seasonal advancement

this thread is to track and discuss seasonal activities outside of adventures, especially of characters not involved in stories (also lab work for characters involved in stories short enough to allow lab work)

Asha Spring and Summer of 1220:
Study Magic Theory tractatus "Alternate Methods of Opening Enchantments" (SQ13)
THen copy as much of the library as it is useful either to have extra copies ourselves or the Magus (with David's comments before he heads out) think may be salable in the near term. Use the magic quill for a net Scribe skill of 13.

Spring 1220:

Tartessos didn't actually do anything this season, so I'd like to take a season practicing language skills, preferably [strike]Arabic[/strike], the dominant tongue in the covenant.
Practice: 8 [strike]Arabic[/strike]

[strike]Vulpus discovered that he liked lawyering as much as he like philosiphizing at people, so he reads the Canon Law summa again.
Read: 10 Canon Law[/strike]

Edit: I already declared both took Practice in Italian in the Summer in Summary thread.

what does Asha's exposure for summer go into?

Summer exposure would be scribe I assume.

[tab][/tab] Maffeo's summer exposure Area lore: Malta or Language: Arabic, whichever is more appropriate plz

Edit: going for Area Lore: Malta.... Putting it at 5, lowest exposure

Your spring independent study went into Romony, as that is the predominant language of the covenant. (note to self- forgot to include this in covenant attributes...) (note from self, fixed)
You could also apply immersive study to Itallian or Arabic- either would be appropriate (assuming a current ability under 5)

Henri should presumably work on his Italian in the summer. Zoltan should probably familiarize himself with the area around where the covenant is going (would that be 5xp in Area Knowledge (Hagar qim Horrible)?)

Area Lore: Tarxien, Hagar qim was rejected (Horrible was a joke: Hagar the horrible?)

Tarxien it is. I did wonder about the Horrible.

spring 1220:

madaleen learn italian, source quality ?

eight is the practice value for any language where it is being practiced in a place where it is commonly spoken and your score is less than 8.

I'm not sure I understand this, are you taking Exposure 2 in Area Lore (Malta) for summer, or are you getting an SQ of 5 from somewhere? I'm trying to verify we got everyone's xp so as not to cause Silveroak a headache.

All - my newly revamped experience trackers are posted in the player generated resources thread. I am missing (or did not understand) XP for several characters to bring us up to date through summer 1220. Here is what I think we still need, let me know if I missed it, or if you haven't gotten around to it, what kind of xp and where it goes.

Cheech (after subtracting 13 from his SQ of 15, he still gets 2 xp)

[strike]Zoltan[/strike] - Area Lore, either Tarxien or [strike]Hagar Qim[/strike]

exposure is always 2 xp, the 5 is for a nominally free season, and it can be higher for a truly free season.

Kuiti, as noted on David's character sheet, for spring he got:

Spring 1220 5xp spent on carouse, 2xp on etiquette, and 2 confidence points (Mdina)
Spring 1220 5xp spent on etiquette (Skorba II)

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ooops, sorry. Yes, 2 points Area lore please.


We still need his source and destination for summer xp, though. Exposure in something travel or job related?

Unless Silveroak specifies something different, David's summer and autumn will be exposure in Etiquette.