Some questions about Realm of Power: The Infernal

First of all, i would like to say kuddos to the authors of the book. I am enyoing it a lot. It not only describes demons, the infernal realm and the Infernal powers in detail, but also gives more options for Ex miscellanea traditions and Witch companions.

I have some questions about how a character can adquire infernal powers and methods, and also the goetic arts.

First, if you don't have any supernatural abilities, this seems pretty easy. If i have understood it right, you don't need the gift or True faith to learn it, just a Study total high enough. That's fine...

But how it works with characters with supernatural abilities, in particular magi? It seems that you would substract your supernatural abilities scores to your Study total, making it nearly imposible to magi to learn them... and be corrupted by using them. You can always join an Infernal tradition, but it seems nearly impossible to have a lone corrupted magus corrupted directly by a demon...

If you look carefully, Incantation/Diablerie can grant Virtues. That would include Supernatural Abilities. And some demons (e.g. False Gods or Watchers) probably have the knowledge necessary to single-handedly introduce a magus to their favourite Infernal tradition by teaching Favoured Abilities.

Excellent! I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on it, ideas it gives you and evil plans you're developing. :slight_smile:

Okay, and I'll be happy to give you my advice. :slight_smile: Fruny's is also very good, too. I'll supplement those fine suggestions.

You also have to be exposed to the Infernal in some way, like by gaining a Warping Point from an infernal source. Not difficult at all, though.

Demons can initiate the magus into an infernal tradition, too. When he learns a Supernatural Ability or one of the Goetic Arts, the magus must effectively join a tradition or he won't be able to learn it. You can also look at Flaws like Corrupted Arts, Corrupted Abilities, and Corrupted Spells, for other ways a magus can be led down dark paths. Heck, even a magus with no Maleficia or Goetic Arts at all can be scary, since he can profane the holy for vis and gain Confidence through sin. And hey, maybe there's a few Mystery Cults that initiate infernal Virtues as well as Magic ones? Maybe a demon could even act as a Mystagogue-- no one knows for sure just what he looks like under that heavy cloak, do they? :slight_smile:

Uhm... well, i don't have any original ideas... I was only planning to involve my players in the Shadow Flambeaus saga... in a pretty close way. I mean, some of my players are now exchanging gifts (books and vis) and letters with Rasus. Corruption ability, vis Prava anyone? :smiling_imp:

Uhm... very nice options. I had totally forgotten about Corrupted Arts and abiltities... a very nice way to tempt a magus to corrupt himself quickly. There are also examples of demons in the book that can teach Maleficia and Goetics Arts that i had overlooked.

And a Demon as a Mystagogue... great idea!!! I mean, you will never know if the evil quests and ordeals a demon mystagogue gives you are really necesary and are recorded in an initation script, or are only used to make sure you corrupt yourself and sin!!!

Just one more question... Can a Summoner use vis and/or sacrifices to add bonuses to his summoning?

Thank you for all your kind answers, and please, gorgive my pretty crappy english... :smiley:

Nice! Oh are they going to be mad when they find out. :slight_smile:

Yes, he can.

It's actually very good. I'm impressed!