Request Official Ruling on Fortune Die

Do players add the die before they roll their swerve dice or after they know the results? Just looking for an official ruling.

I got an answer from Cam Banks!

You spend the Fortune die before you roll the dice:

  1. Spend Fortune
  2. Roll your 2 dice, re-rolling any sixes
  3. Roll another positive die
  4. Determine swerve

In our games I allow the players to choose to add a Fortune Die to a check after they've rolled their Swerve. I also let them decide to Dodge after I announce they've been hit by a foe.

For official rulings your best bet is the Contact Form here:

I've gotten some very quick official answers from Cam Banks by submitting a question there.

I like making them state use of fortune dice before they roll. However, I'm a mean old bast*rd. :smiley:

It was always before they roll the die in all the games I've run.

I'm pretty sure this came up for 1st edition and the "official" ruling that was posted to the old FS mailing list it was before any dice were rolled. I had to get another 6 sided die a different color for FS from my other because of this.

Yeah, a third die is a must :slight_smile:

Before I got the Feng Shui 2 red and white dice from the Kickstarter, I used red and white Arkham Horror dice. I threw in a blue Arkham Horror die as a "Fortune die".

When I swapped out the Feng Shui 2 dice I gave them the choice of keeping the blue die and all my players chose to keep using it.

It was before the roll in Feng Shui 1, but the "rules as written" in Feng Shui 2 implies after the swerve but before success/failure is declared is valid.

Here's the relevant past thread, which lacks any official responses:

Essentially the read it gives is that you add the fortune die to the swerve, implying that the swerve is already rolled. No where does it state you must choose to roll the fortune with the swerve. The examples given in the text at not especially clear on the subject.