Sharkman at Andorra (Spring 1234)

In which Pere brings Acutus to Andorra to introduce him, leaving Fedora and Fleur on the Road to Pamplona...

Run with it :smiley:

(I've been hoping that if I just spell it right enough times in threads it would catch on; his name is written Acutus :stuck_out_tongue: )

((LOL. I have been pronouncing it wrong in my head all this time. I have it as AK-tus, when it is a-KEW-tus. Correct?))

(Yep, I picked because it means [according to Wiktionary] 1.sharpened, made sharp, sharp, having been sharpened in Latin, which seemed to make sense for a shark with really sharp teeth; I'm guessing it's the root of the English word acute)


Anyways, describe Acutus' reaction upon seeing the covenant for the first time. Keep in mind, you are entering from the inside. The portal at Yvalls that leads to the Mercere Quarter. This is the route that everyone from the Sa Dragonera chapter gets to and from the main covenant.

Vibria has the right of it: she pronounces it "a CUTE us".

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I have described things a bajillion times over. What I am looking for is the Sharkman PoV. How does he take it all in? The first thing he and Pere will run into will be the guards at the portal, which let Pere and guest pass with no hassle. From there, Pere can choose to introduce you to whom he will, or other players can coincidentally run into them.

Acutus steps from the portal and turns to Pere, "Well, I have to admit, that is definitely preferable to traveling by offense meant of course."
As they make their way outside and pass the guards, Acutus looks around the courtyard, and then up to the various towers, "So, was this a mundane castle before the covenant was formed, it seems almost...mundane compared to the last covenant I spent time in."

((Pere probably has no idea. The original builder was a Jerbiton magus and a knight, and the original castle was built to seem mundane. There is extensive interior construction using magical means, and I know the corner tower was conjured by Vulcanus a few years ago to replace a damaged one we had to tear down.))

I'm really not sure. I've only been here a few times myself. The weather is just miserable. He starts walking, trying not to appear as lost as he is. Finally he spots a grog and says You there! Where could I find our pontifex? I have a guest to introduce.

In her lab I think. I will go tell her you want to meet with her in the council chamber.
And sure enough, Carmen comes to meet you after a hard day of lab work, smudged with dirt and soot and whatever mess a magic lab makes. She is also dressed like a farmer, britches and a heavy cotton shirt, no fancy finery this time. Work clothes.
Interesting. My mother, the seeress, she told me that there would be six. You must be number five then.
Greetings and salve sodale. I am Carmen Perez of Flambeau, Lady of Seneca and Pontifex of Andorra.

Pere had a long introductory speech planned, including a glorious tale of Acutus's bravery in saving his ship from the serpent, but Carmen's foreknowledge completely throws him off. He just stands there blinking, leaving Acutus time to respond.

((she know nothing about that, just a vague prophecy her mother read in the cards. But I do like that you were thrown off by the words of a hedge wizard transmitted through the mouth of the Pontifex :smiley: ))

Acutus is still dressed in the commoner clothing Pere had acquired for him earlier, although his broad-shouldered build and scarred left draw attention away from his attire. He raises an eyebrow at the mention of a seeress, but seems to accept it on face value, "It's an honor Pontifex, I'm Acutus Ilfetwis of Bojornaer."

House Bjornaer, eh? What mighty Heartbeast might you possess? And how may I be at your service?

Acutus pauses for a moment, not having fully expected the question, "A shark. And I was told you might be interested in magi who reside in the Balearic Isles. I have recently established a sanctum in the area, unaware that any covenant claimed the Isles."

Another native, eh? Are you familiar with Roberto? He also resided in the area previous to our establishing a joint chapter with Barcelona. Where on the islands are you located?
We are looking to recruit Hermetic magi, especially ones already local to the area, to secure the magical resources of the islands for the Order. Aragon Crusaders have already driven out many of the Muslim hedge wizards and are laying political claim to the land. Indeed, the crown hired a mercenary band led by hedge wizards to accomplish this, the Flame Brothers. We hired on of their officer wizards, Arnau, as a liason and to coordinate our own military efforts in the region. And a lot has yet to be formalized.
So, what do you bring to the table?

"My sanctum lies in a regio on the bottom of the sea, between the islands of Mallorca and Ibiza. As for what I can offer, I am a hunter of magical beasts, which I think would prove useful for any covenant. In addition, my heartbeast makes me uniquley capable in dealing with threats from the sea."

Bottom of the sea, eh?
Most excellent. I would invite you to petition the council for membership, and offer you the chance to be enrolled as a Journeyman right away. We cannot provide an Aegis for each and every sanctum, scattered as they are in different locations. But you will have covenant membership, access to our library, financial support, and would earn vis wages for your services.

Shall we call a meeting to order?

Acutus nods, "Thank you, I wouold appreciate the opportunity, and the community of being a part of a covenant again is appealing."