Question about healing with Herbam

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I'm mastering an Ars magica 5th edition campaign and on of my players wants to create a spell with theses characteristics :

Magical domains : Creo Corpus (+Herbam complement)
Heals a wound (the level depends of the wound gravity).

My question is : how can the Herbam complement become the main Form in order to calculate the score to reach ?

The character is a Merinita Magi with great values in Creo and Herbam : she wants tu use those two Ars scores instead of (Creo+Corpus). Can such a spell exist ?
Have you ever created Healing spells based on Herbam ?

I can imagine a sort of magical vegetal growing in the wounded part of the body, the roots healing the target. Is it possible ?

My suggestion is to use Creo Herbam to make plants with healing, and magically healing, properties. At first glance, there's two ways to do this. The first is easy but not especially potent; the second is very hard but potentially very useful.

The book ART & ACADEMY details rules for creating herbal medicine, a "theriac." Because this is a craft, you can use Hermetic Magic to duplicate it. There's a sample healing tonic on p70 of that book. It's a Rego Herbam spell, but you could do the same thing with Creo Herbam of the same level, except that it needs to be a ritual to create permanent items. Since ritual spells have a minimum level of 20, you would presumably make a whole lot of the tonic at once. You need Finesse to make it correctly, and although the ease factor is high (16) there are ways to get bonuses.

The second option is to just create plants with magical healing powers. This is not listed as a Creo Herbam guideline, but if we extrapolate from Creo Animal, it would have a base of level 50! And it would have a Vim requisite, plus requisites for other powers the plant might have. There is advice for creating magical animals in HERMETIC PROJECTS which we might be able to work from. A character able to create a magical plant with customized powers has great potential.

Finally, I recall one of the magi in MAGI OF HERMES is an Herbam specialist who uses plants to do all kinds of unusual things. Your friend might get some good inspiration from him.

Similar ideas have been discussed before. I recommend reading this post and some of the later posts in that thread (and perhaps earlier ones as well) for a discussion.

Other than that, the good Doctor has a few workable ideas above.

I should perhaps have indicated this post and the rest of the thread.

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