Summer 1220, Chapter 3c: An Unexpected Collapse

Towards the end of summer, one of the fishermen finds Sanno (the river otter, Maribus' familiar) collapsed on a riverbank. The little beast is brought to the covenant doctor, Chayyim, who sends word to each of the magi, by way of Daniel the messenger:

"The doctor says Sanno is dying but he can't find anything wrong with him. I mean, other than the fact he's dying. Physically he should be fine but he is dying all the same. Chayyim asks whether you might know any magics to help Sanno as he is in terrible pain and probably won't last a week at this rate. I'm to show you to the doctor's house if you can come."

Does anyone respond?

"I'm afraid I've no knowledge of healing magics," admits Tabanus, "but would be happy to lend by services as medicus (or chirurgeon)"

Daniel says, "Healing magics or no, you'll know more about magic animals than Chayyim does. I will show you the way."

When Tabanus examines the otter, he sees that Sanno is in horrible anguish but suffers no visible wounds, his temperature is normal, and all his humours are fine.

"Sanno is dying?" Attravere will not wait to hear anything else, grab his corpus vis and rush to the scene. Is Sanno conscious?

The fat otter is not conscious, but he is thrashing about (Chayyim has secured Sanno's limbs to a cot for his own safety) and muttering nonsensically. Every now and then, Attravere makes out Maribus' birth name within the mumblings.

(If it hasn't been tried yet, I'll try to ceremonially spont and Animal-based version of "Physician's Eye" (spending Fatigue, of course)).

[Stamina -1, Creo 0, Animal 0, Aura ?, Artes Liberales 5, Philosophiae 5, Die ? / 2 = ??]

The spell is successful, but Tabanus' casting total is not sufficient to overcome Sanno's MR.

(D'oh, I always forget the MR... :blush:)

Iapetus is MOST worried. He shall part be careful to put his current work on hold that it might not go wrong, then jog towards the doctor's healing room.

"Did his magus just die? That seems the most likely answer," Rhodri says.

(If he did, only someone with Second Sight would be able to tell.... DUN DUN DUNNNNN.)

Per 2 + Second Sight 2 + Aura/2 3 + roll 0 or 10 = 7 or 17. I'm assuming it's not stress, but in case it is: wow, didn't botch!

Yep. There are three cords extending from Sanno which are severed; his life essence is bleeding out of it. Looking at the peculiar way in which the cords have been severed, Rhodri realizes that the otter's life could be prolonged with constant Rego Vim to "staunch" the cords, but that would only sustain him until new cords could be forged to replace the broken ones.

"I cannot say whether or not his magus is still alive, only that the cords are broken. Most likely that is from the magus's death or final twilight, but it could be through ritual dispelling. Though Rego Vim magic could sustain him, he will eventually die unless someone else bonds with him."

Hearing Rhodri's works, Attravere is visibly shaken.

"Then I... I will bond with Sanno." He states, stepping closer and looking sadly at the poor otter.

(Were the steps in binding a familiar something Maribus had taught or that Attravere had learned at Harco?)

(It's part of basic Magic Theory so you learned it from Maribus.)

"Friend Rhodri, as you seem able to tell much in this regard, could you sustain him or show me how until I can complete the bonds? " Attravere asks. "I can offer you some vis for your time and aid."

"I suggest you use either Creo Vim or Rego Vim as a stopgap. Creo Vim to temporarily repair the damage to the old cords. Or Rego Vim to effectively seal them up. I won't be able to do so well enough myself."

((If I understand the 5th ed changes correctly, you wouldn't be able to use Creo Vim temporarily for the same reason that non-ritual Creo Corpus spells can no longer do temporary healing. Rego should still work just fine, though.))

(OOC - Huh? Non-ritual Creo Corpus can do temporary healing. Look at the first CrCo spell in ArM5: Bind Wound.)