Summer 1202 up the rainbow bridge

In which the redcap and Hugh (anyone else?) begin their journey through Arcadian travel up the bridge to Heimdal's watchtower...
The redcap returns from his voyage and informs the covenant that he has found a new way into the territory, from Loch Leglean and commercial ships which travel between the Kingdom of Norways assets there and the Norse mainland, and he is eager to see what this arcadian travel can accomplish. He willingly waits until Hugh is ready to leave, enjoying what is, for northern Novgorod exceptional hospitality at the covenant. He also reports that he has received news that Sverre, king of Norway, is dead. Hakon has been named his heir, but since he is considered an illegitimate offspring by Church law it is considered unlikely this will end the conflict with the church faction, though if he does not have quick success against them it might strengthen their position and that of the church backed Baglers.

Copied this over from the other thread where it got buried:

I was planning that in Spring, Hugh would go talk to Heimdall - literally the day after the redcap left (he was waiting for Alva to talk with Illugi about something, which happened). And that would determine what happened next - including whether he even has permission to go into the rainbow bridge regio. Assuming he was told it goes to Valhalla, he will assume mortals aren't allowed, and won't use it by default, to avoid making an enemy of Odin.

So- (pre-adventure) Hugh climbs the rainbow bridge to Heimdal's station to speak with the god. "Halt mortal! You seek access to Valhalla?" standing in this guard post you are in a level 6 faerie regio.

Hugh shakes his head. "No, Heimdall, I just wanted to talk to you. I am from the covenant on the other end of this bridge - the end in the mortal realm. I seek to learn the runes. I have been questing to find the recipe for Mimir's Mead, and you have been a friend to us, so I thought to ask your advice."

[FYI no Gift penalty with faeries.]

"A boon for a boon then, a mortal servant of Loki's kin has made his nest in a mountain 12 leagues from your covenant. Route him from his nest, or better yet slay him, but routing him will suffice, and I will give you advice on your quest."

Hugh nods. "When you say Loki's kin, do you refer to the mortal mages who serve the Jotun?"

"Indeed, these are the same"

Hugh gets a vicious grin on his face. "Where is the mountain? I will see to it and be back soon."

He gives you directions, following the fjord to the north and describes the passes eastward of the fjord that will lead to his mountain.

Hugh heads back out of the regio, and looks around the covenant for any of his sodales. The normally quiet loner seems more energetic than usual. If he finds anybody, he will explain that Heimdall asked him, as a boon, to go and eliminate a Muspelli nearby, he just wants to make sure nobody intended to make friends with them, and invites anyone who wants to to come along, but he's quite happy to go alone, with just his faithful fox.

This is diverging into a separate journey- is this supposed to have happened instead of lab activities in the spring? You have pledged to take the redcap home as well...

I didn't put anything on my chart for spring yet.

I was thinking the redcap would be fairly straightforward, based on getting into regio then creating trod to Durenmar, and then the same in reverse. If not, that's cool, but just to be on the same page.

I'm not trying to be a pain but basically Hugh isn't going to be in the lab much until he accomplishes his goal re Rune Magic, unless he runs into a particular setback that means he needs to go back and prep.

okay, covering multiple issues here:

  1. you have permission to enter the rainbow bridge regio- at least to a point where Heimdal will stop you, but at that point you are in the regio
  2. you need to craft charms to use arcadian travel from the rainbow bridge and to get back to it from elsewhere
  3. this was not taken care of in the spring thread- some retconning is fine here but I'm not going to cram in a whole adventure before this journey, which is already beginning 10 days before summer actually starts.
    what I propose is this- lets get the charms figured out for fulfilling your obligation and perhaps other arcadian travel you wish to do and get those crafted in the spring, and start this adventure by taking the redcap home before jaunting off on a side quest. It may be short, but the redcap won't appreciate cooling his heels while you go fight a Muspelli and maybe die.

ok, no problem. Hugh waits until the Redcap gets back to go on his adventure, so he'll be sure to fulfill his obligation - that makes sense (let's just hope his roll is up to snuff); and no retconning necessary.

The charms are going to be paintings. (by the book taking a few hours each) I would think there is a clearing near Durenmar but outside the Aegis where people normally teleport in? It will be a painting of that, and a painting of the rainbow bridge from the point of view of a spot Heimdal doesn't mind us being.

I will do the rolls on discord.

there is not a field set aside for teleportation per se (the tribunal field is set aside for camping during grand Tribunals) however Hugh would have been there for the grand tribunal in 1195 and there certainly is famous scenery from a perspective outside the aegis.
Go ahead and make the rolls for making the charms- you have now been to both Duerenmar and Hiemdal's watch station, so the target number is 9. Then you will need to make a stress roll against per+craft(painting)+4 with a target number of 12 to open a trod to Duerenmar...

RAW charm is 6 for one-use 9 for permanent, but that's just the painting roll, not the travel roll.

Hugh can bring along 2 other people if they want to go. (to copy in Durenmar)

yes, given that I assume you don't want to make a new charm multiple times a year for the same destination... there are other target numbers for charms to locations you have never been which range from 12 on up.

You stand before Heimdal and commence your ritual to open up the trod for the redcap, while Heimdal looks on, his mouth going through various shapes as though he feels like he should have something to say about this but he cannot think what to say. Soon enough the doorway opens and you find yourself outside of Duernmar, overlooking the picturesque valley of your painting. "Well that is certainly faster than what I had expected, almost as fast as the portals. Do you want to come down, need to rest or recover or anything?

Hugh shakes his head. "No, I'm fine. Please don't blab about this, it's a bit of a secret." he taps the side of his nose. "You will make your own way back north via Loch Legean, yes? So I don't need to pick you up, but I'll see you next year?"

Hugh prefers not to be seen here at all, so heading a little ways into the woods, and looking around to make sure he's unobserved.

[What is the aura here?

Edited - he will check the aura before he starts. InVi 33 base so can check with non-fatiguing spont]

Out here there is no aura, you would have to get closer to the covenant.