Stonehenge Tribunal 1222

So what issues of politics might come up in the Stonehenge Tribunal of 1222?

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So, it's divided into 2 tribunals- initially domestic and then international.

-given the recent founding of several new covenants (who vote against them) would Blackthorn move for a moratorium on founding any (or recognising) any new covenants until it can be shown that they will not overtax the vis supply of England/Wales?

  • Pythagoranis might move to bring in trial by judge and jury for Hermetic crimes, rather than waiting for the next Tribunal and it's popularity contest justice. Likely to be heavily defeated, but Blackthorn might support Pythagoranis.
    Talking of crimes-

-Flavius of Ungulus accuses Voluntas of encroaching on it's Vis sources and recruiting a Gifted child from an area near to Ungulus.

  • libellus claim that Flavius has broken etiquette by writing to Fabricor ex Verditius offering the Libellus Magus a place in Ungulus.
  • several covenants ask to fine Semitae for steaing vis whenever the vagrants camped nearby.

International Tribunal

  • Henri ex Miscellanea, a Norman diabolist has been Renounced, but is believed to have fled to England (whispers that he is headed for Blackthorn are not minuted)
  • several complaints that Normandy Magi have raided vis sites in England.
  • Voluntas claim to have been fire balled and cursed by Horsingas in Loch Legean.
    -blackthorn claim the Hibernian Ashenrise have scryied and scouted them in preparation of attack.
    As a result, a xenophobic motion is put up to cast out (with magical force if necessary) any foreign Magi who does not bear a letter of Invitation from a Stonehenge Tribunal.

So, what am I missing? What other cool issues would vex Stonehenge in 1222?



Anyone else run a Tribunal in Stonehenge based off Heirs of Merlin? What issues did you raise. How has Blackthorn been an antagonist in your games?

If it were me, rather then putting a moratorium on the founding of new covenants, I would have Blackthorn doing some serious politicing to get those new covenants into their "camp" with Voluntas doing the same on the other side.

In my Stonehenge tribunals, I have included a number of small "coalitions" of Ex Misc magi who live outside of covenants... like the Magi of New Forest or the Magi of South Wales. These were not covenants but informal voting blocks formed to give these magi some pull in the tribunal. Generally at least one or two of these hermit-magi would have conflicts with each other or with an established covenant, usually over resources, vis, etc. This provided another source of issues and played up the old idea that Stonehenge had a large Ex Misc "hedge wizard" population...

As an example, a lone magus in Suffolk might contest the newly founded covenants of Libellas's claims to several vis sources. He has a coalition of magi from East Anglia backing him and an old document he claims to be a Redcap's letter granting the sites to him. Both Blackthorn and Voluntas are promising the magi of Libellas that they can make the claim go away, if Libellas supports them.

I have a question about the Stonehenge Tribunal actually... what would magi actually have called it in Latin? They wouldn't have used the modern English term found in ArM sources. I haven't been able to find a Latin name for Stonehenge.

Writers of the era, in Latin, more-or-less called it the Old English version of "Stonehenge".

To quote the OED quoting Henry of Huntingdon's Historia Anglorum:
"Quatuor autem sunt, quæ mira videntur in Anglia. [...] Secundum est, apud Stanenges."

To quote the OED quoting Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia regum Britanniae:
"Intra lapidum structuram sepultus fuit, quæ haud longe a Salesberia mira arte composita, Anglorum lingua Stanheng nuncupatur."