"Shield Golem"

I was thinking, how would you make a "golem" or a semi-sentient construct, which only takes orders from the one person who has its "remote", a pendant or somesuch?

This is the same as a shield golem in D&D, but as I prefer Ars, but adore the idea of the golem, I'd love to make one.

I was thinking along the lines of a ReTe(Me) spell for controlling a stone/metal golem and maybe some CrMe for the semi-sentience. It needs much more thought, but I would love your input.


Here is how I manage to create a Hermetic Golem.

CrIm(Me) Summoning the humble servant (See core book)

& then you give him a magical object to affect the material world.

In 4thed supplements, there were ways of creating clumsy, dangerous, Time & ressources consuming D&D like golems but they were never really workable for players.


Hermetic magic has a very hard time creating life... That is supposed to be something the divine has a monopoly on...

You're not using the 5ed rulebook are you? That kind of spell was not in my book, at least.

If this spell is, however, usable, then why not just use CrTe(Me) or some other elemental form to give the "servant" the body right from the start? Using Im in a situation like that one seems kind of useless to me.

Where did the Calebais Hrools come from? I haven't read the book but I sincerely doubt that the divine has granted life/human-like consciousness to weaselmen.



If you look at the CrIm spell in the 5th ed core book, your see the spell that has gone mostly unnoticed. Using a formulaic spell, you created a ghost servent with limited indenpendant intellect at the cost of a +6 mag Memtem requisite.


4th edition Mysteries had rules for automata. They were non-trivial to construct. I suppose we might see them again, either in Mysteries Revised, or in HoH:Mystery Houses in the Verditius chapter.

I've already finished reading Covenants... 3 months is too long to wait :cry:

But we can still realistically hope for April (as far as I know) for the next two. That could be less than two months.