Spells to affect realms

Hi all,
this is an idea I had based on the realm vis thread.

Might Eternal Oblivion
PeVi(ViVi) 25
R: Voice, D: Momentary, T:Individual
Removes 15 Might from any creature associated with the faerie, infernal or magical realm.
base effect, +2 Voice, +2 requisites

It is commonly known that you need realm specific spells to strip Might, so with the requisites it could do more than that, right?

RAW says that you need separate spells for different realms. I can't remember if I've seen something like your spell in a book or not.
It is either possible or not. We'll tackle what happens if what your proposing is possible.
Minor niggle, the +2 Requisites should be +2 Complexity. Requisites of ViVi don't really limit anything, like a requisite should theoretically should do, you're merely trying to do something more complex than standard.

This spell is going to be challenging from the penetration standpoint. Meaning to penetrate a might 15 creature, which it can wipe out in one round, you need a CT of 40, in an area without an aura. Might 20, you need 45.

So, it is probably better to have 3 15th level spells Demon's/Faerie's/Dragon's Eternal Oblivion than 1 25th utility spell, because it's easier to cast and be effective.


IMS, I believe the Demon's/Faerie's/Dragon's EO spells are commonly available, and the lab texts should be pretty cheap/easy to acquire if they weren't purchased at covenant creation. So, if I imagine a character exists IMS with a PeVi LT of 50, he would invent the spell you propose in a season. The same character could learn the three different spells from lab texts in the same season, and possibly (if a text is available) another PeVi 5 level spell, too.

Also note that DEO is popular enough (coming in #3 on the "List of spells someone in the covenant should know," https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/card-board-games-archive-links/116/1), it's probably pretty easy justify knowing an in-game version that has been Experimented or Breakthrough'd on.

So if you go this route, you can probably find a version that has Multiple, Silent, Penetrating, or Flexible casting built in (or whatever your troupe thinks is appropriate). Of course, it might also turn your skin green, make a horrible screeching noise, or make you smell like cheese for three days after casting, but them's the breaks for Phenomenal Cosmic Power...

Also, I would argue that the spell you described can currently be modeled as a general Muto Vim spell - changing nothing but the Realm of the effect would, IMO, be a "Medium" change. Which would be (game-mechanically) balanced out by the fact that you would have to make a Concentration roll in order to successfully cast. But honestly, this runs into the same issue that Jonathan brings up - it's probably easier (and safer) to just learn the 3 version separately. Because unless you designed your mage to be a Concentration specialist (ie, Cautious Concentration), you probably don't want to risk blowing that roll when the dragon's breathing down your neck.

I agree. Even if it is possible to have a Mega-Spell that targets all realms, in exchange for a higher magnitude, it's in fact better when casting to have separate lower level spells that you can Penetrate more easily with. Also, it's easier to invent/learn the mono-realm spells (because they are lower level).

The only reason for having a Mega-Spell that targets all realms seems to be if the magus is frequently in a position where he needs to cast in a hurry and cannot reliably guess from context whether the thing standing in front of him is a demon/faerie/magic critter. Which, I would have thought, would be relatively rare. Perhaps, if you are thinking about putting the effect in an item, then a single effect also has advantages over three.

Having spoken to Brutus I can confirm that it was his intention to craft it as a device, and as a Verditius, he feels penetration will not be an issue there.

I'd still go with 4 (or fewer) small effects, to be installed in an invested device, possiby in the same season.

I beleive that the ability to target all 4 realms with a single spell was given as a possible breakthrough in the first chapter of Legends of Hermes.

Indeed. With certain requirements, ofcourse.

Hi all, sorry about the delay, I find it hard to get the forum to load these days.

I was indeed after an item which could cast this one effect on any creature I was threatened by. Sometimes it is not obvious what realm a creature is associated with, and if you spend 3 rounds trying to find something which works you may have run out of time. As it is a magic item, Penetration is not a problem. I was going to enchant it into my talisman with +50 Penetration which would allow me to fight almost anything.

That's what grogs are for...

Indeed. Steel ignores magic resistance.

But doesn't work so well against intangible foes, so might-strippers are useful then.

But I agree that creating multi-realms stripping spells should require at least research first (probably original research), and if/once created it will be less effective than a realm-specific version.

You'll usually want level 5 might strippers anyway.
Hopefully you can invent more than one of those in a season.

And as for investing them into a device, you'll need the penetration more anyway.