Summer 1229- The tribunal meets

As noted in Winter 1228, in the spring of 1229 an invitation to the tribunal was extended to all "supplicant" magi of the covenant (those who are not members of the greater alps) to come to the tribunal and be interviewed for membership. The covenant for meeting is in a manor house in an extensive valley, with campsite provided outside the aegis for visitors, and tokens given to invited magi (including members of the tribunal)

Schwartz, George, and Giovanni are all going. During spring Schwartz will inquire about tents and servants that can go with them/meet them there. He wants to spend as much time studying as he can before he flies there. But he will need George to go with the rest of the party and bring his clothes and such.

Anastasia and Guida are going to the tribunal. Lena is staying at the covenant.

You notice when you arrive at the tribunal site a relatively secluded area set aside as the "bjorner camp" that is apparently clothing optional, though it does not appear to be exclusively bjorner who camp there, though it does make far a convenient place to do any transformations or spells where clothing could get in the way.
The covenant does not currently have any tents, but they can certainly be purchased within a season.
Though when you arrive you do note that some of the "camping" field has been set up with moon duration structures being leased out, with a number of payment options from vis to gold to the use of a servant for a period of time (which varies depending on whose service is being offered)

Kriegeist comes to tribunal, but leaves Tobin at the covenant, for various reasons.

Elia will also arrive at the Tribunal. When she arrives, she offers everyone to make a temporary hut, of plant matter.

Anastasia and Guida will accept Elia's offer.

George and Giovanni will accept Ella’s offer on their own behalf and on behalf of Schwartz, who shows up the next day.

I will retcon George, so he has the opportunity to copy Kreigeist’s Tractatus.

Kreigeist grumbles a bit. "We need to make a good impression. Can we do anything more grandiose, by pooling our talents?"

Elia nod "We can try, but am not sure whether everyone here can do a reasonable Wizard's Communion, to cast such a spell." she looks at Schwatrz and Anastasia. She avoided directly looking at Kreigeist. He was an older Magi than the others, but she knew that not all older Magi she knew could pull this trick, and they haven't known each other long enough for her to know his capabilities.

By retcon do you mean change an approved character without consulting the SG?
okay, looking at the character sheet it looks like you read the tractatus (Tobin is disappointed in you) and then spent a season learning are lore that you are planning to change to having copied the tractatus instead, correct?

Yes. Just changing one season that I added since character creation. The changes to Giovanni I submitted privately for approval, because it was a change to an approved character. (Based on a misunderstanding of rules on my part)

OOC: Wizard's Communion, while not a fully hermetic spell, requires a member of the group to know a spell. This voids using it on spontaneous casting, like most Muto Vim effects that are hermetic in origin.

"Do you have a spell we should collaborate on?"

[He can make a tree on his own, just needs to know that it would be helpful. You can spont Wizard's Communion.]

From Wizard's Communion: "This spell lets magi combine their power to cast spells. The group of magi work together to cast a specified spell through the unified power of the Communion. Only one extra magus may join the Communion for each 5 levels of the specified spell being cast. One of the magi in the group must also know the specified spell." [...] "Communion is a remnant of Mercurian rituals, so spontaneous spells may not be cast by this means

So yes, you can spont Wizard's Communion, but you cannot use Wizard's Communion on a spontaneous spell, since by definition spontaneous spells aren't known.

"I have a spell to turn a tree into an abode, but it's nothing fancy. I will make sure to research a more elaborate abode for our next Tribunal."

"Well, let me create a tree, then."

Kriegeist marks out a spot, and casts a ceremonial spell, causing a large Oak tree to grow.

Silveroak - how do you wish to handle correspondence xp for in-game advancement, if at all?

When you make a friend that you begin corresponding with in game then we will note that correspondence and any season where you study that topic you will get +1 to your study total.

You turn a tree into an abode, and proceed to the main hall, where the magi of the tribunal, or those carrying their sigils, are meeting. You are told there will be a formal introduction to the entire group this evening, but to feel free to mingle until then.

You find the trading of magical goods to be far less than at other tribunals, their is a trading hall which dispenses with the usual booths and instead has magi seated in comfortable chairs with a small table giving their name and trade, with another chair nearby so someone could sit and talk. There is also a buffet where seats are around tables designed for 5 or 6 individuals, and most people seated in this room are not actually eating. There is also a gallery which includes both enchanted devices and artwork.