Spring 1290 journey to Europe

I'm assuming that was an issue with Plasmatoris's translation. Heh.

Aban addresses his companions in a low voice.

"They are assuming we are on the other side of this conflict of theirs. Unfortunate, but perhaps we can convince them otherwise. A spy would hardly report at the gate."

The guards send a boy to run and get reinforcements while they detain you, and a four man squad shows up to escort you to a facility t be questioned, where you are each directed to different rooms. something feels odd about the setup until you realize what the issue is- this area of the city either has no Divine aura or an exceptionally weak one.

The questioner begins with Plasmatorius "So, you claim to be from Venice, what brings you to Sicily, and where did you arrive?"

If Plasmatoris is ever left completely alone, he'll try and quietly cast Aura of Ennobled Presence, but if he's not left alone, he'll just do his best.

"I'm an artist and a scholar, and I'm travelling with other scholars. We're looking for someone - I'll be honest, I can't remember his damned name, the others probably do - and we had suspected he has headed into the.. what was it, Languedoc region? I am along because I have some familiarity with the Provencal language."

He is able to cast his spell when he sits in interrogation for a few minutes.

"And where did you make entry into Sicily?"

Plasmatoris rubs his forehead a moment and frowns. "I think somewhere from the east? I'll be honest, I was not the one deciding the direction of travel." He gives them his best smile, which probably is not as charming as he thinks. "As I said, I am here because of the potential language barriers we're running into in the future of our travels."

Yeah, he'll just stick to the truth when he can.

The man stares at Plasmatoris "East of here is ocean, and you didn't come through the city before, believe me we would have noticed. Unless you came in up the coast, maybe snuck up onto a beach to avoid being questioned at the port." He pauses and considers "What is your name, and the names of your companions?"

Scratching his head, the Jerbiton's confusion briefly escapes. Then he makes a soft ahh, and nods. "I suppose that makes sense, considering. I am sorry it is confusing a bit - we came from the East in our travels. I am not sure where we came ashore on Sicily. As I mentioned, I am... very bad with finding my own way."

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"And names?"

This will be sequential, but in the interest of saving time, he will interview Aban next. The interviewer does speak Arabic.
"Please state your name and where you are from."

Plasmatoris scratches at his chin again and nods to the interviewer. A casual conversation indeed. He'll mention the other's names, as they've been introducing themselves to people on the trip. "My name is Mafeo, though as an artist I have been known by a more pretentious name."

"Aban. I am a traveling medicus and guide, so I would be hard-pressed to name any particular home for myself - though beautiful Sicily is certainly especially close to my heart."

He replies in Sicillian, speaking too quickly for Aban to understand.

"Do you really need our names and all these discussions ? East or West, we don't know. We just travel from one place to another. We are neither spy, nor warrior. We aren't a threat, just some scholars, guides and artists."

"You claim to be scholars, guides and artists, but nobody claims to be a spy. The guards brought you in for questioning, and you refuse to answer questions. We need your name to check with the docks, here and in other cities, to know how you have come to our island if you have come by legitimate travel, and were not put ashore in the middle of the night. We have to ask these questions because we cannot assume that everyone simply tells the truth, and I do not believe you re telling me the truth."

FYI everyone is in separate rooms- you cannot respond to questions asked of other characters, though the basic "what is your name, what are your companions names and where did you enter Sicily" will be asked of everyone.

"Tastheus. Aban, Aetherius, Mafeo and Malachi the stupid child. And where, I don't know... I have no sense of orientation. As I say, I just don't know. I'm just travel from place to place, like the scholar I am. It's good, your curiosity is full ? We can continue our trip ?"

"What kind of scholar are you? What do you study?"

"I'm Aetherius. Others in the group include fellow scholars, Atys, Tastheus and Plasmatoris, our guide Aban, and the kid is Malachai."

Re: our entry, Aetherius will give a generic answer that corresponds to the direction they came from, but more in line with the coast.

If asked what he's a scholar of, he'll reply he has an interest in ancient landmarks, symbolism, legends and fauna, but of course any scholar goes through the basic of learning Latin and Artes Liberales.

"Human body... how hurt without killing... how make a people sleeping without poison him... do you want a free demonstration ?"

It's not clear if he jokes or not.

Aban gives the names. At the Sicilian that he doesn't understand, he chuckles: "Unfortunately, I never took the time to learn the language."

At the question regarding where they entered Sicily, Aban assumes a wily expression.

"The specifics are a secret of my trade. Suffice it to say that we have done nothing wrong - we simply wanted to pass through, but did not realize that the conflict here would have you all on edge like this."

The questioner will also ask everyone their purpose for coming to Sicilly.