Table Talk: Introductions / Character Creation

Please feel free to start posting. Introduce yourself, discuss character creation, etc.

Continuing on the points pointed out by BoXer in the character sheet section.

Something non roman…. Have a hard time imaging that but perhaps, if you really wish to be the fireball throwing Flambeau. I agree that it could be a good idea to have secret character sheets but I know that as a Storyguide I find in troublesome to have character sheets somewhere else than on the web forum. You know they can be lost in the warp. I think that our storyguide should decide in the matter.

Lol. I suppose i didn't make the first part of my character sheet post very clear. I don't want to play a Flambeau. I meant that trying out some of the extravagant traditions in certain ways get more limited in the interest of covenant groupability when there is such an intimidating hardlined militant tradition like Flambeau represented. I guess i just wonder at your desire to play one and thus I am a bit concerned about some of my ideas for an intrgiuing but possibly diametrically opposed tradition.

I just think without each of us seeing the others' sheets it allows us to experiment a bit more. Its not essential you change, you have a well tailoured fighting machine for sure. lol.

I also thought about a child of Pralix but I recognice it from somewhere can’t remember where though or a Verditius magus. Perhaps even a Bonisagus or an Ex Misc with lots of secrets.

Lots of ideas as you can see, what are your ideas BoXer so that we don’t fling pilum of fires at each other at the first gathering?

Hmm well as you can tell Im a bit loathe to reveal my secrets lol. But I can say that given the predominant Roman taint to the order, my take on the majority of magi in Ireland is that the wilder traditions would still me numerous and rightfully suspicious of the arrival of a flambeau (rumors of intentions by House Flambeau or the Order itself to push pagan traditions further to the fringe..

Maybe even thoughts of Flambeau Tremere designs on domination of the Hibernian Tribunal.

On the other hand, as I said, he IS a well tailored and quite powerful starting character so I am also loathe to banish his value as a story generator. I am still in the process of stabilising my concept but I think there is sufficient scope in my characters magical nature to work with a Flambeau. Another possible tradition which might afford similar focus on fire might be Hermetic Sahirs (but the Irish version mentioned in Societates) centered around control of spirits of fire.

If youre content to play your Flambeau then just stick with him. He takes many of the most magically efficient benefits of Flambeau's upgrade in 5th ed and also happens to counterbalance nicely with Dr. J's Lady of the Lake.

That makes two elements represented and I have a mind to represent the other two though more re: "The Land" than the "air" (as an element). My concept for my character's role requires a fairly detailed philosophy or perhaps better called his "purpose" which would view Air/Land Sea as different but co-dependent aspects of "that which encompasses" dinstinct in their natures but intrinsically the same in their roles.

This is not, however, in the sense of Hermetic or classical philosophical notions of "The 4 Elements" but more in a more ancient concept of the nature of the cosmic order. In that view fire is a destroyer, often ignorantly so, but which is part of the cycle that defines and guides each epoch to the next (either closer toward or further away from a particular ultimate event that forms the seed of my characters tradition and purpose.)

A bit esoteric and obtuse in explanation but until I decide on a few key possibilities for my character I can't say more.

Would be nice to hear Liam's views on possible closed character sheet policies.

I Do have some other suggestions on how to proceed with character actions during the saga which we can discuss when we all get our characters sorted.

Great ideas there... Although in a classical sense, you'd need a fifth magus representing the spirit, which would be either mentem or vim...

Hum... If you go this way, maybe I'll do a magus too after all :smiley:

I think I stick with the flambeau perhaps tweeking it abit but keeping it as the story potential is great. We all could get along and not throw fire on each other. :smiley:

And well, it is the fire element in our pythagorean pentagram :wink:

Hi there,

I'm a friend of BoXer's (I think he's already mentioned that I'd be interested in joining). I've played 4th edition once or twice before but this will be my first time playing 5th.

I'm not 100% certain what sort of magus I want yet. BoXer assures me that things have changed rather a lot with the different houses and flaws/virtues and so I will need to have a good read through of the books.

At the moment, I am thinking of either some sort of "battlemage" type. Someone who is well trained in swordmanship and their magic is geared almost exclusively to battle (I guess every group needs a tank!), some sort of "air" magus (flight, weather control etc), or something totally weird such as a magus with faerie blood who has no time at all for the mundane world.

I understand that the group already has a fairly good mix of magi so what sort of character(s) or you missing?

Oh, at the moment, I cannot access this site from work. The web filter doesn't like the "games" part of it :wink: So I'll probably me mostly posting in the evening CET. I'll see if I can sometimes access it from the office though, probably (ab)using the wireless :wink:

Well it seems like two battle magi are beeing created, mine and BoXer. I am not sure about BoXer but fire magics have some rather obvious application. :wink:

Not making a battle mage per se, so for pure firepower (no pun intended) you are still the only one so far Max. :wink:

If we want to have a symmetrical representation of the "pythagorean elements", as Fixer mentions, then the element not yet spoken for seems to be Air.

Maybe a chance to create another uniwue homemade tradition within Ex Misc tailoring it to a type of Storm Lord ethos with a vestige of the Norse influence on the culture of medieval Ireland (possible element of rune magic) and a heavy tilt toward mastery over lightning.

Just a thought.

grrr "uniwue" should read: "unique".

We need an Edit Post button in this forum.

Yeah, a norse Storm Lords battle-mage tradition would be great :smiley:

Not a player, but reading along ...

You'll have to ask Michelle Nephew to turn on post editing. For PbP forums, it's turned off by default; The main concern is cheating by players. If you all agree to it, and agree to not abuse it, then it's not a problem. We had to ask to have it turned on upstairs at Lough Caillte.

Steve (Who can post here because I'm a spaminator... I think)

Right, I think I have settled on the type of character I will be playing. Keeping in with this whole "pythagorean elements" I have elected to go for the more esoteric option of "Spirit". The Storm Lord thing didn't really appeal I'm afraid.

I've yet to look at the Ex Miscellanea house but I am reliably informed by BoXer that the Titanoi cult fits the bill for what I want. Essentially he's going to be a magus who is far more in tune with the spirit world than the normal world. Also, he is fascinated by the very essence of magic and the non-physical nature of people (i.e. the soul).

I think he will almost certainly have a Ghostly Warder but also will have the (can't remember the name now) but something like Spectral Nuisance(?) flaw. I'd already had an idea of how to play these off against each but BoXer confirmed it with a wonderful suggestion. The Ghostly Warder will probably be some sort of former family member (grandfather) who was something of a lothario in his day. The magus will be intermittently bothered by the ghosts of his former lovers who are all furious with him for cheating on them all. Should prove fun!

Anyway, this is still very much an outline as I won't have access to BoXer Sociatates book until next week I suspect. Suffice to say I think my magus will be quite specialised in Rego/Intellgo and Vim/Mentem.

Any thoughts?

I should provide us with a lot of fun if you make a Tytalean magus and put him in the same covenant as a Flambeau or perhaps you imagined one that hasn’t any connections to huse Tytalus?

Will it? Oh good :wink:

I'm not up on the interaction between the various houses really. I still need to read up on that. Having read the Titanoi intro it sounds ideal :wink:

Ok, looks like I'm settled on the TYPE of mage anyway if not the various virtues, flaws, spells etc.

I'm going to be Criamon following The Path of Walking Backwards. The idea is that he is an extremely spiritual chap. Someone who is very much into the harmony of all things. He is fascinated by the very essence of magic and the nature of the human soul. Sort of a Hermetic Dalai Lama if you will. I am sure the fiery Flambeau is going to have an absolute "blast" (pardon the pun) with his pacifist approach to most situations :wink:

Seeing as it's a mystery cult, how far down the mysteries path am I allowed to be or are we all straight out of apprenticeship?

Liam wants us straight out of Gauntlet.

You can always ask to go find a Mystagogue to help you with your first initiation on the path I suppose but the requirements for an NPC agreeing to teach you will depend wholly on Liam's agenda and his familiarity with the ethos of the House.