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Oh, I forgot!!

There are 2 things we didn't do! Vancian Magic, and Energy Pool magic (where casting a spell takes energy from a pool).

Here they are, with options being mostly interchangeable:

VANCIAN: Characters can prepare spells up to 5 times their rating in a given art. Preparing a spell takes as long as a ceremonial casting.
Option: Trading Arts: you can convert slots from other arts on a 1-to-1 basis. That is, you can use a rating of 10 in aquam to prepare 10 levels of Terram spells, not 50.
Option: Long Prep Times: preparing a spell takes as long as a ritual casting
Option: Dying Magic: Preparing a spell requires the expenditure of vis: 1 pawn per 10 levels. Double the cost of rituals

ENERGY POOL: You've got a pool of energy points equal equal to twice your total rating in arts. To cast a spell, spend energy equal to its level.
Option: Fire for Fire: You have separate pools for each art, following the rules for Vancian Magic, above.
Option: Building inner magic: Add 5 times your Warping (or Corruption! ^^) score to your Energy Pool. You can also use this as "free slots" for vancian magic, above
Option: No Free Lunch: Spells are cast with Pen 0. If you want more penetration, you must spend 1 energy for 5 pen, up to your Penetration total
Option: Places of Power: An aura contributes energy points equal to its bonus to spellcasting.
Option: Dead Magic: If the aura gives a malus to spellcasting, you must spend as many energy points.
Option: Items of Power: An enchanted item can store energy points. Use ReVi to build a spell container. Each EP takes 5 levels. Recharge may vary: 1pawn per 2 EPs, sunrise, season, year... You may want to tie this to an aura, like Aura bonus per day
Option: Divine Magic: Energy Points must come from a god or spirit, who spends might. An interesting option is to make these come from the familiar only, making one a requisite for spellcasting

To regenerate your energy pool, you may spend 1 fatigue (gives 5 points of energy) or rest an entire night.

As a matter of taste, I like the No free Lunch option (One thing I'd love to see in a magic system is 2 pathways: raw force or skill, with some ways to trade one for the other. Arts mostly embody both, which, IMO, is a loss), Places of Power, and Items of Power.

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The Black Wizards of Cathay, an infernal tradition of bad guys doing bad things and worshipping satan because they think it's cool.

Being Evil wizards that do Bad Things, they use Accelerated abilities named... (looks up at some metal music... Ok, I got it):

Wintermoon: PeIg, as well as creating light up to moon level of illumination. ReIg wards.
Darkness: PeIg against light, ReVi against Dark Faeries.
Goat: Animals traditionnaly associated with the devil, infernal beasts. Also, CrVi warping guidelines on animals only
Evil : Mentem relating to destroying good emotions/virtues or promoting bad ones. So you can’t confer Brave to your grogs, but « Murderous Rage » will do.
Satan : Vim related to summoning demons and protecting against them. No control, though. Sucks, but they all love it.
Forest : Herbam related to woods and trees. Duh!

They must choose 4 of these abilities as Accelerated. The other are either barred, or act as normal abilities if you're feeling generous

Their abilities are all Corrupted, as per RoP: tI

They also use Corruption, the "something else" version, with the following options:
Tempting Evil (Corruption Score adds to Casting Totals)
Hidden Evil (Their corruption is visible to spiritual sights)
Demon amongst Demons (their Corruption acts as a Hierarchy score)

As an alternative, they can choose to use the Magic Requires Life force rule (point 2) with the No Blood Slaves option save if they use the Killer Magi option (In short, they must either take wounds, or kill someone)

EDIT: Oh, and obviously, they use Vancian magic ^^

To cast rituals, they can't use Vis, but use the following 2.1 Ritual Options instead:
Places, Athas option (Aura can give vis, but this decreases the aura)
Times (Special times provide vis)
Mundane Assistance (Flunkies provide vis)
Casting Time (spending more time on casting provide vis)
As well as 2.2 Ritual Options (Add Penetration/5 to the ritual's magnitude to known lenght of casting on arts XP chart)
This makes them Yummy for Bad Things