Speculation About David's Other Threads

This thread is for speculating about why I am asking for that input right now. I am unlikely to post much here (I really can’t say much more at this point), but you can all speculate to your hearts’ content. Feel free to start new threads, as the important thing is that the discussion not clutter the threads looking for information.


I love speculation!


Well obviously it sounds like gearing up for Ars Magica 6th ed.


A compiled encyclopedia of ArM5 Revised?


I'm really hoping for an Ars Magica 5 compendium, a collection of all the fiddly bits that have been scattered across the line, brought together into a coherent whole.

I'd buy that, sight unseen, on day 1 of the Kickstarter or other method of pre-order.

shut up and take my ducats


In hindsight, when the editor retired to a Japanese temple, we should have known he was planning to return with new and terrifying skills.


Laying the groundwork for an absolutely spectacular 2022 April Fool's joke.


maybe he is trying to make a survey of what rules are popular in order to inform how to structure a (series) of books for another game. One can only hope that this other game is a 6th edition of ArM but it could be anything.

Alternatively it is really a ploy to see what systems from 5e people actually use in order to see what needs to eventually go into a 6th edition. I would note both that David Chart is not chief editor anymore and also that he clearly coordinated these posts with Atlas games. So it is probably not something directly related to the current 5th edition, as Justin Alexander would have been a much more obvious candidate to make posts about that.

I wouldn't call it an anniversary edition, but a "Special Edition" of the core book with all the bits that came later and would have been better in the core book would get my money before it even went to print.

Baring that, a "Master Rules Index" which consolidates all of the bits and pieces scattered across the line would also be an instant buy. Being able to review everything in one book compared to currently having to get bits and pieces from multiple books would easily be worth the price.

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I also think the most probable candidate might be an anniversary "revised and expanded" core rulebook, which I would buy at a moment's notice.


The new skills probably being knowledge of Japanese and of their gamer culture, so he can create Ars Magica: Japanese translation. He is asking for us to point out errata so the Japanese edition avoids the ambiguities in the English phrasing, and what rules should be in core to make the book better.


Guys, and gals, it's clearly a ploy to get our hopes up, and then dash them on the shores of reality, our Criamon brothers have spoken!


So you are saying that we had better start learning Japanese straight away, to reap the benefits when the next ArM publication comes out?

Medieval Japanese... it's still Ars magica...

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Well, they have not written the rules thus far in Medieval Latin, have they?

They haven't?! Then why am I sometimes unable to read them? :slight_smile:

Clearly a Twilight Scar! Typical Twilight prone Criamon!

Getting Twilight twice a day doesn't make one Twilight Prone! You're just Twilight Enlightened...



Is this to be a relaunch of a revised 5th edition, preparatory to revising all the previous tribunal books that don't have 5th edition versions?

And does this mean I need to think about a revised Levant book? :wink:

And are we, in consequence, finally going to see that "painful ones" reference in another tribunal book (you know the one I mean) go away permanently? :grin: