[Sub Rosa] Call for articles, issue 19!

Hey, do you like Ars Magica content?

Want to help keep that content coming now that Dies Irae is out?

Sub Rosa would love to have your article. This issue's theme is "new realms," and there's a lot of room for interpretation.

Want to describe a regio? Sounds great!

Want to detail a site within a Realm of Power? Outstanding!

Want to talk about considerations for adventures where the troupe pushes the edges of Mythic Europe? Lay it on me!

Articles should be anywhere from 750 words to 2000 words, and you'll receive a free issue of Sub Rosa where your article appears. You keep all the rights to your article, we just want to be able to republish it if we ever do a compilation.

Email your article (or your idea, if you want to riff on it or have questions) to subrosa@distantlandspublishing.com and we'll be happy to get you sorted. We're working on a firm deadline for this issue, but consider June 1st a good start unless you work it out with us, because this is a fanzine, and we've got some wiggle room.


Not sure I'll make that deadline, but I actually found an idea for a divine regio, so planning to write that up.

If you need something a bit later, let me know, and we can work with you-- we have to set something to then put artists in motion, so there's wiggle room.


You should totally do that.
June 1st is about 3 weeks away, plenty of time... :wink:
Well, maybe. If you already have an idea.
And maybe Ben and Mark can be negotiated with about the deadline?

we can totally be negotiated with if you've got an idea. Like I said, let me know.


I'll start writing then.
Ben: there should be an e-mail comming in for you when I have a better idea of when it'll be done.

Yay! More voices makes us a stronger community! :smiley: Can't wait to see what you write, Tellus. The email is subrosa (at) distantlandspublishing (dot) com if you needed it.


I would try it if only I could write in proper English !

That shouldn't hold you back. See if you can't get someone to proof read it for you. And it's good practice for your written English skills (both Living Language: English AND Artes Liberales!).
What is your native language BTW? From the last few letters of your user name I'm going to take a wild guess at French? Different language groups and all makes it hard I assume.

And we're happy to help. I've helped a friend who's native language was quebecois french write articles for Kobold Quarterly a few years back. It's definitely good practice.


Yep, I'm French. Well I will try to do my best. I have a friend who's a lot better in English than me. I will send him a copy.

Edit : as the issue's theme is "new realms", what the word "realm" means ? Only realms of power (aka Divine, Diabolic, Faerie, Magic) or mundane realms (aka kingdoms) too ?

It probably means "anything you can interpret it as that the editors will like", and leave it to their editorial skills to try and explain to everyone how this issue fits together.

I will take it to mean "anything really imaginative" as I believe they are quoting Atlas games' motto "Charting new realms of inspiration"

Okay, I get it !

Well I have 2 new questions :

In the "Article formatting guideline" we can see :
"Please format your articles using this guide:

[AH] – Article heading"

Does that mean that my article have to include :



And another question :

Does the [ AH ], [ B ], [ insert ]... tags count in the word size ? (In that case, my article will have more than 2000 words... :frowning: )

(Sorry for souble post, I cannot delete the previous one)

You don't need the dash and the tags don't count. :slight_smile:

The wordcount is a guideline-- if you're a little over/under, that's ok.


We got quite a few pieces in for this issue-- we're trying to stabilize our page count and get back to a more constant schedule, and this issue is marching in that direction.

With that said, if you want to sneak into this issue, there's still time and we'd love to have you. We're pretty solid, but the more the merrier.


Ave sodales,

Do you have news about the next sub rosa ? :slight_smile:

We're working on it... I'm also working on a few freelancing projects, and haven't been able to push for artwork just yet. It's convention season in the US, which impacts things a little.

But! I will put out the call to artists and see who's available.


And I've been dragged somewhat into domesticity of late. But I'm working on 19 now and I'll pick up the pace through the next couple of weeks.

Any news?