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Would you say that the Mysteries of Merinita can be incorperated into magic items? The one I'm specifically referring to would be the Animae Mystery, which summons/creates/changes (something) into a fae. Also, could items that used a (non ritual equivalent) Merinita Range, Duration, or Target be created?

I'd mentioned already I'd like to make a spell with a Duration of Fire, that targets a flame and turns it into a fae. As a spell that's not much of an issue. But I'm thinking of an item that can basically create a guardian of fire; could be useful on expedition, potentially lasting a long time as presumably it would be interested in self preservation (but that doesn't necessarily make for a good guardian...). Still working the bugs out of it, but that would be one application. Some complications would be:

  1. Can a non Merinita have a chance to activate such an item? If you feel they can't, then perhaps it has as a pre-requisite (eseentially built into the item) that it only works for those with Faerie Magic, or go a bit further, it only works for those with Animae Magic. Would there be an additional cost, to restrict it in such a way, basically a penalty for incorporating a Mystery like this into an item? In other words, he'd have to put in the extra levels required to restrict the amount of users of the item. It would be more costly because of this, but I could see it as being a price for making an item that steps outside of the norm. Maybe it needs a mandatory roll on the Experimental table?

  2. (and this is in general for using his Animae magic) How will such faeries respond? Does Zoltan have to make Leadership rolls to get them to do what he wants? Will he need to make additional spells or effects to compel service? This applies to both his spells and items (if they can be made). I'm fine with not getting a solid answer on this question and force Zoltan to figure it out the hard way.

Here's an item that I was thinking about the other day. I don't have books with me, so there might be technical difficulties with what I have here.

Soldiers of The Dragon's Teeth (charged Item)
Creo Corpus (Terram Requisite)
These items are stored in a strong leather pouch and are the teeth of some large animal (they could be any teeth, dragon's teeth might be hard to come by). The user reaches in and pulls out a tooth and hurls it away from him. Upon striking the ground (this is the trigger, so be careful about dropping them) the tooth transforms into a group of skeletons armed with sword and shield and in a foul mood. They attack the nearest creatures, be they beast or man and fight to their own destruction or for the length of time of the activation. They will attack and fight as an untrained group if using those rules, but can break into small groups or a whole riotous mob. Left without targets, they may fight each other and it is also possible that they can be tricked into attacking each other. These are faeries (Might 5) summoned into the form of skeletons with the Mystery of Animae magic. Their weapons and shields are magical creations so they need to Penetrate (most magi would not likely want to add that, so they can't turn on him). These are free willed creatures though, with Personality traits and mental stats. They can and will act unpredictably and maliciously. For example, if they turn on the magus who summoned them and see that their swords don't work...they might pick up other weapons. It is best to throw these far from yourself.
R: Touch D: Diameter T: group
Base 10 (I think) R: +1 D: +1 T: +2(?), +5 for Might = 35

This is best as a charged item, in keeping with the general theme of it, obviously based on the dragon's teeth from the tales of Jason and the Argonauts. Do you think this would work?

If the Mystery is based on spells, sure. Any (non ritual) spell can be put into a magic item. The same for the special Merinita Range, Duration and Target, again as long as they do not require a ritual spell.

A mundane can activate a magic item without having any talent for magic or any understanding of it. That yours is based on some Mystery does not change that.

Now that is a concern. A faerie is a faerie, and will respond according to its nature. If someone wants to get some service out of it, he had better be prepared for some Bargain/Charm/Leadership (Intimidate) rolls, or some serious Rego magic.

The basis looks sound. You need an extra magnitude for the Terram requisite, since you are using it to create something additional to the base effect (swords and shields). And while you can certainly specify that the faeries are very aggressive, you can't guarantee that they will attack the nearest creature, not without adding some Rego magic. It's very likely, but without Rego magic can't be guaranteed.

I would argue that Rego magic would allow outright control. IIRC, the general Faerie from Animae magic is one that is willing to bargain, but its not a huge cost. Of course Fae take payment in vitality. Hmm... fitting with that theme it might be they look for blood as the preferred vitality source, and go after the target they think can be made to bleed and die the easiest. Which luckily for the magus who calls them means not him. Usually.
Side note: You could totally make weapons out of bone. Its glamour, Fae cheat. Therefore, I would call the terram req cosmetic.

In summary, the spell is close enough. The above is all just my two cents. The only real change is either dropping the Te req or adding a magnitude.

The extra magnitude for the weapons and armor (if made from metal) I could definitely see and agree with. I could also agree that them having their own weapons and shields of bone could work too, but require an extra Magnitude just for the special effect, or even a Muto re instead of a Terram. Either way, I think a +1 Magnitude will likely happen as well as a Requisite.

Regarding the skeletal fae itself, I think they would be aggressive, the spell specifically takes a form of the Dragon's Teeth from the tale. In that the soldiers/skeletons summoned where also aggressive. Even if the fae are free willed, I would think they'd conform to the story role that they were formed for. Them playing their part would earn them Vitality, they might even earn more if they were actually tricked. At the end though, regardless of control, I think the items are dangerous and unpredictable. Best used with caution. Though I definitely want to make them at some point.

If the Mystery doesn't make it unapplicable for others to use as an item, that's good and I could see it; you need the Mystery to make the item, not to use it. So there might be some of these in the making. An item that creates your own shield grog...just prepare to have to deal with it in some way.

Anyone know of a decent program to make a map for for the Covenant compound?

Unfortunately not really. It's something that I never really explored for Bibracte, and I probably should have, but I always had other stuff to do.
I could Google for you, but I have no experience with them, so it would be pretty worthless. :smiley:

I use Inkscape, which is free and very flexible. But it a a general graphical editor and there is quite a learning curve involved.

It is not made speifically to draw maps, but you can find many pre-existing clip arts for various symbols. Or you can make your own to use and reuse.

This is what I used for the maps in Via Experimenta (see our wiki).

I also made a map of Poland using Inkscape. That was a fairly long project. But it sure looks good:

If it is what you have used to draw the map of the Covenant then it looks good. Thanks Arthur

All I could think of when I was writing this was the Dave Chappel show, with Charlie Murphy's stories. He was talking about how he met Prince and played him in basketball, right before they started he joked "Alright, it's shirts versus blouses!" and Dave was playing Prince and gave him such a look! Very funny, check it out on youtube if you don't know what I mean.

This morning I heard Shania Twain's song on the radio, the one I paraphrased, and then when Zoltan was puffing... Well, the opportunity to knock the wind out of his sails seemed too good to pass up. :smiley:

I like AutoREALM. It's easy to get into, which is a plus. But it's more for mapping buildings and grounds, I wouldn't try to do that beautiful political map with it.

I won't be doing much posting until Sunday. I'm at a local con.


How's the con?

Posting here... So... meh. Maybe tomorrow will be better when I can enjoy it with some friends.
I'm also sleep deprived a bit, didn't fall asleep until 3am. Packing it in for the night.

Now that I have survived hosting Thanksgiving for my family, we will get moving today on the threads. I know that December is a tricky month for a lot of people so do not worry about it if you can not post for days. I figure it will be slow for the holidays.

Thanksgiving killed my productive posting too.

Chaotic Magic isn't a free lunch, either. It gives any spontaneous spell over to the SG, unless you can exactly hit the level (with a die roll this is really a matter of luck). Even in situations where Chaotic Magic might be used without a die roll, you might have too much ability and be over and above the level of the spell in your casting total. I suppose some of that could be put into penetration, but that seems like a bit of a cop designed to circumvent the spells. My idea for giving Ophelia Flawless Magic and Chaotic Magic is that her Chaotic Magic forced her to master all of her spells, because the spontaneous magic she works is too unpredictable to be useful. I can honestly see Ophelia never attempting to cast a spontaneous spell if she can help it, I gave her a wide variety of spells to that end, too.

That makes a lot more sense then. :slight_smile: Well then, I no longer have anything to worry about and am really glad I didn't take chaotic magic! I like my low level spont magic spells!

Also I probably shouldn't understate the temptation of "what's the worst that could happen?" right before teleporting into a wall.