found anything.

Can someone point me to the appropriate information?
Thank you

IIRC there's a bit of stuff in Houses of Hermes: Societates and Realms of Power: The Infernal, but nothing really like an official 5E timeline. Though someone (Erik Tyrell?) did post a fan-made version some time ago, but I can't find it either... :cry: However, RoP: TI cites the final battle against Damhan Allaidh taking place in 814 if that's any help..

I would use the timeline in lion of the North. AFAIK it is still the most up to date list of hios activities. They changed him radically from a gruagach to an infernal dude (Damhaid Druidsan) but he is supposed to be as badass as he was in 3rd and 4th edition. We just discovered him sneaking around our saga once again. It is our favourite villain of all time and playing in Mann he had to be around. :slight_smile:


That was a fourth edition timeline, while it's a fine document it only goes through the Ars Magica books published up to 2002 or so.