When starting a thread, we suggest you use the following format for your first post's subject/title:

Game System: Title of Campaign [# of Players Needed]

Ars Magica: Those Pesky Faeries [1-4 Players]

In the body of your first post, please include this information:

Campaign Title: The title of your campaign.
System: The Atlas Games system you're using.
Number of Players: How many players you need, usually a range.
Deadline: When you want all PC info to be in.
Starting Level: How advanced the characters will be starting out.
Advancement Rules: How you'll handle advancement.
Combat Rules: How you'll be handling combat.
Dice-Rolling Rules: Whether players will roll their own dice, you'll roll for them, or you'll use some other method.
Special Rules: Any other special rules you'll be using, or house rules, or supplements you'll be drawing material from.
Posting Rate: How often you expect players to post.
Absences: How you'll handle absent or slow-posting players.
Writing Expectations: How much creative writing you expect from your players.
Text Formatting: The color, size, bolding, italics, and underlining you'll use to distinguish different types of info in posts.
Plot- or Character-Driven: Whether you've planned a unified plot arc ahead of time, or if the the story will grow from the characters' actions as they go along.
Focus: What your campaign's roleplaying focus will be ... politics, combat, etc.
Character Types: What kinds of characters you're looking for, and which ones won't be allowed.
Campaign Description: A write-up on the campaign's general storyline, its primary setting, background the players should know, etc.

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Have fun!