[Table Talk] Build Your Covenant!

I believe these were to be 2 standard hermetic labs, 20 x 30, with modest quarters in them, much like the floor plan presented in Covenants, for visiting magi or gifted mercere. Thus, they belong to no one in particular, and have no particular attunements or bonuses, beyond the features common to all labs at Lough Caillte; Magical Heat and Light, mainly, and superior equipment. Ingredients are another matter, though...


Just checking, but one of these new labs is mine right?

These are in addition to labs being built; Fab's Lab was started late in the spring, and has the 50x50 footprint. By the end of summer (and we have 3 work crews building, the buildings will be complete, and enough equipment moved in for it to be considered a "Basic" lab. The remainder of the equipment arrives with the beginning of fall, wherein it will take a season of refinement to make it a standard lab. I suspect a number of people will be refining basic labs into normal labs in the fall.


Very good, I'll make sure to develop his lab in great detail. I love the lab deatils that were given to me regarding the current lab he's using, but I need to customize from the ground up.