Restriction, Necessary Condition, and Vulnerable Magic examples

I'm struggling to figure out a Restriction, Necessary Condition or Vulnerable Magic option for an Ex Misc tradition that gives you Deft Ignem and Greater Immunity to Heat and Flames.

The most common ones I see tend to be along the lines of singing or doing certain gestures and getting Deft Form means you don't need to do that sort of thing so having that as a requirement basically invalidates part of that immediately. I'd like to avoid the classic "needs an open flame" one as well.

Ars Magica forum please tell me of your favourite Restrictions, Necessary Conditions and Vulnerable Magics that you've seen in your games or played to help inspire me and anybody else having trouble!

Or if you have any other ideas for a suitable Major Hermetic flaw for a tradition of flameproof bozos who sometimes wish they were Flambeau.

The similar ex Misc tradition I'd designed has a Necessary Condition: in the presence of fire. Of course, that's basically what you want to avoid. A restriction from low temperatures, snow/ice, rain, etc.?

There is also Environmental Magic Condition, which could fit well.

Since you want to avoid the classic "needs an open flame", have you considered using a Restriction or Vulnerable Magic related to temperature, the weather, or water?

I thought of two other possible Flaws that might fit, if the descriptive side of them was written to match their form of magic.

  • Painful Magic: A side effect of them using magic causes flame to envelope part of their body. While it does not actually burn them, it feels like it is. Has the interesting side effect that it is the only way they actually feel what a burn is like, since they are immune to fire. You could include some degree of self immolation as part of joining the Tradition (giving the potential for other optional Flaws, if it for example was over done and severely scarred the apprentice).

  • Magic Addiction: A play on fires nature to spread, consume, and grow out of control. This would be the opposite of Painful Magic, in which they feel the fire burning through their blood and body but it is pleasurable. Their magic is the fuel and they are the fire. Can they exert enough will to keep the fire within them from growing out of control?

Another option would be Chaotic Magic. While Weak Magic Resistance might be suitable, I would advise against it since it would be common and known for the whole Tradition.

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How about inverting what you want to avoid - a necessary condition requiring a flame - and go with restriction - while in contact with fire? Counter-balancing the immunity, in a way, by being unable to keep creating additional fire if their gift is busy surviving a bonfire.

Oo, I like those. The metaphorical approach was how I picked the character's virtues and flaws but for some reason didn't think to also use that train of thought for the tradition. I like the idea of doing the restriction of no contact with fire, except I'm thinking Last Flight of the Phoenix is gonna be the signature spell, but it's definitely going in the box of good ideas!

The main thing stopping me from doing Magic Addiction is the character having Flawless Magic and I'm wary about just adding at least +1 roll to every time they cast a spell and slowing things down.

I love these Flaws. They have a great folklore feel to me, that really helps me feel my character is a wizard. I’ve done:

  • Can’t cast spells on children (the magus had an adopted child)
  • Can’t work magic if her hair is bound
  • Can’t cast spells on anyone bearing an item she has made (the maga is a verditius)
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