Spring 1290 journey to Europe

Aban quietly addresses his companions.

"The kid may have seen us land. It's unlikely he'll find the saucer, though. Maybe just ignore him?"

Aetherius nods to Aban and continues.

The boy continues talking to Malachi, whose voice has quieted but still continues talking with the boy.

Aetherius keeps following Aban unless something else happens that is of note.

"Malachi, come on. We are in a hurry."

Aban moves on as well.

"Certainly," Plasmatoris agrees, as he follows his fellows. "Malachi, does he have any good information for our trip? Otherwise we are trying to maintain a level of subtlety in our venture," he asks of the faerie-touched lad.

"Oh, the boy said he was hunting French soldiers." Malachi remarks offhandedly, then responds to Plasmatoris with "Subtlety" as he hurries over, considering the word as if he knows he has heard it before and might have some vague idea of its meaning.

"French soldiers, hmm? Maybe the war has turned hot here as well. We must be careful - who knows what soldiers might do to us."

You keep an eye out as you proceed down to the town, reaching the outer wall in fairly short order where a handful of soldiers give you puzzled looks and call out in Siciliano. Malachi looks at the magi to see if they want him to respond or rely on Plasmatorius' knowledge of Veneto Istriot (with a -3 penalty). So far it seems all they have done is call out something along the lines of "hello"
Or (my goof here) anyone can use Latin at -3 as well. I will also point out that while Latin is a dead language it is also a language anyone will recognize(not necessarily understand) since it is spoken from the pulpit every Sunday. People outside the order however are not accustomed to hearing people attempt a conversation with it.

OOC: I guess that depends on who outside the Order. It's definitely unusual for a peasant, but it's probably not unusual in centers of scholarship, for pilgrims, for government officials (latin is the language of diplomacy and law too). It mostly marks you as a non-local who is well-educated.

Aetherius will call out a "Hello" as well in both Latin and Saxon. He figures he might as well not be confused with a Frenchman.

The two men at arms glance at each other and back at your group, standing to attention, and say something Aetherius cannot understand. Malachi studies a nearby wildflower, singing to himself "I'm being subtle, oh so subtle."

The Tytalus didn't really care about the travel after Magvillius, at least until now. With a little smile, he wispers to Aetherius :

"What do we search here, exactly ? I'm not sure that I want to speak to gard if I can avoid them... And what's the problem with French guys ?"

Aetherius replies in a low voice. "We're here to see whether our missing covenfolk continued onwards to Provence or not."

"Where would be the best place to look in to this?" asks Plasmatoris. "I rarely have had opportunity to go digging for information in a big city.. Either way, we should probably get inside."
Plasmatoris will give a nod of respect to the armed men who could probably murder them, and smiles. "Hail," he says in Venato. "The language here is difficult for me, I am sorry." If they do not seem at all hostile, he will seek to head to the city, assuming they would not stop casual travellers.

If they do seem upset, he will try to decipher what the cause of their upset is.

The guards asks Plasmatorius , "You are from the mainland? How did you get to the landward gate?"

The rather dishevelled man smiles and nods as he figures out what they're saying. "I am originally from Venice, I am a painter, currently traveling." He gives a glance over his shoulder towards Malachi, and then shrugs, adding, "My guide is not particularly reliable, but I have promised to take care of him, so I am stuck with it."

Nobody likes magi, but the Jerbiton figures staying closer to the truth is best.

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The two guards confer then reply "It is not as if a spy from Nepal would admit to being from Nepal, you will come with us and our captain will have more questions."

Plasmatoris's confusion is pretty transparent. He doesn't even register the request for escort immediately. He turns to ask the other Magi, "Huh, do any of you know where the city of Nepal is? They think we're from there."

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"Perhaps that's how the local language disfigured the name of the city of Neapolis?"

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Naples, not Nepal, my typo

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