Storage for Gloom

Anyone have an recommendations for a good storage box for Gloom? I'm currently using the base game and 3 expansions (no Cthulu as of yet). Right now, I have a box that I keep them all in, but it's not the sturdiest of boxes and is actually for another game altogether. Since the cards aren't "normal" size (I'm referring to something like MTG cards), I dont' want to buy something that I'm not sure will fit, and I don't have many card shops nearby that I could shop around and confirm the cards fit before buying. What does everyone else use to keep their cards in?

i made myself a box using origami. though people say MTG deck carriers are better, one such box can only house either the Gloom base deck, or 2 expansions. i know because an aquaintace of mine that owns a board game store showed me (3 MTG deck boxes for gloom with all expansions, cthullu in a fourth)