Seasonal Activities thread

Please list your seasonal activities below, lab work, etc. Presume that your Princeps season is filled with administrative minutae sufficient to distract you from effective labwork. Stories presented for that particular period are a slice of what you experienced, but there's enough to keep everyone busy.

For example Onesiphorus has committed to learning the Aegis (and by extension Wizard's Communion) Others need to learn Wizard's Communion, brush up on their Vim, etc.

[table][tr][td]Spring[/td][td]Learn Aegis from Text[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Summer[/td][td]Princeps duties[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Autumn[/td][td]Learn Wizard's Communion from Text[/td][/tr]

Alexei's activities: (Subject to change)

Spring: See to defense, building walls/hiring masons, and getting turb built, exposure to either Area Lore or French
Summer: Study and learn highest Wizard's Communion he can (lvl 30 with Aura)
Autumn: Design new Spell:
Titan's Gentle Slap Pe (Re) Co 25
R: Touch D: Momentary T: Individual
Touch the target and cause a Medium wound, the Rego requisite also causes the target to be flung backwards as if from a heavy blow, 5 paces. This spell has increased the Target so as to be able to affect larger than normal sized being with human shaped bodies (Giants, etc)
Base 10+5 for Requisite (cause a wound and fling a body), R: +1, Target Size Increase: +1 (Can effect human bodies up to 15 feet tall) Total Level 25
Lab total: 42*

*Could be higher, need to check the lab specialty benefits and don't have the book with me

Winter: Continue working on spell (should finish it).

Note that these are what she intends to do...not necessarily what she will actually get accomplished. (Summer 1220, I'm looking at you, pal!)

[td]Inventing Taking the Raven's Wing; planting gardens (Exposure to French, p 164 & house rule)[/td]
[td]Source Quality 4 in French, giving her a score of 0(4)[/td][/tr]
[td]Invent Taking the Raven's Wing and, if possible, Gift of the New Body; Exposure to French[/td]
[td]Inventing the spells. Mu 16 + Co 14 + Co 14 (due to Minor Magical Focus) + Int 1 + Magic Theory 6 + Inventive Genius 3 + Aura 5 = 59. Not counting the Similar Spell bonus, as that wouldn't apply to both. Increase French to 1(3)[/td][/tr]
[td]Study the covenant's Wizard's Communion (MuVi 30); Exposure to French[/td]
[td]Invent a more powerful version of Wizard's Communion than she already knows. Mu 16 + Vi 6 + Int 1 + Magic Theory 6 + Inventive Genius 3 + Aura 5 + Similar Spell Bonus 3 = 40. Increase French to 1(7)[/td][/tr]
[td]Duties as Princeps; Exposure to French[/td]
[td]tbd. Increase French to 2(1)[/td][/tr][/table]

edits: since qcipher technically posted his Summer first, I'm switching my Summer and Fall projects - finishing up the Ravens spell and the New Body in the summer, and Wizards Communion in the fall.

(edit - moving her Aging Roll to her own thread, to make it easier to find in the future, if we need it)

Onesiphorus activites.
Spring - Learn Aegis from Text
Summer - Princeps duties
Autumn - Learn Wizard's Communion from Text
Winter - Start focus his lab around a work bench for a major focus in items. As per Covenant rules.

Okay, decided what spell Fiona's going to be working on in Spring 1220.

[u]Taking the Raven's Wing[/u] (working title, might change it later)
Muto Corpus Level 35, with an Animal requisite.

This spell is basically a variant of Cloak of Black Feathers (p. 131 of the main rulebook), except you don't actually need a physical cape made of raven feathers for the spell, and it's cast on others. This would fall within her Minor Magical Focus: Transformation of Others

Base 20 ("Turn a human into a bird or a fish"), Range: Touch (+1), Duration: Sun (+2), Target: Individual.

Muto 16, Corpus 14, and Animal 7. If I'm reading the MMF rules right, the lowest score is still doubled, but if it's the requisite, it's capped by the score of the main Form; Animal would then be doubled to 14, the same as her Corpus.

So, lab totals would be Mu 16 + Co/An 14 + Int 1 + Magic Theory 6 + Aura 5 + Inventive Genius 3 +Superior Equipment (from the lab) 1 + Lesser Feature (Still) 1 (from the lab) = 47.

I'm thinking that she would get a Similar Spell Bonus for knowing Shape of the Woodland Prowler, as the spell effects are almost identical, and the R/D/T is the same. If so, that would give her a +5, raising her lab total to 52. If she were to experiment, that gives her an additional +3 for her Inventive Genius plus a simple die roll, so she would be between five and fourteen points shy of inventing it in just the Spring.

Now, seeing as how she's working on a MuCo spell in summer (Gift of the New Body), am I correct in thinking that she can also work on Taking the Raven's Flight as well, seeing as how it's also MuCo? If so, if she experiments on the new spell in spring, would she be required to do so in summer also, or can she experiment in one season and not the other? And if she experiments on Raven in the summer, is she also required to experiment on the New Body?

I don't know if you've considered this or not, but Fieltarn will bring a lab text of 'Cloak of Black Feathers' as part of "his" 75bps

...and while I did not precise it in the relevant post, he'll share all these lab texts with the covenant. It's based on the official version and has a 'Personal' range though, which would exclude Fiona's magical focus. But even then, with her still impressive lab total, she could re-invent this 'Personal' version in one season by using the lab text. Without experimenting. Granted, your project has the additional benefit of potentially targeting others. Oh, and also of not having to wait for Fieltarn, lol. :unamused:

Unfortunately, Fiona can't really learn the book-default Corpus spells to cast on herself, due to her size (+2). Any Personal-range Corpus spells have to add +1 Magnitude to increase the size (Corpus base size is up to +1). Learned this the hard way - had to adjust her Aura of Ennobled Presence because of the base size for Imaginem being the size of a human being.

Ah. I forgot. :frowning:
Tough love, this 'Giant Blood' virtue.

Yeah...but she always gets picked first in the Tribunal Basketball Tournaments.

His lab total for the spell would be higher as I forgot to add the Corpus bonus from his Talisman.

Boy...if I had access to a lab assistant I might be able to finish that in one season...anyone know of one? Fiona?

I don't think that Ulrich would be enough (+2)


Well it seems only fair y'know...

I changed this thread around. This will be for all declared seasonal activities moving forward. Peregrine and qcipher, resolve your resource contention issue in the 1220 OCC thread and update this one accordingly. I'll delete the preceedings posts soon.
In the future, resolve any contention in the respective year's OCC thread.

Fieltarn - 1221:
Edited 22/11/11, ensuing a PM exchange with Jonathan

[td]Explore the surroundings of Mons Electi, the "in & outs" and less obvious paths around Mount Beuvray. Visits rural communities and nearby forest and springs.[/td]
[td]Region lore &/or Folk Ken, presumably. Potentially "discovering" some of our vis sources already bought with points, getting to know our neighbors, humans or animals, mundanes or otherwise...[/td][/tr]
[td]- Study 'In Flux Veritas', Muto Summae

  • Attending 1221 meeting of the Normandy Tribunal[/td]
    [td]Source quality: 19. Raises Fieltarn's Muto Art by 2 levels.[/td][/tr]
    [td]PRINCEPS DUTIES[/td]
    [td]Exposure to leadership and/or stewardship ? Mons Electi becomes a paragon of Hermetic perfection.[/td][/tr]
    [td]Invent a spell from lab text (tbd)[/td]
    [td]get to know another spell...[/td][/tr][/table]

Let's go ahead and experiment in the Spring, just to see what happens. Just basic experimentation, with no Exceptional Risk...she's not close enough to make it worth it. That gives her a new lab total of 52 + an additional 3 for Inventive Genius + simple die roll of 9 = 64. 64-35=29 points toward inventing the spell...six points to go, woot! for the other shoe. Stress die comes up a 2. Which flip flip "No extraordinary effects." Whew!

Now...summer. Inventing the Gift of the New Body, her lab total is Mu 16 + Co 14 + Co 14 again (for her Minor Magical Focus) + Int 1 + Magic Theory 6 + Aura 5 + Inventive Genius 3 +Superior Equipment (from the lab) 1 + Lesser Feature (Still) 1 (from the lab) = 61. The spell level is 10, so she's over by 51. If she applies that 51 to Taking the Raven's Wing, that gives her 51-35=16 points to apply to completing the spell. Since she only had six points to go, that means she completes the Taking the Raven's Wing spell in summer.

That make sense? And did I do everything right?

Although, now that I look at it, if I do it the other way around, and finish Taking the Raven's Wing first...that gives her a Lab Total 52 - Spell Level 35 = 17 points to apply. She was only six shy, so she has 11 points left over to apply to Gift of the New Body. However, Taking the Raven's Wing has the Animal Requisite, where Gift of the New Body doesn't. If I refigure the lab total for that, that gives her another 14 points (for the doubling of her Corpus form), which would give her more than enough to finish that spell in the Summer as well. Is that legal?

If you experiment in one season and don't complete the work within a season, then you need to experiment in subsequent seasons until the project (item, spell) is complete.

Okay. Let's see what happens when I experiment on Taking the Raven's Wing in the good ol' summertime, then.

Start with the base lab total: Mu 16 + Co/An 14 + Int 1 + Magic Theory 6 + Aura 5 + Inventive Genius (when experimenting) 6 +Superior Equipment (from the lab) 1 + Lesser Feature (Still) 1 (from the lab) + Similar Spell Bonus (Shape of the Woodland Prowler) 5 = 55, plus a simple die roll of 8 = 63.

The spell level is 35, so 63-35=28. She was only six points shy of inventing it in Spring, so that leaves her 22 points left over.

The Spell Level for Gift of the New Body is only 10, so even without refiguring for the lack of requisite for that one, she still has enough points to invent it in one season. I'm assuming that I'd have to roll a separate Extraordinary Results for Gift of the New Body?

So. Stress Die for Taking the Raven's Wing comes up a 3 - No extraordinary results.

I have a bad feeling about the one for Gift of the New Body. Let's see what happens. Stress die comes up a 2. Again, No Extraordinary Results.

If I was in Vegas, I'd cash in my chips and walk away right about now :laughing:

And since she's taking the practice/exposure advancement for French, she doesn't get any exposure for Magic Theory or Muto or Corpus or anything. So, I guess I'm just about ready to update her character sheet for 1220 and getting ready for 1221?

(edit: forgot that I had Gift of the New Body as a Lab Text, so I don't have to double up on the lab total to pull it, changed the level to 15 to increase the Target Size so it's castable on people of up to Size +4, if I'm reading the Size info on p. 192 right)

I don't have my book with me, would there be exposure xp, Magic Theory, for the lab activities, Alexei learned a new spell from a lab text, and invented a new spell, 3 seasons total.

You get a better deal if you take exposure xp for French (4xp). Consider Alexei could have 4x4xp in French by the end of the year, if he took exposure in French for every season.
But you can take exposure as you like it for the lab work seasons.