Sin as an Arcane Connection

An idea just kind of had, the Parma can make Magi immune to the overt powers of many demons. One of the things that I thought might be appropriate for the time would be that if a magus had (willingly) committed a sin near a demon who's purview was of that sin, he'd get the equivalent of an AC for purposes of being able to penetrate the Parma with some of its maleficia. The Demon would need to have the Penetration skill (I don't see them being restricted from getting that, but I wouldn't think it's universal among them either). If this sounds good, what degree of AC would it provide? I don't have my book with me, but I was thinking the equivalent of adding triple the Penetration score, so what is that, a connection of weeks?

So for example. A Flambeau goes and blasts a farmer for some petty revenge (Wrath) and a demon of wrath happens to be in the area and witnesses it (maybe even engineered the circumstances). That Demon would possess an AC to that Magi for as long as an AC of that power lasts or (perhaps more appropriate) the magus divests himself of sin in an appropriate fashion. I think it's better to have the sin/AC last until something like confession and pennance, but then again that could mean a sin committed today could benefit a demon decades later (maybe that's the point though).

This could also apply with the other powers maybe. So a magus who performs something virtuous in the presence of an angel (known or unknown) that angel would have an equivalent AC, so that its beneficial abilities won't have to be blocked by the magus. For Faeries, perhaps some of them (they'd have to be some degree of cognizant I'd say) might get an AC for a magus that is in a story involving some important transition they are going through (an apprentice about to attend his Gauntlet maybe). I'm not sure of so many beings of the Magical realm that could benefit from this as they don't care as much about mortals, but I'm sure an example could be thought of.

Any ideas on this?

Crikey, that's great. Consider it stolen.

Although the demon should gain a very temporary AC unless they engineered the sin.

Glad you like it, it needs some work though. There might already be a similar mechanic in place, I'll have to check the books.

I wouldn't think that because the demon engineered it, the AC would be less potent or long-lasting though. Demons are supposed to tempt men, but in the end the man chooses to sin. The exception being affected by Maleficia, which is an overt control and compulsion. But Maleficia I believe are resistable as any other magical type power. So in the example I gave, maybe the demon knew the magus was wrathful, but also knew that he can't get through his resistance, so he uses his maleficia on the farmer to get the farmer to do something stupid and make the magus angry. The magus gets angry and blasts the poor farmer with a pilum of fire. The magus may have been tricked, but in the end, he chose to be wrathful and now, the demon has some potential sway over him.

I think it gives demons a layer of insidiousness perhaps. And it could be a relatively new thing, maybe something discovered by one of their cultists. I could see some newbie Magi investigating a ruined covenant and finding that the magi turned on each other, but in reading the journal of one, they find that the magus was starting to realize the real danger of demons; the more that the magi sinned, the more power the demons had over them, in the end for some their parma was almost useless...almost as if the demons had some kind of arcan connection to them...

Could be neat.

Neat idea.

I think it can work, but you need to have a clear mechanic for it:

"You just committed a +1 sin!" I'd hate to hear that being said :laughing:

I think I may have to start making some changes to the BCoC that I'm currently running my players through. After two sessions, they have pierced the veil and are peering down (trying to avoid overt spoilers). Next session won't be for a week, might be enough time... I've felt like a more concrete background might be helpful... this might just be it...

Cool, let me know how it goes.

Weeks seems to be the right power, it provides a +1 to the base multiplier of 1, tripling the penetration of the demon. I could also see upping that or lowering it depending on the strength of the sin. That could lead to that '+1 sin' I mentioned above, but cold blooded murder should be a bit more powerful than simple assault for example.

nice :smiley:

I like it a lot.
I would let the connection last until confession and/or communion, though. It fits with (how I see) the time and beliefs.

To sort of compensate for that I would give a value of the connection independent of the duration. I'll need to read more on division of sins, it seems, but maybe a +1 for venial sin and a +3 for mortal sin?

I'd make them Sympathetic Connection, not Arcane Conections as inicated in the title.
Would still boost penetration, and would be independant of duration.

Right now I'm having visions of infernalist hrools :wink:

In all seriousness, Calebais serves as a great cautionary tale for new magi (and players). One of the about-to-graduate apprentices has a mentored by demon background; he has a magically sourced infernally tainted summoning power and an infernally sourced commanding power. He deludes himself that he's not really interracting with demons because the only infernal creatures he interracts with are the divine punishers that blur the line between angel and demon.

I wanted to suggest an infernal part in Calebais's fall, but didn't really want to re-write any of the magi as an infernalist. Your suggestion allows me to bring in demons simply by them being drawn to the deadly sins that the magi were already involved in.

"No! It wasn't me! It was...the HROOLS!!" and so many players thought they were cute...

The magus with summoning will think the hrools are worshiping him, but perhaps they have sense unholy or second sight abilities, and are worshipping the demon/angel that accompanies him.

It is bertter if they are summoned inside the aegis, though. Otherwise they might have problems entering the covenant even if the party inside is extremely funny for them.

The infernalist hrools idea is just awesome!

I would note, that I prefer the idea of it being a Sympathetic Connection.

this gives multipliers to Penetration. Which I think is much more interesting... or it could be both. but penetration is a big issue in my game.

Better if who summons what inside the ageis? I'm confused...

Its just the general concept, not the specific mechanic, that sparked my imaginations vis-a-vis Calebias.

My infant saga has not yet dealt with Arcane or Sympathetic connections, so I have no real experience to judge, and my corebook is loaned to a player so I can't read and offer anything from reason.

But since I'm talking back-story, not current events, mechanics shouldn't matter. The point will be to concretely let them know that sin can not only attract a demons attention, it can give them the power to penetrate your defenses. My troupe of pagan, agnostic, and apostate characters might just start running to church!

Better if any Infernalists summon whatever demons they'd want/need to summon inside the Aegis - that way it is already on the inside and need not pass the Aegis.

Sympathetic connections can work also, sure. The theme of this idea is that character's own actions undermining the protection they're so proud of.

At the same time, if this mechanic can work for other powers than their actions might provide benefits, such as an angel being able to heal or buff a magus that just committed a virtuous act. Or for a fae story to continue at the proper time (a transition for a magus).

I really like this idea. Well done and thanks for the suggestion. I would also go with extreme sympathetic connections more than arcane connections per se. However, for demons it might be adequate to get an arcane connection if they can pull you to do something they can force on your via psychomachia WITHOUT using psychomachia. I would then salute the demon and give him whatever he wanted for the rest of the scene. :smiling_imp: