[Table Talk] Build Your Covenant!

Here we go...
(Copy and Paste)
Suggested Final Allocation of Arts, Tractatus and New Summae

(So this is the part to read, weigh, and comment on!)


  o L20 Q11 (+T) Rego
  o L18 Q10 Creo
  o L15 Q15, L 5 Q18 (+T) Intellego (x2: Glendower)(slightly faster study up to Level 5)
  o L13 Q19 Muto
  o L10 Q16 Perdo

Tho' swapping Intell and Creo could work as well.


  o L18 Q12 (+T) Ignem
  o L16 Q 9, L 8 Q17 (+T) Vim (x2: Glendower) (significantly faster study up to Level 8)
  o L15 Q 8 (+T) Terrem (weakest quality, slower study)
  o L14 Q11 (+T) Corpus

  o L12 Q18 Herbem
  o L12 Q10, L10 Q15 Aquam (x2 due to plain random luck) (faster study up to Level 10)
  o L11 Q17 Aurum
  o L10 Q11 Mentem
  o L 8 Q21 Imagonem (High Qual = fast study!)
  o L 5 Q12 Animal (Low Level, replacement for lost text)
  (+T) denotes additonal Tractatus in this Art

If the Healer (and/or Glendower and/or the Jerbiton) also had Mentem, we could bump Mentem to around Herbem, and let everything else slide down (except Aquam- that's locked by use from last season.) That would hammer any Aurum that the Jerbiton Mariner had, and make the lower half look something like this:

  o L12 Q18 Mentem
  o L12 Q10, L10 Q15 Aquam (x2 due to plain random luck) (faster study up to Level 10)
  o L11 Q17 Herbem
  o L10 Q11 Aurum
  o L 8 Q21 Imagonem (High Qual = fast study!)
  o L 5 Q12 Animal (Low Level, replacement for lost text) 

Either way.

The dozen Tract' we had already allocated with points are (currently) divided between Arts and Abilities.

Tractati (Arts and/or Abilities, mixed)
(To write, Qual = 6+Comm, so ~6-7 are going to be common.)

      o Q11 ART - Vim
      o Q9 - Magic Theory
      o Q8 ART - Intellego
      o Q8 - Great Weapon, "The Art of the PoleArm", Ch. 1 only, w/ illustrations. Trans. from the Italian
      o Q7 - Teaching (in Norman French) - La Methode Socratique
      o Q7 ART - Rego
      o Q7 - Lore (Infernal? Dominion?)
      o Q6 ART - Corpus
      o Q6 - Premonitions "The Interpretation of Dreams"
      o Q6 ART - Ignem
      o Q5 - Area Lore: Loch Leaghan Tribunal
      o Q5 ART - Terrem
      o Q3 - Sense Holy/Unholy (orig Q6, incomprehensible cuts total in half)

+145 new pts to add to Summae and Tractatus:

New Summae:
(See also Summae List, Alphabetical by Ability in post above)
Pts Lvl/Qual
18 - L3 Q5 Domain Lore
27 - L3 Q8 Medicine (in Greek)
20 - L2 Q6 Language- Anglish as She is Spoked
27 - L3 Q8 Ettiquette
26 - L2 Q8 Area Lore- Stonehenge Tribunal (Norman French) Un Narratif d'Angleterre
= 118 pts
+27 pts of 145 remaining:

New Tractatus:
Q9 - Music
Q7 - Code of Hermes (supplements existing Summa)
Q6 - Faerie Lore (supplements existing Summa)

...and a +1 Increase in the Levels of 5 existing Summa:

o Philosophia L5 -> L6
o Magic Theory L5 -> L6
o Parma L3 -> L4
o Penetration L3 -> L4
o Artes Lib's L3 -> L4

Phew! OK- How's that? Any suggestions, speak up, or all in favor say "Hell yes!"

(And, on top of that, K has muttered about a stash of several additional Tractatus on Magic Theory, and tossed in a comment somewhere about yet one more minor Summa on Intellego. All to the good to create a "big" library, if not one artificially maximized.)
(/Copy and Paste)

Muttered, hell...  Just before you disappeared, Mathius' player mentioned that the remaining 3 points of boons be taken as 'Hidden Resources', for a total of 750 points, split between the players.  I've tried to get some answers on what people wanted, and was going to choose from the big list what people found (A copy of the Republic?  In Greek?  On Scrolls???) as they went around and put things in order.  Right now, Labs are being built.

The 2 collections are from my list of things;  They're older, less sought after texts.

There are texts to be found and deciphered, hidden caverns to plumb the depths of, secrets to be uncovered, an arachnid infestation, and servants of the infernal and divine walking about...

And then we'll start on the local folklore, like "The Tragedy of Dierdre" (An actual Irish tale, not a story about Dierdre ex Flambeau).  Or perhaps, the Cattle raid of Cooley...

Moo.  Mooooo!  MOO!  moo?  Moo!   

(Who has played too much Diablo II...)

(No comments hidden in all that copied text, are there? Does that mean you approve of the allocation as listed?) :?

I'd vote for an influx to our mundane library, something to make it an actual magnet for scholars just as we had originally talked about. Multiple books on topics, numerous tractatus on same, whereas right now we're only just beginning to scratch deeper than 1 text (Summa or Tractatus) on any subject!

Ability Summae are expensive, Level + 3xQual.

Example books
L5 Q5 = 20 pts
L4 Q7 = 25 pts
L6 Q8 = 30 pts

So, if we got dup's for each of 20 subjects, that would be around 500 points. Tractatus are less expensive (if less generally useful), but 2 Tractatus for each of those 20 subjects might cost another 250-300 pts on top of that. (Half of that, 10 subjects, would weigh in around 400 pts alone!)

So, ~I~ know where we could put some of those points!

Also, similar with Enchantments scattered around the Covenant- give us some points (and maybe an idea of where they go/who built them/what purpose they need to fill), and we'll build some more.

Then there's always story- allies, in the form of mundane neighbors or magical creatures, are always welcome. Spies/information too, that's a good thing, and I think we're a bit weak on that. Those can take their time showing up, as we might need to RP that a bit first to see exactly what sort of relationship we end up with.

I'm trying to keep my participation in the process to a minimum, since it is your covenant, not mine. However, I think a few people might be missing out on the discussion...

(Who hates ISP outages...)

I'm not as interested in the Mundane texts as I am the magical. Travel and money seem to be not much of an issue for us, we can effectively get some Mundane texts that we don't have by trade with only a Season or two of wait.

As for the Magical library, it looks good.

Well, the question of the new Magi "building up" their library is a separate one from the Players "building" the existing one, which is ~supposed~ to be pretty impressive long before the Characters get involved.

If no one objects by Monday, we'll just go with that as listed then and go from there. But this should be a group effort, so objections/suggestions/comments ~are~ welcome!

Yep I've been missing out on the discussion. (head spinning from reading the recent posts.) I've never been up to speed on the library stuff and I'm struggling to keep up. by the time I figure out what I'm doing, you are all a bit ahead of me but I will get it figured out. Sorry bout that. I'm pretty new to Ars.

(Don't worry about it!)

Hey, for those who've built "new" labs, where are they? If we're going to build some Guest labs, it would be good not to put them in the same place.

Maps: [url]https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/hand-outs-and-visual-aids/1654/1]

I think Corvus is building a lab at the moment. I'll have to check back on the details (somewhere in this thread I think) but I know I wanted somewhere high for him. I seem to remember a first floor (not the ground floor, that's something different) lab somewhere within the covenant was agreed.

In any case, I think he's spent one season on the task once the end of Summer rolls around (and didn't Steve say that was enough - he was being generous - or did I misremember that).

That's the way I remember it too. Those of us helping out with the lab building did all we could do in one season. We could both be misremembering it, though.

(Don't look at me, I was in Twilight land!)

Without refreshing my memory, all I remember was Corvus OOC talking about wanting a hollow tower, a "raven's rookerie" or something. I thought several characters were in need of new labs.

Yes, that was the aspirational version. I think that's now something he's going to build towards in the longer term. He'll get there...

Meh, I could see a top floor tower lab, with a cavernous ceiling and a roof that opens up to the sky like two huge doors. Maybe eventually magically, maybe by cranks/winches initially. With open windows high up that allow birds to roost on beams and such (problematic in some ways, but...)

That could give the "feel" of what he wanted, while allowing for a "practical" lab at the same time.

Regardless, do you know where on the map the foundations went in?

Thinking of putting the "guest labs" near the guest quarters, in the lower right corner, (or maybe not up against walls at all?) BellaDonna - thoughts?

Good point. Knowing Corvus I'm sure he'd want it right in the middle.

But I don't actually know where it is and I'd forgotten about the plans in the handouts thread. Perhaps Steve could update the covenant layout diagram..?

I'm not fussed where Corvus goes, so long as its close enough to someone else to be an occasional flavoursome nuisance without actually causing any disruption.

Given Corvus' luck, he'll be put either north of Deirdre's lab, or South of Mab's Lab. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha!


As a side note, there have just been several additions to the Lib', the texts that Rhiannon had spoken of quite a while ago.

There are 2 "Folios", collections of different topics bound together. Altho' one physical "book", they are different subjects of study.Folio of 1145
Rego Tractatus Q8
Vim Tractatus Q6
Lab Text, Opening the Tome of the Animal's Mind (InAn 25)
Lab Text : Cloak of Black Feathers (MuCo(An) 30)
Lab Text : Quiet the Raging Winds (ReAu 20)
& 2 Tractatus on Magic Theory

Folio of 1187
Creo Tractatus, Q7
Herbam Tractatus, Q9
Lab Text : Binding The Hermetic Codex (ReAn 20)
Lab Text : Welcome Addition of False Sunlight (CrIg 15)
Lab Text : Ward Against Fae of the Earth (ReTe 20)
Lab Text : Miner's Keen Eye (InTe 20)
Lab Text : Chamber of Summer Breezes (CrAu(Ig) 10)
& 2 Tractatus on Magic Theory These have been added to the appropriate sections, with a reminder that they are in "folios" - if someone is studying one of the items, all the others are likewise occupied.

So, where would you like Azaelle & Daggin to describe the additional building of the Guest Quarters/labs - or will that be done entirely off camera? Besides some planning, overseeing and a couple useful spells at critical moments, it seems the only complications will come if you decide they should.

So many projects, so little time. :slight_smile:
Azaelle will help Daggin with the buildings this season because she can't resist a terram related project and after that, hopefully Corvus will be finished with that book.

I've got complications lined up for years to come, but none this summer season. So yes, it can take place off camera.


Pro'ly time for both, BD. I don't see Daggin spending 8 hours a day casting spells and overseeing, more like 1-2 tops. Management both archetypal and justified, just drop in, criticize a lot, do 1 impressive thing that no one else can do just to remind everyone why they're in charge, then disappear again to "other important bussiness". :wink:

Daggin has a formulaic spell that can perform precise excavations, but only of loose soil and rock. (It can also pile up that material with equal precision.) He has a couple of spells that can make troublesome grogs more cooperative (but only short-term, meh), and of course a Pose Silent Question variant to ensure we've no spies/thieves/troublemakers/etc amongst the workers - always a good plan. He has spells to keep them warm and dry if weather's not cooperating.

Other than that, no huge Spont combo's that jump to mind (nor would he be excited about casting ~too~ many of those, not on a regular basis.)

If we're at it, I'd think that one "good" lab, and one "marginal" one (smaller), with multiple rooms nearby. The Covenants book offers an option for a limited lab ("elementary", p 117), that's only outfitted for 1 purpose (Spell Invention, perhaps, or Item Creation), and that alone - that's cheaper by far to create and maintain. That could be the 2nd one, mebbe?

Azaelle can open up a 60 foot crater in the earth and then pull very large stones out of it before it closes up. That should help with the whole excavation thing, I imagine.
One large and one smaller lab is okay with me as long as it is okay with the recipients. How do you decide who gets which though? Is there a medieval form of rock paper scissors? :slight_smile: