Sub Rosa's web presence has moved!

We were never great about updating our wordpress page, and it was a legacy of working with Alex. It lapsed two weeks ago and it took us a little bit to adjust, but we've created a facebook page we hope to keep with much better:

change your bookmarks and give us a "like!" We'll try to do a better job of giving you ideas and communicating there.


Thanks for the information, Ben. So, there's no longer a non-FB online presence for Sub Rosa? I don't do FB.


I'm working on putting up a G+ group, and the Ethereal Tribunal, the G+ Ars Magica community is an unofficial non-FB home.

We needed something, but the intention is to have a bit more over time. This year has been rough for a variety of reasons, but Mark and I are intent to continue to press onward with Sub Rosa.


Thanks, Ben. I appreciate all the work Mark and you do for Sub Rosa, and will be following via G+.

You're welcome. It's a proper labour of love and I wish we had more time available to do it all justice. Ben's doing great stuff in the wider RPG world and I've got other stuff that takes my time. So it does get more difficult with each issue.

We're very thankful to the contributors, both regular and occasional. Couldn't do it without them.

Really looking forward to getting issue 19 out. You'll hear all about it through the various channels.

Ok, good to know!

I've created a G+ community for Sub Rosa here. The two sites will mirror one another as best we can do it. :slight_smile:


I completely loath Facebook, which I find completely non-intuitive to use.

But since I believe you can't complain about somebody else's thing unless you provide something constructive, I'd like to offer my help in bringing back a proper Sub-Rosa website. Do you have a domain and host? What would be your requirements for it to be easy for you to use and non-cumbersome?

Our big driver, right now, is time, but that might be freeing up as this year continues. I don't mind setting up/running a site, but I've been really busy. As we get this issue out and I get a lighter freelance schedule, I'll see about setting up a page. We do have the G+ community. I hope that's something you might check out?


Joined already. :wink:

My offer still stands, though. If there's anything I can do to help Sub Rosa get a proper site again, I'll do it.