Table talk (Bibracte)

From an in-character perspective, Damascus-technique smithing is a perfectly good specialization - but if its mechanical effect is just to add +1 to every weapon the weaponsmith makes, then I find it a bit broad. If it can only be used with that particular steel, or some other limitation, then it gets less broad.
On the other hand, I don't care all that much :smiley:

I agree that 9-3 still makes a damn good blacksmith, esp. with Str 3 as well.

Xavier Requio is the expert on the subject as far as these Forums go :slight_smile:
My original intent was Blacksmithing with a specialization in weapons. I am willing to revise that to Weaponsmith with a specialization in blades (or maybe just swords).
From what little I know, the Toledo technique in and of itself is not rare. In modern Spain there is a big market in selling knives and such using this technique to tourists. The rare part is using Vandiu steel, rare and expensive (and all used up by the modern day). Vandium originates in India, imported into Syria, then exported to Hispania.
So leaving the Vandium out of it (I doubt there is much in France), all I am looking for is a guy good at making swords and able to fufil military smith duties. Just simple stuff. No need to get extra fancy.

There's probably a need for a council meeting in Roberto's thread...

If he did, I missed it too, and I went back about three pages to when Roberto first showed up. Doesn't mean he won't, though.

That's in the context of what comes next, as asked by Roberto. That's about the only next thing I could come up,with n

FYI, I moved Abagail's column in Magi Planer next to Korvin's. It makes planning for her easier.

And Jacques has called for a council meeting in the Road to Bibracte thread.

Fiona and I are stepping on each other in 1225.2 with the Corpus Tractus/tropea. I'm not sure who had it first.

Abigail's request may solve that problem. :smiling_imp:

FYI: Tranquillina isn't planning on getting Study xp from the Tropaea until 1226. But I'm sure she would have informally browsed the impressive texts pretty soon after arriving.

Yeah, I was worried about this. I know that the Tribunal will take place in 1227.2 - but would Tranquillina be able to read one of them during 1227.2 itself? Or will they be returned to the Tribunal at the beginning of that season?

I'm pretty sure Fiona called it first.

Yeah, well, Abigail has orders...
The distinction between aggressive browsing and active study may be lost on an apprentice. She doesn't read a book for learning until 1224, so if she's browsing agressively...

Actually, they are due back the end of 1228.1 (although expect shenanigans, just fair warning here, ok?) and can be studied up until that point, so long as they can be returned to the covenant who checks them out, or the the Tribunal library at Confluensis. But no, the Tribunal happens the first week of 1227.2, so they cannot be studied and returned at Tribunal.

i've made adjustments to mage planner.

At one point I thought I read Concentration was the skill governing chess. Does anyone else recall reading that in any of the supplements?

I know when I first started this saga, I said Artes Liberales was used for the Great Game...but I never pursued anything, and I made the barrier to harvesting the piece very easy and never asked for a roll on harvesting it.

If we are talking the modern game ( the only kind i have any knowledge) I would say some strategy skill or Lore. What does the Termere section say?

That Tremere don't play the opposite sex because it's too intimate? :smiley:

But as far as a governing skill, nothing...

Regarding the Rego book and the conflict, Alexei will be studying his Parma. If there isn't a source book he will just practice it.

That's where I wound up putting my Canaries Are Dying wiki. No complaints so far.

Just so I'm not missing anything, we don't have any books on Parma by Winter 1227? Just want to make sure, Alexei will practice it on himself.

Parma Magica

Magus Invictus, copied from the Durenmar library (Parma Magica Summa, Level 4, Quality 17).

Is the Quality umm, a typo?
I saw it initially described as a Quality 12, which I was OK with. 17 is probably...excessive. Probably needs to be toned down to 15.

These two posts seem to be where the Quality was calculated. I don't know what the correct answer should be. Let me know though because Tranquillina has read this book.