Request for Guidelines as to who can be in a PbP

The first offer for a Play by Post specifically singled out Abe and myself as being welcome to take part.
When asked for an explanation , i was told it was because i was on their Ignore List.
It turns out that another person who has applied to play is also someone who has me on their Ignore List.
(if there are any others , i am not aware as to who they are ,
nor does it really matter , except for the PbP)

This means that even though i am assured it is ok for me to play ,
there is at least one other person who may have objections to my participation.

I am not arguing that i am a poor defenceless bunny being unfairly picked on ,
but it does make any involvement i might have wanted problematic.

Having had no previous involvement in PbP ,
i was hoping to pick up the differences to Tabletop Gaming.
(not necessarily with the game currently on offer)

It would have been fine if i could have been judged on my play style , not forum posts.

You are not asking for guidelines, you're just bitching.

Needlessly. Are you having trouble entering the game? No. You just think there are people there who MIGHT have objections to your participation. Well boo hoo. It's their inalienable right not to want to play with you.

If you want your involvement in a PbP to be unrelated to your status/reputation in the community, I suggest you either use an alias or engage in PbP in another community. Expecting your reputation (e.g. people having you on their Ignore list) to not affect your interactions with the community is absurd.

The Ignore list doesn't prevent someone from applying or participating in a game. Other players might, but that's just the way it is. There is no problem.

Of course i am , what part of my post made you think otherwise.

Ummm, the title? "Request for guidelines as to..." is very different from "Upset at a sudden unpleasant realization about ..."


I find it darkly ironic that someone who has made a public hobby of persecuting and verbally abusing another user, and in fact has largely led a charge for all to do same, is now crying wolf over an imagined and as-yet unrealized (but certainly less vicious) similar wrong.

3 words before I go back to ignoring you, RC - pot, kettle, black. (or "shoe, other, foot"... or "what, goes, comes..." yeah, any of those.)

There is no sudden realization though , i knew that being involved in a PbP might have problems due to past actions.
My understanding was , that with the PbP being hosted on the Atlas Fora ,
that it was open to anyone who might wish to be involved.
There were no qualifications given that anyone would be refused ,
apart from available places.

AFAIK a PbP requires all the participants to agree to share the game. You (I am using "you" in the generic form) cannot force someone to play in your game or accept you as a player if the other participants do not want thast other person in their game. it is a shared experience.

The fact that someone is in the ignore list is a problem. Both because it means that he sometimes acts like an ass and because some of the players will not read his actions. In these circumstances I would advise the ignored person to create a second nick to play in the PbP. Or change behaviour both IC and OOC. Since I find the later to be quite difficult,I would go for the former.



Strangely enough there is no irony ,
i knew the consequences of my actions when i set out on my vendetta at the time.
I checked several other fora where people had been extremely vocal about Abe.
Those who complained the most received no joy and were harshly judged by others.

Having received my official warning from Michelle Nephew some time back ,
i thought the matter was finished with.

With the PbP , i had hoped that matters in the past would be , if not forgotten ,
to just let sleeping dogs lie.

Being singled out along with Abe seemed unfairly prejudicial.
Either it was an open call or it wasn't.

Thanks Xavi , this is more the type of advice that is helpful.

I have never actually run another persona online though.
Or rejoined a forum pretending to be someone else.
Admin would know who i was , as they log IP addresses.

I understand that at some time, and obviously again recently, there have been noses put out of joint but I always saw this place as one of the few bastions left holding out against the scourge of "forum business as usual", i.e. public flare-ups that start to disrupt things. This place is usually accepting, tolerant to a fault, polite, playful, interesting, enlightening and welcoming.

However it happened someone misjudged a post or posted in error or some combination of the two. I think it's better for this forum for all to either shake hands and agree to differ and then get on the business we all come here for OR if that really can't be achieved to continue this through the PM system.

I'm not apportioning blame or rapping anyone's knuckles and I'm not getting drawn into a "he said, she said" session. I'd just personally like this place to do what it does best and that's being better than the rest of the internet.

No need to do it hidden at all. Your "Ravenscroft" identity is compromised, so you might simply create a "Ravescroft 2" iddentity to post in the PbP game. Just remember to log with your first identity if tyou want to post outside the PbP, or both identities will become entrangled and treated the same.

I used to have 2 udentities in forums where I was a mod, in order to make clear to people when it was me posting oer when I was making an official moderator statement. it worked fairly well. people klnew I was the mod, but that I was not acting as such when posting under my "normal2 identity. Makes for quite a difference in quite a few places.


I, for one, would find it at least mildly annoying if someone tried to post for their character(s) using their user account (or something similar). "I" am not a character in the game, but I will have several.

I fully intend to do this (subject to SG approval, natch), and the only posts by "Cuchulainshound" will be in OOC, where that voice is most appropriate.

If we're telling a story, and in written, segmented format, then a visually distinct and appropriate posting character will do much to help make that story come alive.


Great fun and good luck to those about to thread the path of PbP. Looking forward to see it take shape.. Though only from an ill-lit corner of the inn :smiley:

Any registered user is eligible to join a Play by Post game on these forums. Please note, though, that GMs can accept or reject whomever they like for their PbP games. Rejecting someone in itself is not a personal attack against another forum member, and so doesn't violate our community standards. However, a user who makes excessively negative posts about a GM because he/she wasn't accepted into a game COULD be banned if it becomes "abusive," "slanderous," or "threatening."

Again, the Registration Agreement Terms for these forums is posted at . Please respect it.