Regio Theory

One of the players in my group has a Bonisagus mage who is interested in regios: their nature and formation.

So, I have reviewed extant material on it, mainly found in RoP: Magic, and find some rules on the subject, and a discussion of practice, which I take as how it is, but not how Hermetic Magic Theory deals with regios.

In practice, a magic aura develops where a sufficiently potent magic event, object, or entity is or was (to put it simply). A regio develops when the supernatural something has impacted reality enough to cause a permanent connection between the mundane and the deep magical realm, resulting in a magical 'pocket.'

I haven't found any living or past mage who investigated magic auras and regios in the existing text. Perhaps I've missed one?

Possibly Hermetic Theory on the subject is deeply intrinsic; the subject was defined by Bonisagus, magi know these things and the theory is well understood, so that they just don't have much reason to discuss it? That seems unlikely.

I am aware of one maga Bonisagus who pursues a theory of magic related to auras; Marcella, whose main interest is in genius loci, which I interpret as having some knowledge of the relationship between auras and entities. Beyond this, magi seem curiously indifferent to magic auras except as places to live.

I plan for our Bonisagus researcher to plumb the apparently quite poorly developed knowledge of magic auras and regios. Some theoretical concepts for him to encounter, including false and contradictory ones:

Auras are an imprint of the presence of magical beings, including magical spirits. Once an aura develops, it tends to persist, attract both fluid vis and other magical beings, and may continue even if the original being departs. (Repeat for magical objects or events; theorists tend to quibble.)

Auras are originated by magical events performed by magical entities (daimons, dragons, or other). A place where a powerful event occurs sometimes becomes charged, and thus attractive to vis, other magical beings, and may grow or shrink as environmental factors come into play.

Auras are simply a place where a regio is prone to manifest and spring forth. The aura forms first, and this attracts other magical things, beings, vis, and so on. (This is not well supported, I think.)

Magic auras are where mortals think they are. If a place is strange to mortals, an aura manifests there. (Quite a lot like faerie.)

Magic is where God says so, sinner.

Other concepts?

Side note: So far as I've found original research seems very focused on practical mechanical issues, and not so much on investigative deep causes. Is there any guidance I've missed deep in the ArM5 text on investigating the underlying structure of reality? I suspect I'll just have the player mage go to a place, investigate it, reflect investigation in Magic Theory, and proceed.

Have a look at:

  • LoH p.12ff The Four Aspects of Conciatta for a maga whose legacy will likely occupy the character in your saga a lot: he might spend decades to uncover and understand it.
  • TMRE p.97ff Hermetic Architecture, especially p.99ff Enchantments to Manipulate Auras and Regiones, for practical handling of auras and regiones, and why it needs improvement.
  • ArM4 Triamore p.57f Aline of Bonisagus for a magus whose life, research and lab (p.51) the character will find most interesting.

AFAICS, magic auras and regiones are the archetypal research project of Bonisagus player characters: it makes them travel and search adventures, while still following a vocation respected and supported by their House.


The Four Aspect of Conciatta is a campaign in itself (campaign as a story to unfold over many years in game) and is the perfect base ground for regio study.

Mini-Spoiler Dies Irea

Another official product is in Dies Irea book: there is the campaign with the corruption of Auras, eating slowly each Form. So it can be another way to get insight into Aura. Because it is an "end of the World" campaign, you can set it in such a way that the PCs (newly gauntlet magus, or at most 10 years out of apprenticeship) are doing some works for the Archmagi in charge of tackling the real issue. During the course of these missions, the PCs find clues and insight which can be the seeds for new theory improvement.

That seems a good start.

The Dies Irae material would be a later development. The ball has to be started.

In Houses of Hermes:Mystery Cults, p73 mentions "The Path of Beacons lacks a clutch, because it teaches Mysteries that allow each individual magus to create a sanctuary from the strife of the world. Its eldest magus lives in a region of his own creation on the Isle of Arran" - so there is at least one Criamon alive who created a region. Whether you can comprehend his methods is another matter...

Rival Magi - the Muspelli can convert magical, faerie and infernal auras into auras aligned to giant-magic by their magical workings.

Ancient Magic - the Hyperborean magic of Iao can affect auras - so they could have aura-affecting hymns or items.

On review, Conciatta seems to fit my needs pretty well, as do a few other listed suggestions, and I suspect almost all of them will get thrown in at some point, to clutter up. Better yet, her interests are a good but not perfect match, which adds verisimilitude.