[Sub Rosa] Call for articles, issue 19!

Here's my Table of Contents for Sub Rosa, updated only up until issue #16.

Sub Rosa Table of Contents

I fully intend to update it to the current issue, but haven't had the time to do so yet. So I thought I might as well post it as-is now, and update it later when I get around to including the later issues.

Hope you find it helpful. :slight_smile:

This is awesome, thanks!

Fantastic to see that. It's easy to forget just how much has gone into Sub Rosa over the years.

The art is all handed out to the artists, so now, we wait a bit, and assess what the plans are for the next issue.


Awesome news!

I'm always interested. I've written a bit before and I'd like to continue.
So when the time comes please let md know - the theme of next issue, what you need and when.

Not sure next issue has a theme, so it's back to a mix of different articles. I'll drop you a line, see if there's anything we have in mind you fancy taking a run at.


I'm pretty happy to share, but it's a excel file in french, so not sure you are interested anymore.

The Sub Rosa website seems to be gone, all I get at the moment is some error message. What is going on?

This: https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/sub-rosas-web-presence-has-moved/11002/1


I would gladly read a french index, I'm French myself !

Counting days before Crhistmas, will Magi Claus deliver us a Sub Rosa present ? He must be form House Mercrere, with his travel prowesses and stuff !

As we're just waiting on artwork for 19, thoughts have turned to issue 20 and the theme... We now have one. Separate thread to follow.

I've updated the table of contents up until issue #18 (the current one as I'm writing this).

Sub Rosa Table of Contents (Issues #1 to #18)

Edit: Fixed link and reference to issue #19, which should've been #18.

Yirkash, your link doesn't work?

Sorry, you're right. I mistakenly wrote #19 instead of #18 as the last issue.

Fixed now.

And we've got the art in. I'm just finishing up "Under the Rose," and we should be about there.

Burn some grogs in front of the others : it can hurry up the process #JustFlambeauThings

Issue 19 has now been sent out to subscribers.

We'll have full details on issue 19 up before you know it...


How do I go about claiming my free Sub Rosa #19 (second review on issue #18 thread). Don't think I"ll be able to review it on time to claim a free issue #20, alas.



Check your PMs. :slight_smile:

Once I've got it, I can get you squared.