Rigid Magic and renewing a Longevity Ritual

Can a magus with Rigid Magic (cannot use vis when casting spells, thus cannot cast Ritual spells) renew his own Longevity Ritual?

ArM5 p.101 states that performing the ritual from the old ritual again "involves simply making a new investment of vis (of an amount based on your current age) but no significant investment in time."

In short, is renewing a longevity ritual considered casting a spell? It isn't a lab activity, so...

I'm inclined to say that he cannot renew his own LR.

I could see both sides of this argued and would say this is very much a table dependent area. One thing is not to get hung up on the "Ritual" in the name, since that is just the commonly accepted form within the Order, used to avoid giving away hints of an individuals process such as "Potion" or "Charm" would.

In favor of allowing it: It is not a "ritual" or "spell". It is something designed to "re-energize" or "recharge" an enchantment (this was part of the argument in the last LR thread and in the Aegis thread in how it interacted with a LR). Penalizing a character with a flaw for spell casting with the inability to renew a LR expands the flaw.

In favor of not allowing it: While not a "ritual" or "spell", renewal is still a short process taking roughly the same time as a ritual and using Vis. If the flaw does not feel restrictive enough for its value, blocking renewing a LR increases that restrictiveness.


I'd say a longevity ritual isn't a spell any more than the parma magica ritual is a spell.

Why it is not a spell:
You need the lab text to renew a LR - since when can one cast a spell directly from a lab text?
It requires no rolls to perform, and has no Casting Total.
Except that it is sometimes called a "Ritual" there is nothing indicating it is any kind of spell in the normal sense, and "Ritual" is just one possible name for it - many talk about their Longevity Potion for example.


If you consider disallowing it, you also need to consider if somebody else would be able to renew LR on their behalf. That, too, is far from obvious, since renewal is merely an Ā«investment of visĀ». The LR is never described as a spell in canon, and Rigid Magic affects spell casting only by its description. Considering it to apply to LR is making the rules more complicated than they need to be.

Besides, I think the flaw is sufficiently severe when applied to spells only.

I tend to treat an LR more like an enchanted device. Not necessarily limited to MT score in Vis use.

So V&Fs that affect enchanting are more likely to affect an LR.

I suspect that LRs predate Hermetic Theory and have been shoehorned in.

A longevity ritual is not a ritual spell because it is not learned as a spell, but it does have a lot of elements of a spell, the key ones being that once it is developed in a lab it can be repeated as a ritual which does involve the use of vis which is limited by the arts rather than by magic theory.
Rigid magic defines either spells which cannot use vis or laboratory activities which can. I would say a magus with rigid magic would have to re-invent their longevity ritual to renew it (standard bonus from lab texts) or they must find another magus to perform it for them.

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