spell idea:instant sun-burn!

this spell causes the victum to have a SEVERE sun-burn!
ell me what you think of this spell & how you might make it better.

Apollo's kiss Cr/Ig 4
Target : Ind
Duration : Mom
Range : Si
deals 1+1d10 damages to a target.
Base 1, +3 Sight


Following the progression of the Creo Ignem Guidelines, I'd have to say that the minimum base to do damage of +0[1] is Base 3, which would make this a [strike]15th[/strike] 10th level spell, [strike]one notch[/strike] two magnitudes lower than Pilum of Fire. It does have range going for it, though. There is no actual Base 3 guideline that exists, but I'd say that this is a reasonable one that already exists, and just isn't used often.

[1] Ars damage notation of +X means a stress die roll + x additional damage.

Edit: corrected post.

A base of 3 would make it a 10th level spell for +0 damage. (3->4[touch]->5[voice]->10[sight])
15th level would be +5 damage.

Yeah, I can't do math.

I stand corrected :
Apollo's kiss Cr/Ig 5
Target : Ind
Duration : Mom
Range : Vo
Deals +0 damages to a target in the form of a severe sunburn.
Base 3, +2 Voice

Scorching gaze of Apollo Cr/ig 25 (Ritual)
Target : Boundary
Duration : Concentration
Range : Touch
Deals +0 damages to everybody in a boundary in the form of a severe sunburns, damages are applied once every turn.
Base 3, +1 Touch, +1 Concentration, +4 Boundary

Well, +0 damage is still enough for a Medium Wound 10% of the time. :laughing:

why 10% ?

2-5 Light wound = 41%
6+ Medium or more = 59%

No ?

It's an opposed roll; they get a stress die added to their soak too.

A medium wound requires a difference of 6+. So, if their soak is +0 it needs to be 9 and 2, 3 or 0; 8 and 2 or 0; or 7 and 0 (for a total of 6%); 1 then 4 vs. 2 or 0; 1 then 5 vs. 4- etc. (for ~4%)

So approximately 10% is right. And they take no damage ~55% of the time.