Table talk (Bibracte)

IIRC, that happened before at the tail end of the Joust. We could try changing the name of it, perhaps?

Hmm. I hadn't noticed that line in the Mute Flaw description. I guess I'm now convinced that RAW supports the possibility of shouting to use Voice Range while not using Hermetic words (and taking the penalty).
Honestly though, I'll be happy with any of the options discussed.

Alexei and Roberto probably need to meet to discuss Hoplite duties and tactics. I've got some ideas on how I'd like to see things done. Alexei definitely need to brush up on Code of Hermes, with a specialty in either Hoplite duties or the Normandy Tribunal.

The previous post from qcipher was obfuscated from the main forum. The only duty of the Chief Hoplite is to hunt down enemies of the Order. Typically this happens when someone is renounced.

Figured as much, but there's still things that I'd like to do with the position that can develop. It can't hurt to have plans as well as knowledge of the Code.

I have been preoccupied the past few days, and for the next few days as well. But I have this moment now.
And apparently the forums are working much better now. Many hours were wasted on lost posts and errors.

If it ever gets like that again, feel free to email your post to me, and I'll attempt to post it on your behalf.

I e-mailed the Berklist in an effort to alert you and a few others of my difficulty. It got really bad.

Oh, I saw that. And, yes, it was horrid. I posted in Ask Atlas. I'm still a bit disappointed that there hasn't been any acknowledgment of the problem, it's resolution or anything. shrug This is a free service, so I can't complain too much. :smiley:

And just to put a warning out there...just got an Internal Server Error page... So brace yourself. :smiley:

Me too. But I am on laptop and wise enough to copy paste.

I think they got the email notifications fixed. I just heard like eight pings on my yahoo messenger in the last ten seconds.

They're not fixed, they're still rather delayed...

Just for my amusement: what story does Wilhelm's "Jormungandr's shenanigans during the floods" refer to?

All the leaves are brown,
And the skies are gray...

Bascially, that story was never resolved, the player disappeared, and I just handwaved it complete for simplicity. But when he conjured all the corpses, he found his magic to make them do stuff was ineffective. He ended up sexing them up before he could do anything. Note: do not take Restriction virgins and create corpses to do your bidding... They are immaculate corpses.

It wasn't my fault, I swear to Gooooooooood!

Slight totally irrelevant rant incoming:

So, my store's in the middle of a big remodel. Putting in a second drive-through lane, expanding in areas, moving stuff around, putting in new friers and grills. Three weeks beginning to end, we're in week two now. We're staying open for the remodel except for a couple of days next week when they put in the new equipment.

Get to work this morning at 6. Closed until further notice. Openers get in at 4, they're still there doing makework, cleaning and what not. We're supposed to open at 5. So, apparently, everything is blocked off or unreachable, can't get into the cooler or do much of anything we need to do. Going to be like this for probably two or three days.

And I'm like, "Really? You've been here two hours, and didn't call anyone to tell them not to bother coming in until further notice?" Luckily I live two blocks from work, but we have people who live halfway across the county who drive 20, 30 minutes each way.

So, yeah. Slightly annoyed.

End of rant.

That blows... And of course, no pay for those days...right?

Right. Luckily (if you want to call it that), I was only scheduled until 9:45 today, and off tomorrow, and 5-11:45 Thursday. So, at best I'm only out four hours, or possibly eleven. Like I told mom, "It's a joke, but I'm getting tired of waiting for the punchline."

The nightclub I work at is in the middle of a massive remodle. They put this huge akward pizza oven in the middle of my line that is of no use yet (I am the solo cook at an open kitchen behind the downstairs bar at Excalibur nightclub. Every Sunday morning as we close, crew comes in and tears up something new. This past Friday, they didn't clear out until 6pm and my line opens at 7. Lotta mess to clean up in that short hour.