Saga in the Theban Tribunal

I am thinking about starting a new saga in celebration of the new tribunal book that will arrive soon (not soon enough if you ask me…). So that is why I am asking to see if there is anyone that is interested. I don’t have a good idea yet but I think is will revolve around a covenant founded by a few magi with a few years out of apprenticeship. For now I have the idea that the saga will focus on he magi’s own plans and there will be some larger setting in the background. When I have the book I will probably have a few more clues on what that could be.

For the main characters I have stolen a few ideas from Matters of the Heart and they are summerised in this few points.
• 7 years out apprenticeship.
• Seasons spent mostly freely but 1 season for each point of story or personality flaw will be spent on a story.
• For these stories you write a few points on what the point of the story was and get 5xp and perhaps some small reward that is suitable. For example one story could lead to that you find an animal suitable to become your familari.
• The rest of the seasons are spent on lab work or used to study a art at 10xp.
• We follow the material published for Ars Magica 5th edition.

Now if there is anyone interested in this then let me know. If you haven’t been a part of one of my sagas earlier then you can check out Ad Fons or Novus Mane to see what you could expect.


It's been a long time since I visited here, but I recently had the Itch (tm) again, and would love to join a game. I'm a little rusty, and understandably so, but I think I can at least pretend I know what I'm doing, and if you'll have me, I'll gladly play.

Hello there, I've been GMing an Ars face-to-face campaign for a couple of years now and would love to have the opportunity to play in something as I've never had the opportunity. Very happy to conform to any campaign guidelines as I would just value the joy in playing. I'm also very happy to fit my character(s) to any House/role that suits the storyline and other players' requirements. Let me know what info you would find useful from me and I'll happily oblige. Regards, Namgyal.

Welcome. When we are about four we could apply for a saga forum. A few more guidelines to consider.

• Your family matters, make sure that your magus family is a something that affects him or her.
• Your parens matters, make sure that your magus parens matter in his life.
• Reputation will affect social skills
• I will try to remember to enforce the gifts social effects
• I will not play the “write a charter” saga. I am thinking of an anarchy covenant… :smiley:

Feel free to create the magus you wish to have but make sure that he or she (or perhaps it…) will have a reason to set up a new covenant with a few new soldaes.

Interested. Do you have anywhere in particular in mind for the covenant or are you going to wait on the book for that?

Shot you a PM, but I am interested as well.

Then we can set up. For the moment the covenant will float in space until we have the book but we can start with our magi and then move on with the covenant.

I have sent a request for a sub forum so soon we have our own space... :smiley: As usual I will also add a magus to the mix...

Sounds good. Got room for one more?

Hi all, I've just seen that the Campaign is live - I hadn't realised. I can't seem to post to it - could you enable that please Max (or is there something I need to do - I'm new here!)



Ps. am looking at a bookish Verditius Mage, for reference.

Is in the strange area of usergroups go there and find what you are looking for.


hi there, saw this awfully late, is it all started already, or is there space for one more?

For now we are full. I wish to see how things turn out before I allow a few more players.

oh, well, I've seen this too late, but keep me posted if an opening comes up

More players wanted.

If you want another player - I would love to play :slight_smile:

Just drop me a PM and I'll start putting together a Magus.

I'm definitely still looking for more games to play. I just joined the Ad Fons game, but I have room in my schedule for more games. PbP is filling a long-undernourished gaming urge.

I can't seem to figure out which forum this campaign is in. Care to give us an updated campaign concept?

This is the new home saga. A anarchy covenant with a few magi that have 7 years out of apprenticeship. There are some guidelines in the forum (the 7 years are quite detailed, see my magus Polycarpus for an example) and every magus or maga own his or her mini-covenant as there is no pool of resources.


New Home is still looking for players. Welcome aboard. :smiley:

Hello, hello! I've been an Ars player since 1993, including several aborted games on RPoL, but I've never played here on the Atlas forum. Are you still looking for magi? I've been working on my first Tremere, but I won't be able to borrow TSE until this weekend, and I'm sure I'll need to make some adjustments.