Spell a Day for November

Since everyone else in the universe seems to be getting in on this NaGaDeMon thing, I've decided to jump on the bandwagon and attempt to write a spell a day. It's a relatively modest undertaking when compared to most of the other projects people are working on so with a little luck I should be able to meet my obligations...

Additionally, since I'm a bit late getting started, I'll be trying to post two spells a day until I'm caught up.

Day 1.

Warning of Admetus
(Creo (Rego), Animal, Level 40)
Range: Touch. Duration: Sun. Target: Group.
This ritual fills a chamber with an undulating mass consisting of 500 venomous snakes (use the Adder stats from The Book of Mundane Beasts) while simultaneously compelling them to attack any creature attempting to enter said room.
Originally developed by the Cult of Artemis, this spell was adapted to hermetic magic by Myanar and still sees occasional use by the few nature-oriented magi who retain membership in house merinita.
(Base 10, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Group, +1 Rego requisite)

Day 7.

The Secret Room
(Creo, Imaginem, Level 10)
Range: Voice. Duration: Sun. Target: Individual.
This spell generates a convincing visual and tactile illusion of a section of stone wall. By superimposing the illusion over a doorway, the caster is able conceal entire rooms from intruders. For the spell to be truly effective, however, the maga must take care not to use the spell in areas where a door would logically have to be situated (at the end of a flight of stairs, for example).
(Base 2, +2 Voice, +2 Sun)

The "Targets and Creo" insert on page 113 specifically prohibits using Creo + T:Room to "fill a room" with something.

Try...(Base 10, +1 Touch, +2 Sun, +2 Group, +1 Rego requisite)
This would give a number of snakes equal in mass to 10 Size +1 ponies* - so it shouldn't be a big diff in the end result. (Edit - actually, I get about 800 adders, not 3000 - average weight of an adder is maybe about 7 pds/3 kg (range of 5-9 pds), average weight of a pony is maybe around 575 pds/260 kg (range of 400-750 pds, kg), etc. I find no weights for adders or ponies listed in the BoMB.)

(* From Targets & Size, p 113, col ii top, and p 117, Animal-form base Individual definition, col i middle.)**

Also, I'm not sure why this is a Ritual - if you want the snakes permanent, D:Momentary is adequate for a Ritual.

(** As a side comment, one could also, by a strict reading of the rules, create 10 pony-sized venemous serpents - which strikes me as possibly a better use of the magnitude. Ims I'd want to see an additional magnitude added, but still...)

I imagine the Duration: Sun is so that the Rego (control) lasts until the caster can say polite goodbyes and depart.

I agree. I intended for the "room" to apply purely to the Rego aspect of the spell, but in retrospect that's completely unneccesary too. As for the size, I used the "Summon Animal" guidelines from Rival Magic to calculate the number of snakes produced. According to those rules, 1 creature with a Size of 0 is equivalent to 30 creatures of -4. You're correct that I could have used +1 without requiring additional Size modifiers so that would bring the net total up to 500 snakes.

I've been reading a lot of Classical Mythology lately and, in the story that inspired this spell, Artemis filled Admetus' bedchamber with snakes when he forgot to sacrifice to her so that's why I chose a multitude of tiny snakes. As for why I used Momentary Ritual guidelines, the background fluff I wrote is partially true, it was, in fact, clumsily adapted for hermetic magic. :blush: I originlly wrote it up as a hyperborean hymn and did the conversion without any of my books on hand...

Anyway, thanks for the feedback. I've already corrected the spell.

Day 2.

Buoy the Floundering Magus
(Rego, Aquam, Level 10)
Range: Touch. Duration: Concentration. Target: Individual.
This spell allows the caster to gently, but forcibly control a small volume of water. The most frequent application of this effect is to have the water support the caster, preventing him from drowning while haphazardly paddling his way across a body of water.
(Base 4, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration)

Day 8.

Scent of the Guilty Conscience
(Intellego, Mentem, Level 20)
Range: Personal. Duration: Concentration. Target: Smell.
This spell imbues the caster to detect whether those around him are experiencing feelings of guilt. The spell cannot affect those with MR unless it penetrates and cannot distinguish the source of a character's guilt, but it still sees occasional use by quaesitors.
What scent indicates guilt varies somewhat according to the caster's sigil, but it is almost always something unpleasant.
(Base 5, +1 Concentration, +2 Smell)

Nice effect. T:Smell might be adequate in a closed room or talking one-on-one, but outside, or in a crowded room where it has to fight other smells and air currents, it might be unreliable at best. I'd go with "T:hearing", and you get an easier measure of exactly how guilty the person is feeling by how "loud" you hear the emotion.

Not bad! Consider it stolen :slight_smile:

Busy day yesterday so here are the spells I was supposed to post. With any luck I'll add today's spells later... crosses fingers

Day 3.

Clear the Bitter Air
(Perdo, Auram, Level 15)
Range: Touch. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
This spell magically destroys a cloud of poisonous gas with a diameter of less than 100 paces. Designed to destroy volcanic fumes or counter the effects of Wreaths of Foul Smoke, this spell has is very efficient at nullifying toxins, but has no effect upon foul odours or corrosive agents of the sort generated by Infernal Smoke of Death.
(Base 10, +1 Touch)

Day 9.

Apprehend the Elusive Fae
(Creo, Terram, Level 30)
Range: Voice. Duration: Sun. Target: Individual.
This spell magically creates a simple iron cage large enough to hold a single creature of Size 0, 2 creatures of Size -1, or 5 creatures of Size -2. Forming the cage to envelope an unwilling creature requires an aiming roll, but does bypass any MR the victim might posssess. The cage is rather heavy, but isn't anchored to the ground. Thus it can be moved with a successful Strength check of 9 or better.
(Base 5, +2 Voice, +2 Sun, +1 Size)

I would put a size range, not just a maximum, on that cage. What is the minimum size it can hold? At some point, if it is really a cage, small enough faeries will just fly between the bars.


Somebody's Parma, but I think that making air better is always Creo, not Perdo. I think the conception of poisonous gas in the Mythic paradigm is air that has been made bad, not a special type of gas that has been added to otherwise good air.

I would have though so too, but the existence of guidelines to produce poisonous gases using Creo or Muto would seem conclusive. In addition, noxious smokes such as those generated by burning toxic plants seems to have been well known. I any case, the spell was mostly conceived to combat WoFS and the effects of smoke rather than any environmental hazard.

Incidentally, I did consider adding an addendum indicating that, because the spell was a Perdo effect, it would have a deleterious impact on air quality even as it destroyed the poison. I dropped the idea, however, after deciding on an "individual" target, figuring that it precluded any impact on the remaining air (excepting botches, of course).

Yeah, they're right there in the Creo and Perdo guidelines, aren't they. (Would destroying noxious air leave any air behind, or a vacuum?) In any case my memory was definitely wrong, so I shouldn't be objecting to the spell.... :blush:

Computer troubles have thwarted my attempts to get caught up on this project today :frowning: Maybe tomorrow...

Day 4.

Coax the Sanguine Humour
(Rego, Corpus, Level 15)
Range: Touch. Duration: Momentary. Target: Part.
This spell employs chirurgical magic (Art & Acadame, pg 60) to extract a measure of the patient's blood. An Intelligence + Finesse roll of 6+ is required to perform the procedure correctly, but if successful the target loses a level of Long-Term Fatigue and a sample of her blood is instantly transported to an open vial in the caster's hand (if no container is available, it spills onto the ground).
Although this effect was originally designed by Pharmacopoeians to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of Sanguine diseases, it is also an effective means of gathering Arcane Connections and sees occasional use in Wizard War.
(Base 5, +1 Touch, +1 Part)

Day 10.

Defang the Malicious Witch
(Perdo, Vim, General)
Range: Voice. Duration: Sun. Target: Individual.
This spell impedes its target's ability to wield magic, imposing a penalty equal to: ((Level – 10) / 2) on the victim's Casting Totals.
Example: The Level 25 version of this spell imposes a -7 penalty while the Level 40 version reduces the target's casting totals by -15.
(Base effect, +2 Voice, +2 Sun)

Still behind schedule, but I'm catching up!

Day 5.

Interrogate the Wild Herb
(Intellego, Herbam, Level 5)
Range: Touch. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
This spell confers upon the caster a complete knowledge of a plant's mundane properties. Thus poisonous weeds can be identified with unerring accuracy, as can the medicinal applications of various herbs.
(Base 4, +1 Touch)

Day 11.

The Careless Cavalryman
(Perdo, Animal, Level 20)
Range: Sight. Duration: Momentary. Target: Part.
This spell causes the girth strap of a saddle to break, forcing the rider to make an immediate Dexterity + Ride check to avoid slipping off the animal's back along with the ill-fated saddle. Troupes with access to Lords of Men should consult "Effects of Mounted Movement on page 127, but any EF and damage that the SG and players agree to may be substituted.
Example: A character mounted on a galloping charger would roll against an Ease Factor of 12, taking +9 damage if he falls
(Base 4, +3 Sight, +1 Part)

Day 6.

Safety Torch
(Rego, Ignem, Level 20)
Range: Voice. Duration: Fire. Target: Individual.
This spell magically prevents the targeted fire from igniting any secondary fires. Originally developed to prevent campires and torches from inadvertently sparking forest fires, certain magi of house Bonisagus have since taken interest in the effect due to its seemingly paradoxical effect (it's not entirely clear how the affected fire consumes its current fuel).
(Base 4, +2 Voice, +2 Fire)

Day 12.

The Tasty Transformation
(Muto, Aquam, Level 10)
Range: Touch. Duration: Sun. Target: Individual.
This spell transforms a volume of water so that it tastes like fine ale. The affected water is not intoxicating, however, making it ideal for grogs accompanying magi into the field since it can be created in situ from any convenient well or stream.
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +2 Sun)

Base should be 2. Ale is a natural liquid. Unnatural liquids are unnatural (strangely coloured or flavoured for what they are), not merely manufactured.

Day 13.

Invocation of Spring Showers
(Creo, Auram, Level 10)
Range: Touch. Duration: Diameter. Target: Individual.
This spell conjures forth a torrential downpour which persists for approximately 2 minutes. What makes the effect truly special, however, is that it may be summoned up indoors.
In addition to impressing the yokels, the spell can be an effective firefighting measure.
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +1 Diameter, +1 Slightly unnatural)

Day 14.

Curse of the Avenging Elf
(Perdo, Corpus, Level 30)
Range: Voice. Duration: Momentary. Target: Individual.
This spell forces the victim to make a Stamina roll against an EF of 6. If the target fails, she is afflicted with the Critical Disease “Apoplexy”, the Mythic European equivalent of suffering a stroke (see Art & Acadame, pg 47 for details).
While not popular with the Order as a whole, many faeries employ a similar effect to punish mortals who have earned their wrath. Consequently, it is favoured by some merinitae.
(Base 20, +2 Voice)

Day 15.

Preservation of Nature's Bounty
(Creo, Herbam, Level 25 Ritual)
Range: Touch. Duration: Year. Target: Room.
This ritual protects any plant-based foods stored in the affected room from rot for the spell's duration. Hermetic covenants generally create prefer to enchant a device with constant effect, but magi sometimes cast the ritual version on behalf of the nobility. To be truly effective, however, the spell must be paired with a ward to keep out animal pests such as mice and weevils.
(Base 2, +1 Touch, +4 Year, +2 Room)

Day 16.

Fire Whose Smoke Obscures its Flames
(Muto, Ignem, Level 10)
Range: Voice. Duration: Concentration. Target: Individual.
This spell causes an otherwise normal fire to spew out an oily black smoke for as long as the caster concentrates. The principle advantage of using this spell rather than an Auram effect is that, despite being generated by a magical fire, the smoke produced by this spell is nonmagical and thus needn't penetrate MR to impede the target's vision. The disadvantage being that the real smoke takes time to accumulate and is subject to the vicissitudes of nature (wind, rain, etc.)
(Base 3, +2 Voice, +1 Concentration)

Wouldn't magically created (CrAu) smoke still impede vision regardless of magic resistance? I mean, it wouldn't get within say 1 cm of the eyes of the guy with Parma on; but it's still blocking the line of sight in the middle of the room, regardless of whether it can touch the guy himself.

Congrats on getting caught up to the day of the month! :slight_smile:

Yes, magical smoke would definitely fall under the School of Vilano as far as that goes - no need to penetrate MR to still block vision.

However, non-magical smoke would also "sting the eyes", causing a more systemic vision problem (as anyone has experienced who has had a facefull of campfire smoke).