Regaining Momentum!

Alright folkses, I am back and ready to kick this thing into high gear!

I want each player, including Chico, to sound in and tell me:

  • You are still playing
  • Where you are in character creation
  • What you have been waiting for me that I've not yet responded to
  • What you need to do before you'll be ready to start playing
  • What you think we, as a campaign, need before we're ready to start playing

I'm going to post a preludes chapter in a few minutes (right after I grab a beer and read Grog Talk). Feel free to start your own preludes as soon as you're ready.

It is 5:20pm on Tuesday, here in Chicago. I will be online all night, eager to get this ball rolling.

Being after 10:23am , Wednesday here in Aussieland.
So yeah , i'm still in.
Will spend Covenant points as soon as i know how many we have.
Need to do a bit of character revision.

You have 300 build points to spend on the covenant and 150 of your own.

Ok , thought that might change with a new player.

I'm still in and in the throes of character creation. Planning on a blinker (quiet, quiet, subtle magic andmwthod caster) and skinchanger/shapeshifter of the bird variety. Good scout and can still cast in animal form. Was gonna do an eagle, but cynga and my character would clash too much if I did... :stuck_out_tongue:

~shrug~ At this point, I'm thinking about making it a race, whoever posts their covenant build points last loses. But it doesn't really matter to me. I don't know the math well enough to understand the game-effects of the choices I'm making, so I'll learn the same things about the system so long as I know what the totals are.

Besides, I think we may have lost a few players since my last headcount.

Woohoo! Us birds of a feather gotta flock together!

Hmm? goes and does a quick Intellego Google Holy heck! Um...yeah....good call there, maybe?

[]I am still playing.[/]
[]I am, as far as I know, done making characters for a while. I've got Cygna 2.0 up, I've got Abdul up, I've got Terrence and Celestria up, and I've got Claudia up (although it sounds like I might need to get some clarification/wheedling and tweaking before she's finalized...I think I saw some posts about here that I need to look over)[/]
[]Only think I'm waiting for GM-wise, afaik, is yay/nea on Claudia, whether I can play her and on the character concept, details, etc. Again, that might be in those posts over yonder.[/]
[]Can't think of anything I need to before we're ready[/]
[]Just need the covenant finalized and posted, I think, before we start playing...or at least as much detail as we need to start off.[/]
It's almost 7.30 here in the beautiful hinterlands of Æthelmearc, and it's fast approaching bedtime. Have a full (early) day tomorrow, plus a trainers' meeting three hours later, so I'll be on when I can.

  1. Yes!
  2. Hiems, done (just changed the Aquam Affinity to Rego). Did some of the 9 grog-level characters (actually... A strong guy, an archer/sentry, a shield grog, a cook and spy, and a doctor), thinking about the others (probably a maid, maybe some specialists, maybe a stable boy. I'd like more girls, to keep up on the gender imbalence). I'll have to do a companion once I settle on a concept.
  3. Nothing special
  4. To do my 300-covenant and 150-character points
  5. To have fleshed out the covenant, at least half of it (that's why I have to do that 300-points thingie)

On a side note: :smiley:

  1. okay
  2. not started chargen yet. I am willing to create a magus that fills a needed role rather than just any magus (longevity magus, item creator, super teacher, monster slayer, hoplite, magical investigator (InVi/InIm), spy, trader etc). Anybody needs anything? In truth I am lacking inspiration - give me a concept or function, a virtue or a flaw and I'll build a magus from that starting point.
  3. nothing
  4. Create character(s). Spend build points figure out which posts in this forum matter.
  5. I need order. I find it hard to keep ideas and decisions apart. I suggest 3 folders for facts - not used for debating: 1. Finished characters. 2. Covenant facts (no debate allowed in that thread - only posts by storyguide) 3. house rules
    (alternatively we could use this forum for debating and store the facts at Obsidian Portal).

Note: You may think that I am obsessive about ordering, but players fluctuate so a campaign must have a clear structure so newcomers can join it without having to read through hundreds of posts of witty exchanges.
It is the key to survival - I learned this lesson from the inimitable Marko ex Flambeau.

What about a combat magus , if the rumours of demonic activity are true.
Or just a general combat magus designed to deal with mundane threats.
(i know you were not asking me , but we need someone with more down to earthness , than the rest of us)

Totally agree on this!

Your comments about order are precisely why I want us to create a campaign wiki.

Character suggestions: iirc, we still do not have many characters involved in the Divine/Infernal realms. Monks, priests, divinely inspired warriors, and christian magi are all concepts which I expected a lot more of.

We got a Cold Faerie, Verditus, Birdie Bjornear, "tailor" made wild child, Flambeau Scout (me!), and a couple of merchant Companions. We lost the Jerbiton Knight (I think - Radagast is not coming back, right?) and the Bonisagus. Hmm... heavy on Mystery Houses and Societates and No True Lineages. I suggest a Trianomae bent on political domination and willing/capable of showing just how Politics can be twisted around one's ring finger, even with one's Council vote given to the surviving magus. Or a Guernicas (not yet a Quasitore) here to make sure no one's looking for any old Infernalist hidey-holes/caches of information instead of destruction and a fresh start. I don't think it's going to be a heavy Political game unless one of us introduces it back - there are a LOT of magi coming out to the Iberian Peninsula, right? Not all are offering the "Come here as a full Magus for your Vote" card, OR one of the remainings may be a Tremere - can you imagine a Tremere with all the votes of his Covenant, AND the votes of his filii and possible support of the Tremere? They could take over the Peninsula easily with none the wiser if our covenant is a reflection of the newly Gauntleted magi most interested in coming out West!

I second this! I almost made an Ex Miscellanea character because I thought we only had one active player left of Misc, but if I've counted right we've got 2 or 3 Ex Misc, Bjornear, and Verditus - that's it. It would definitely help when trying not making copies of other magi/be able to work together better to have approved and played character seperated out from NPCs and retired ones.

From my experience, an intellego specialist is always sorely lacking and needed.

A longevity magus might be useless if the saga is short, and is more restricted otherwise. I'd advise you to avoid it.
Item creator, well, this does not speak "magus type" for me: Verditi have specialties.
Super Teacher, I'd say no. You're not here to help us maximize our characters (although this is a valid companion concept, OTOH, but for a magus...)
Monster Slayer/Hoplite: Why not, but then, We may have beranger, and this can come easily to Amul and I.
Spy: Interesting, can be combined with Intellego specialist, but beware the code!!!
Trader: Valid for a companion, but a magus?

Say you what? I'd say try out a Tremere, with the Virtue by YR7 instead of the magical focus (unless you want the focus). This may be pretty fine and interesting. And I see chicoazian has similar ideas :smiley:

I suggested upping the excellent threads you had done for Characters short resume and Covenants, but that's impossible at the moment.

Also very important IMHO, are 2 threads:

  • Submitted spells, for discussion of player-created spells
  • Approved spells, for those spells that passed the test of the first thread.

Thanks for your input.

So we need an intellego specialist, Guernicus or Tria, ideally religious.

Okay, here is my first concept (version a+b):

  • Guernicus is an intellego house.
  • a guernicus connected to religion may be there to check for evil.

There are two ways of doing that:

  • religious light: He has sense holy/unholy and feels that the divine realm wants sth from him, but he thinks of himself as a magus first (pro: flexibility; con: easy to weasel out of it)
  • religious heavy: a true believer doubly gifted by his Lord on a mission to smite evil
    true faith (+ relic?). Pro: very medieval, very dedicated clear concept is possible; contra: a totally lawful good character may be a stuck-up spoilsport.

Well, I prefer the second type.

Note, though, that he may be dedicated a lot on his mission to smithe evil (such as no dealings with demons or their agents, kill them on sight) while being quite flexible on other matters (Jesus protected Mary Magdalene, and forgave a lot of sins, even his killers). Lawful Good has been a lot caricatured with paladins. Look at Hinjo from the Order of the Stick for a fine exemple of a Lawful Good paladin that ain't a spoilsport.

Oh, oh, and I'd like one of my leftover grogs to be a grog level magical sentient horse with a sense of humor! How are you people feeling with that?

Mr Ed , YouTube of course.

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And no one can talk to a horse of course
That is, of course, unless the horse is the famous Mister Ed.

Go right to the source and ask the horse
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You never heard of a talking horse?

Well listen to this: "I'm Mister Ed."

Great. Now I'm picturing a gunslinger magus...probably Tytalus. Who bears a scary resemblance to a young Clint Eastwood.

Got one. Claudia, if you're willing to wait a few years for her to learn obscene amounts of MT.

Ditto. Abdul al-Faisal.

I've actually been browsing (or trying to, anyway) these threads. Some interesting things there...nothing I saw that dope-slapped me and said "Hey, Cygna needs this!"

I meant we need threads like this for our campain. No need of magnetic sand discussion here T-T