seasonal advancement

Confirm Zoltan is doing Area Lore (Tarxien), or is he still trying to do Hagar Qim? (Hagar the Horrible Lore would be anachronistic, although hysterical as all heck!)

Unfinished business from Summer, 1220:

several characters need xp (source and allocation), see my post on the first page of this thread, thank you to those that already replied to it.

Resolution for Nicolae's explorations (summer in summary thread)

Resolution to Euthymios unspecified recruitment efforts (most needed: servants and grogs, pretty much equally, plus a farmer who knows how to tap date palms)

Resolution to Vicente's clandestine diplomatic trip to the Count (currently left off at him making his intrigue roll in Summer in Summary thread)

Progress on building Domus Aureus: specifically, did Paphos get enough construction done to make an above ground lab? Reasoning: 5 years to build the two story manor, therefore 10 seasons to finish the first floor. Therefore each quarter will take about 2.5 seasons to finish, and as there are 6ish rooms on the first floor of the Mage's quarter, it seems that if we concentrate on making one useable, we could likely do that after a single season. (see Penko's blueprint in the Player generated resources thread for what I'm talking about). Penko was working on the covenant quarter, but Paphos was working inside the aura to get rooms suitable for labs built.

gives 7 points in area knowledge, no findings during summer, I need to start an early fall adventure thread for this...

Euthymios should put 7 points into area lore:malta as he has spent the summer looking for where to recruit from. I posted in the summer thread that there would be no adventures in the summer season...

vincente discovers that the count was using that base as a clandestine resupply point, but has moved from that location following the announcement by certain members of the covenant in open court as to what had been discovered there. He is unhappy with the covenant, but far less protective of that territory now. It is unclear what he plans to do with it now or where he has relocated to. He can get a meeting with the count in the fall.

As to building, the covenant has building productivity of 10.5 lbs of silver a year, which being 50% savings means you would be able to build 21 lbs of building, which includes 21 points of inhabitants according to the standard in covenants - for magi (5 bp) this includes the sanctum which includes space for the lab. Of this capability Penko accounts for 4.5 lbs out of 10.5, while Pahpos generates 6. However it is also my experience that moving into an unfinished building is a generally bad idea, which means that anyone using the building before it is completed will have some related defects to their labs etc. Which is why I have been trying to suggest that starting with smaller buildings that could be completed sooner would really be a much better idea.

Kuiti, Zoltan is doing Area Lore Tarxien. The Har... was a mistake on my part. (And the delay posting is due to very long flights.)

What can I say? I have delusions of grandeur.

How about a compromise - the original blueprint is modular, with four dedicated quarters. How about each of these four quarters are separate freestanding structures that just happen to be connected to each other? We build the Mage's quarter first while using summoned pyramids as covenant space and possibly hospital. Once the mage's quarter is done we move on to the covenant quarter, followed by grand hall and hopital quarter last. We use Rock of Viscid clay to truly connect the four quarters and making the resulting structure strong (no seams, carved from a "single" rock").

That approach of cobbling things together would give up some of the benefits of construction quality, and there would still be penalties while construction was going on right outside your sanctum (though not as severe). Of course only Paphos can currently build inside the aura (-10 to ability for normal craftspeople), his current workshop total is 15, building this way would give merely superior construction as opposed to the extra bonus for his higher level of mason. In 2 seasons he can build 6 points of building, which depending on lab size could be a single sanctum...

I'm going to have my cake and eat it too, dangit! Would these penalties be permanent flaws, or a temporary malus?

Wasn't aware of this rule, it's a new one to me. Live and learn, I suppose.

He generates a workshop total of 21. Dex + craft + IOQ Glove + IOQ chisel = 5+10+4+2 = 21
Penko is a 14, Dex + craft + IOQ Glove = 3+7+4=14

What would that extra bonus be, and what formula are we using to determine progress? I suppose Tartessos can get off his duff and get his hands dirty. He generates a workshop total of 12, and can work in the aura. Lastly, we have the magic item The Mason's Friend that is Rego Craft for Masonry, although I think Antonius is the only one who could actually use it.

I know there is pg 69 from City and Guild that adds one to the craft level in a magical, faerie or infernal aura to the "craft level" totals...

a workshop of 21 would normally be a +4 bonus, down to +3 for modularity.

It looks like I overestimated the rule from C&G, should have double checked, so Penko can build in the aura to superior quality, though it will only be standard quality if built modularly. Or he could assist Paphos and give him a bonus of 3 to his ability for an additional +1 bonus.

excerpt from my as yet unpublished submission to SubRosa-

Any characters who have not participated in a fall adventure should probably start working out what they did during the season, and we should lay out plans for winter that might result in adventures (and plans that don't). I expect the fall adventures will be winding up before long and would like to get the planning done so we can move into winter.

Tartessos will assist in building the covenant physical structure (Dex -2+craft 8 + IOC Glove +4 +IOC Chisel +2= seasonal total of 12). He will take adventure xp which I will detail as soon as the last threads are complete. At the beginning of fall he will use his Acorn to Oak magic item to grow a variety of food related bushes/trees including date palms (produce dates, sugar, liqour, "coffee" and oil), Olive trees (olives and olive oil), Almonds (nuts and oil) and Pomegranates (fruit and liquor). He can do one per day so can grow plenty. We currently do not have laborers, so do not realize any actual production or food savings just yet.
Native wildlife: 5 xp on Parma Magica
Journey to Mdina: 5 xp on Leadership (spent rest of season leading a masonrry crew)
+1 Int vis from PVS

Julia will assist Antonius with the wall and in the lab (Antonius can also use the Mason's Friend magic item which allows him to build the wall without rolling for botches), although this assistance will likely be simple companionship with no mechanical effect. She does not gain enough xp this season to overcome her might penalty, although her transformation netted her just enough to gain Alluring to (Magical Beings)

Paphos will continue building the covenant physical structure (dex 5 + craft 10 + IOC Glove 4 + IOC Chisel = 21) He will assign adventure xp when all threads are complete. He has not lost any seasonal time so far, using half a day in Journey to Mdina and four days (plus boat travel) in Lab Incident/Voyage Home, but may if we dwaddle on the boat.
Lab Incident/Voyage Home: 5 xp in Bargain, 2 in Guile, 2 Aquam vis to Talus, 5 to transform, +3 confidence-1 used
Native Wildlife: Craft: Mason 51.5=7.5 (led masonry team rest of season)
Journey to Mdina: leadership 5
1.5=7.5 (lead masonry team rest of season)

Garcin will organize the Turb into two squads. First squad consists of Garcin (leader), Zoltan (point), Oderisi, and Gustav. Second squad will consist of Vicente (leader), Bavol (point) and Pepe. Second squad has our two sailors and Pepe adds a strong bowman and lookout (Keen vision). Because of the additions to the covenant this season, all grogs will train together as a group, and those who are not fluent should take exposure xp in Romany, the official language of the Domus Aureus Turb. If you wish your fighting grog to do something else this season, let me know; we'll have to get them up to speed some other way. [strike]Garcin will take his exposure in Leadership.[/strike]
Journey to Mdina: 5 xp in leadership (led turb rest of season)
Social Spelunking: 5 xp in Arabic, 3 xp in Area Lore (Malta)

Penko will continue building the covenant physical structure (dex 3 + craft 7 + IOC Glove 4 = 14). He will take exposure in Craft: Mason (2x1.5=3 xp), and will propose to Patrice, offering her the status of wife to a master mason.

Ismael[strike]will be loaned to the servant cadre for a second season[/strike], [strike]taking exposure in Profession: Chamberlain[/strike] will tend to his rabbits, generating cost savings in the provisions category.
A Delicate matter: 5 xp in Area Lore (Malta)

Sparks will spend the season exploring the area and making a nice lair.
The Voyage Home 7xp-115 might: no advancement, +1 confidence
+1 Ignem vis from PVS

Bavol and Patrice are troupe characters at this point. I suggest letting Bavol train with the group, as I understand it, this season has to be exposure, so he will put his in Single Weapon. Patrice will also put exposure in Craft:cook (I still think cook should be a profession). Alternate suggestions for these two?

Silveroak - can you give us an updated summary of servant calculations? I'm guestimating that with our recruitment, we are still short.

Terra: Claimed adventure experience from "native wildlife". She will also will try and convince Vita to start lab set-up. Finally, she will attempt to invent a new Initiation Script and self initiate Arcadian Travel.

Tayma will help in anyway she can, but she's taking adventure experience for the fall. One (1) point in Magic Lore, and two (2) in Finesse from her first adventure.

Hakima: Will run her apothecary generating 24 labor points. She'll claim experience from Journey to Mdina if it makes any.

Orphan Mary: shall claim experience from Journey to Mdina if it makes any. Otherwise she'll act as a servant while still looking for apprenticeship.

Soot: Will claim adventure experience. 1 points in Order of Hermes Lore, 1 in magic theory and 5 in Latin.

Talus: will claim adventure experience from The Voyage Home. He will spend 5 xp on Italian and 2 xp on Imaginem (there were a lot of illusions). To the extent that he has time left to help the covenant out with his glass making spells or carpentry spells, he'll certainly do that. Given that the spells take almost no time to cast, I'm hoping he can manage to help.

Kawthar will want to join in training with the grogs. The character will be posted in a day or so. I will update the servant count at the same time.

Vincente will train with the other grogs.

Madaleen will set up her tailoring workshop. She will be looking for young women to take as apprentices.

Antonius will take the 7 xp/vis from the Incident in the lab adventure and from a delicate matter.

If I spend time to rebuild the temple that will be my lab with rego magic and perhaps paphos' or penko's help, how long would that take ? Would that enable me work in my already set-up lab ? Or would it be possible to gain a minor or major lab virtue ? (example: Would creating a statue with rego craft to get a major feature count take two seasons ?)

Rabbit familiar of Terra will tend his garden, and help Terra in the lab if she needs him.

Edit: Grammar mistake

He has high enough finesse that he could certainly help with our masonry needs - we are trying to finish about 100 build points worth of covenant as soon as possible. We have a magic item that would replace daily spell casting, meaning no spell casting botches (looks like Antonius will not be using it).

Once we have more of the building done, carpentry and glass will be in higher demand.

Talus would be happy to help in whatever way he can. He doesn't know any stone masonry spells. But if the item can get around that, I'm happy to put his Finesse to use in masonry.

actually carpentry will help a lot- cost for buildings is 50% masonry and 50% carpentry per covenants, so with both going you should not only vastly accelerate the work but also cut down on costs significantly. Long term having a carpenter to help maintain the buildings is probably a good idea.

If you use Regio magic to recreate the temple you saw in the magic realm you would still need to set up your lab, but I would give you a roll to get the auspicious shape bonus as you would get the superior construction bonus.

added Sparks and adventure xp to my first post

I am showing you now have 10/15 required servants, however you have also established yourselves as an employer and have a potential autocrat (Kawthar) so I am not going to require additional stories to recruit needed servants- they will be automatically recruited and dismissed as needed. Those who have been acting as servants while more skilled may be switched to other roles, but this should be mentioned specifically as it does impact the covenant finances.