Send me your favorite characters!

Hi all,

I'm heading off to Grand Tribunal America this weekend, and will be running a story. But I haven't had time to create enough PCs.
So if you happen to have any of your favorite characters typed up, then please cut and paste them into this thread!
(Links to PDFs are even better!!)

I'm looking for any of the following:
Magi within 4 - 5 years of gauntlet
Interesting companions that would be appropriate "adventure" companions
Shield grogs with exciting role-playing possibilities (ie, fun "quirks")

Please include a few sentences of Role-Playing "Tips", likes/dislikes, etc.

In return, I'll type up a little story re-cap, and tell you what the characters did!

Please post by 5pm Thursday, Aug 2, PST


I don't have detailed notes here at work but you can find some stats here...