Summer 1222 Tribunal: Policy and Protocol

To his prospective covenant-mates, "I will be visiting Durenmar in a few days, if my grand-parens is in I could ask some questions. That Valten didn't seem to have much honour judging from his behavior in the melee. I'd need a bit more detail about this Valten and Stellaluna."

An OoH Lore check of 14 for any knowledge of Stellaluna (and Valten, perhaps?)?

Stellaluna is Draag's filia; based on her presentation to the Tribunal, she was gauntleted roughly 30 years ago. She has no covenant and not much is known about her.

Valten is the filius of Philippus Niger of Durenmar. He's slightly older than Tek, and something of a bully (I think they were likely apprentices at Durenmar simultaneously-- they may have run into each other). He does have a strange sense of duty, though, and gets down to business when there is a crisis to manage. He's Apromorian and focuses his studies into Perdo Vim, and has been cultivating a reputation for demon-hunting.

Cygna looks at the four, gobsmacked, then turns to Sinmore. [color=red]"You don't remember unleashing an ancient, powerful demon on the world?!?" She sounds a little incredulous.

"It was the day she decided to go for a swim with Maribus' journal in her rucksack," Sanno prompts.

The otter will then recount a brief summary of what happened.

Sinmore's eyes widen and she looks around her to see if anyone heard the outburst and whispers. "I...I'm just not sure what I recall, but I'm sure I didn't release it. I remember more that I was fighting the lioness...not so much other things. But...we're ok right? The vote seemed to say we're alright?"

((OH! Well, this explains it better, I thought this was the incident that ultimately led to Sinmore becoming a giant were-badger. But this is the incident in all those regios.

So many demons...SIGH. Good times.))

Cygna listens closely to Sanno's tale of what happened at Stellaluna's island, interrupting only for a better description of the demon as it took off (if possible).

She then looks at Attravere. [color=red]"What did Stellaluna tell you, or what did you see when you went back to the island that convinced you that trying to disrupt her Perdo Vim ritual would be a good idea?"

[color=red]"Stonehenge voted to acquit, so you're fine here. Normandy, on the other hand...they may vote to hold us responsible for the demon's actions there, which would probably wind up at Grand Tribunal." ((OoH Lore/Code of Hermes check to see if she's understanding right? Could get tricky, what with cross-Tribunal effects here.))

Iapetus isn't particularly pleased. However, having followed his impulsive decision to give Cygna his voting sigil for assisting Iulia, he will stick to his guns and follow her decision to side with Blackthorn.

Attravere sighs, his shoulders slump. "She told me she was going to destroy the entry to the regio. I knew that Maribus disappeared while heading to that lake and couldn't be contacted by any intellego means - I was fairly sure from this that he was in a regio. She wouldn't delay her casting even when offered recompense for the time and vis spent so that we could investigate the regio. In essence, I suspected that the only chance to uncover what happened to Maribus was about to be destroyed. Not that it absolves me from interrupting her ritual and the consequences of that, but I was right. Maribus had been inside that regio and had she destroyed the way in, I am fairly certain that he would never have been found. I am sorry for having interrupted her ritual, and moreso that it resulted in that such a foul demon escaping."

I wouldn't say, but, then, mentem is not my area of predilection.
I am not surprised at all, though. Nor is there anything we can do now that we decided to side with them.

Yes, you're right, it doesn't at all! So we should still have our parma. Meaning Hiems easily resist the effect (Mentem resistance 48). Editing my answer above.

Listening to Attravere's story

O_o Interesting. It seems this tribunal abounds with stubborn and self-obsessed magi, which is not a good thing for us. Nonetheless, you released it unwillingly and unwittingly, all to save another magus, so if he can testify on your behalf, you should be okay. That is, if petty interest and base political calculus doesn't take precedence to fairness and justice.

((Sure a powerful enough Aegis can knock down Parma. If Parma is a "magical" effect and can be defeated by Wind of Mundane Silence, then the Aegis can knock it down. If The Aegis has a penetration in excess of your Parmax5, then it can be knocked down. In this Saga, Arya doesn't use penetrating wards, per se.))

[color=red]"What's done is done," Cygna sighs. [color=red]"All we can do is see if there's some way we can help recapture the demon, or contain it somehow. Stellaluna obviously knows a bit about it, if she were able to attempt to trap it before. Have you spoken to her about it since this happened?"

"No, I haven't. She was quite angry with me, and I doubt that time alone has changed that."

Sinmore is listening on the ongoing discussion regarding the demon and has a skeptical look as the idea of going after a demon, finally she shrugs.

"I'm in if you need me...but there's not much to be gained going after one. The Order doesn't usually offer much support to demon hunters. If we're cleared though maybe we should leave well enough alone."

Cygna turns and looks at Sinmore coldly. [color=red]"No. We cannot leave well enough alone." She turns and looks at Attravere. [color=red]"A maga is dead, because my mater left well enough alone. Dead by my hand, as surely as if I had wielded the dagger myself, because I..." She stops, blinks, and swallows. [color=red]"Dead because I did not do what had to be done to stop the spread of diabolism in time. I've lived with that blemish on my soul long enough, I don't want to do, or not do, anything that will make that stain spread."

She looks to Sinmore again. [color=red]"Perhaps the Order doesn't offer enough support to demon hunters. Maybe they're afraid that, by doing so, they will antagonize the Infernal and thus jeopardize our sodales. But if we can learn who or what that demon is, how it can be contained as Stellaluna was trying to do last year, then perhaps we can stop it from continuing its path of destruction. It's already killed at least one magus. I feel that, at the very least, we should cooperate with Quaesitor Caecilius in his investigation. Maybe we hold the final piece to the puzzle that will trap the demon once and for all."

Sinmore listens and smiles kindly at Cygna. When she's finished she leans down and gives (for Sinmore) a gentle hug.

"As I said, If you need me I am in. Now, more than ever my Sodale. I've always liked you and if this will remove the stain from your soul and lay to rest your conscience, you will have my help." she wipes a tear from her eye as she straightens up and adjusts the makeshift robe she'd been wearing since the tournament. "Now I just a need to find my new Little Sister!" she adds with laugh.

"I do remember that situation. It was pretty unfriendly," Iapetus says with a sigh. "We were in quite a hurry at the time, and we made what was the correct decision for us at the time. I agree it does not absolve us of the collateral damage... Perhaps there would be a way to make amends, but being follish in a moment's crisis is not as big a crime as being an infernal pawn..." Iapetus shakes his head and broods thoughtfully about that, his fingers playing over his belt where his weapon normally is.

"With all respect, sodales. That is the definition of a magi. We are beings with more power than comraderie, as proven by the difficulty of Bonisagus in founding this order, and the difficulty for all of us in keeping it together." Iapetus gives Hiems a big friendly grin, apparently finding great amusement in the fact that most magi are selfish gits.

Iapetus eyes Cygna a few moments with a curious gaze, and then grins again. "I have ever been one to turn away from a foolish crusade," he says with a chuckle. "I would gladly lend my aid to the adventure... to the righteous task. However, we would do well to prepare better than we are before trying any such thing."

Even assuming that, this occurs when crossing the aegis, not when inside. So it would no more dispelled than, say, a MuCo spell that was cast inside the aegis by a magical item with base Pen 0.

This also makes no sense, since the spells must penetrate the aegis, not the other way around. The only similar thing would be might and magical creatures, but this would mean that the aegis keeps magi at bay... Also, nothing stops us from doing again our parma ritual once inside.

Also, arya "uses" penetrating wards, since it is "build-in": To work, a ward must be of level = Might *2, which is quite similar to requiring lvl = Might + penetration = might. Using the same rule for the aegis (which is logical) means that she should cut her aegis by half, since I suspect she did Aegis strenght the old way.

Hiems nods.
Not only is it our duty to cooperate with the Quaesitores, but this is not attacking the infernal. This is defending ourselves, and, maybe, avenging our fallen sodales. Not being the agressor thing. But not protecting yourself when attacked is yet another thing, one which can only encourage the Infernal.

In a soft voice:
Then, maybe this is something that should change, if we are to persevere.