Table talk (Bibracte)

You can hop down to 'What Happens Next' thread and run your scenes there.

I'm going to be airborne most of the day tomorrow (the 4th), and don't know what my access will be like for a couple days after that. By the end of the week, I expect things to be back to "normal" for a couple of days, but I start my new job next week, so I should be available evenings. Don't know yet what that's going to do to my posting rate, but we'll see.

Good luck, Peregrine. We'll see you soon.

Safe travels.

As a side note, we're at 16k posts. :slight_smile:

That reminds me...the only sheets I can find here or at Obsidian Portal for Helmut are from 1220, when he was 15. Are there any more current that I'm missing?


No...I haven't updated any of the grogs I made I'm afraid...propbably should get going on that...

I will be traveling starting Friday and will have limited time and internet access until Tuesday. i think everything is kind of in a holding pattern.

So, I'm really almost uncovered up. I'm ready to get things moving...
When last I was here, I was waiting for you guys to pick what you wanted for the first selection from the Tribunal Prize vault. Or prioritize your selections if you had more than one. Has that been hashed out to everyone's dissatisfaction?
And if there is a prioritized list of selections, if I could get that in a concise post, I'll identify what you received...

Regarding getting Alexei up to date, he failed his aging roll in winter, so he needs to get that taken care of. Korvin and Fiona volunteered I believe on that, he has a year before he'd need to take it.

The next thing would be finding his familiar. But before I put any of that in the planner I want to try and get some dates in mind, other than that one of the main things would be brushing up on some Code of Hermes as well as Order of Hermes Lore.

Well, I'm about as settled in to my new place as I'm going to get until I start getting paychecks again, in a few weeks. I don't start work until Tuesday, and we're expecting rain this weekend so I doubt I'll be going anywhere. Down side, I got a slight case of the crud (although not as bad as last time I moved – drove almost 1800 miles in three days, and then slept for most of the next three).

So I'll be trying to get caught up on everything the next day or two. If I can remember what the froo I'm doing. :smiley:

Go with the final list from the tournament prizes thread

Malware outbreak at the office. First time it's ever happened to me...

Serenity now...


(Sorry, couldn't resist.)

Sorry I've been so quiet the past few days. I came down with the crud late last week, and am still getting over it. And I totally didn't feel like thinking at all this weekend, but I have been reading. Started my new job today, so I'll have a couple of hours in the evenings to derp around, and I'm off this weekend. But between getting a new checking account and going to see Oz, all on the bus, I don't know how much time I'll have Saturday. Sunday's wide open, unless somebody kidnaps me or something. (Hey, a pony can hope.)

In retrospect, that could also have been a concept that would work well with Stultus' personality. Parrot Bjornaer. Polly want a finger! :smiley:

Sorry i haven't been posting as much lately. Busy (with nothing important), but it seems stories are progressing well without me.

I have to re-read the developments with the play and playhouse. Alexei's involvement could be with the new duties as the officer in charge of mundane affairs. Plus he'd like to see the plays, he is a supporter of the just depends on the type of play I guess.

Just as an FYI, these are two somewhat-different things. The play can be performed anywhere, but is specifically geared towards being performed in covenants, in front of magi, by an acting troupe that includes a Redcap. The playhouse is meant to house plays that an acting troupe already has in its repertoire. They can go together, but aren't specifically meant for each other.

FYI, if you want to see the full text of the original "Orestes", there's a remarkably well-done translation here. I think it might be an adaptation rather than a translation, actually. I even stole a few lines from it for Stultus' thing. :slight_smile:

This. Is. AWESOME!