Robes of Dusty Dawn - Magical Thing?

How much Warping have the Robes of Dusty Dawn taken?

They are at least 400 years old, since given to Pralix in the early 9th Century.
Surely several Primii ex Miscellanea have died wearing them.
Was Immanola wearing them when she went into Final Twilight?

Could the Robes of Dusty Dawn have become a Magical Thing, with its own mind?

Supposedly they are too big for Ebroin. Or don't they want him to wear the Robes?

Am I just hoping for Dr Strange's Cloak of Levitation?


Surely they are seriously warped. Exactly how much depends on what effects they are enchanted with. If the robes carry an effect that targets the robes permanently or near enough so then they will have accumulated 400ish warping points and have surely become a thing of magic long ago.

If not then the situation might be a little bit different. if the robes are only rarely used or activated and mostly dont target themselves then they could in theory still be only a little bit warped.

However in light of the fact that they havent crumbled to dust they almost certainly carry an enchantment to prevent them from decaying or to repair them when they suffer damage. So I think you are pretty close to the mark when saying that they have become a thing of magic or otherwise suffered from some intense warping side effects. Exactly what they have become is hard to tell though.

Just came here to say making the Robes a Magical Thing is a great idea.

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If we assume they're accumulating 1 warping point a year, they're at a warping score of 12. Yep...

So, I assume they don't accumulate warping, since things with magic might can't acquire warping.

If it had any temporary Twilight episodes along the way, would you expect to see Twilight scars of some sort?

Twilight is specifically a Hermeic thing, so I would expect no, but it depends how it's tied to it's wearer

Perhaps I should have asked are there any other old enchanted items known to the order? Old enough and powerful enough to have become Magical Things.

The Rings of Verditius perhaps?

The Rings have the problem that they've been lost - they might well qualify, but you can't find them to check.

The Tremere keep old talismans from their magi - it's possible some of them might qualify, but there are no specific items amongst that have achieved legendary status (and good luck getting access to them if you're not Tremere).

I a campaign that is closing even as I write, Durenmar fell. But it turned out that the Great Library had become a magic thing, and could cast any spell within it.

Durenmar still fell, but the Library escaped, and was eventually acknowledged as a member of House Bonisagus (otherwise no-more access.... and no-one could gainsay it's magic theory prowess)


Sword of Roland?

Not too strange for my taste.

in one saga we made our own magic supply (roleplayed for sure) we were going every year to the cows market, and buying the weirdest cows. every year appeared a magical cow.

But lets say that was not enoug.... so an spell showed up, a CrVi that gives to a target one warping point. we experimented with bunnies til monster of argh showed up. then we tried the message pigeons.... and finally with chikens... a bowl with water that pinch a WP everytime the chikens drinked....
and Tada! the golden eggs chiken appeared and every week a golden egg had a paw of vis!!!! well ended up being infernal vis (greedy tainted)

So finally we warped stones, swords, shields, cups... our cry-a-moan had wet dreams till his twillight...

try this at home :wink:

Straight out of RoP: Magic, really.