release schedule for RoP: M and RoP: F

My SG has expressed a great deal of interest in having RoP:M in time for the next story, and was also highly curious about RoP: F. What's the likely rough street date for the former, and the possible season/month slot for the latter ?

Please enlighten me, I'm supposed to be the rule scholar for my group.

Looks like soon for Magic.

From the front page:

New Books and Reprints in the Warehouse

Four books have arrived in the warehouse from our printer: the new Ars Magica book, Realms of Power: Magic; plus three reprints: The Mysteries Revised Edition, Covenants, and Over the Edge 2nd Edition. Today or tomorrow I will begin stagger-shipping to our U.S. distributors, so that they will be receiving the new release at the same time on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. You should see the book in your local game store soon thereafter.

If you're a retailer, now is the time to make sure you have orders in for these titles with your favorite wholesale supplier!

Posted by John Nephew
7/01/2008 11:09:00 AM

Ms. Nephew reports the RoP: Faerie is slotted for early 2009, but hints it may come out early.

Any word on RoP:M? It's not showing up for online ordering yet (can't buy Ars locally I'm afraid).


In my experience Atlas books worm their way through the distribution system rather slowly, typically taking somewhat like two weeks betwen shipping from publisher and street availability.

Amazon lists RoP:Magic available for order here.

I have it on good authority that it will be in stores soon.

I purchased one at my FLGS yesterday (Thursday, July 10th). I was surprised to see it there so soon after they were announced here on the boards, but it was a pleasant surprise.


So, what's happened to Erik Tyrell?

That's twice in a row he's failed us. Something is wrong.

Atlas (John) has taken to stagger shipping the books so that, I presume, the international orders get shipped first and the books that have to move the few feet from the Atlas games side of the warehouse to the Game store side of the warehouse get "shipped" last.

Also two of the last three times I've preordered an Ars Magica book from my local game store they've messed it up and not called me when it came in. (Not that this would have made any difference if the book came in this past week as I was out of town and would have been unable to pick it up anyway).

edit : I stopped by this morning (7/12) and my games store (the source comics and games) has not yet received the book.

You... can't just tell us that and then walk away! :cry: :angry: :imp:

Esdevium games in England will be shipping to local shops this week so should be available in England Wednesday/thursday

Damn, damn and curse you all! Now I need to tell people to restrain me from abandoning my PhD Viva in favour of scouring local shops for RoP:M. You're putting my career in jeopardy, here!

Sorry, I've only briefly skimmed it. I don't seem to be able to make the time to dive into new gaming books like I used to do when I was younger.

If only I didn't have this silly full-time job!


OK, I run a shop here in California. I get daily emails from my distributors telling me what just hit their warehouses. None of them have mentioned getting RoP: Magic.

However, I just checked their online inventory and they have it...
Grrr... I guess I'll try to order them Monday...

(My guess is that the books travel by ground from the Atlas Games warehouse and it just took longer to make it all the way out to the west coast. I'll probably be told that it's here on Monday morning... If you haven't seen it in your local stores, check back in a couple days!)

Sit vis vobiscum,

Work is only 8 hours a day. What about the 16 others? We want a report!

One wonders if Atlas Games will be asking the team of Link and Snead--authors of both the original and revised versions of "Faeries"--for contributions to "Realms of Power: Faerie". I might disagree with them on some points, but, overall, they were responsible for one of the very best treatments of Faerie in any RPG.

I'm not in a position to know but I doubt it. Link and Snead are, to the best of my knowledge, years out of touch with the Ars Magica mechanics. I'd rather see it written by folks who are more familiar with the present incarnation of the game.

In fact, the authors have already been officially announced on the product page, here.