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@Gaxxian assuming you don't want Onfroi to tag along Regulus to Crintera, which grogs you think would make for an interesting journey?

Simon is going anyway, feel free to play him if you want.

Peter (cook) and Klaus (fighter, gossiper) have made appearances before, but do not have stats yet.

And of course, you can just stat someone.

I have already managed to catch up getting the adventure ready and preparing Onfroi sheet and all, so let go :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohhh, if thats your path, then its perfect :slight_smile: It goes perfectly well if you find him at the entrance of the Black Forest path, so lets go with it :smiley:
I though that you would go directly from south to Durenmar, but I suppose that its a very forested path for somebody without some wood living background.

@Red-Shadow-Claws, then you can then use that season to another thing instead of practicing Area Lore if you want (btw, we are lacking from the experience the Spring season when we travelled from Durenmar to Tugurim, but i imagine that you could use those XP to level Area Lore if you want... personally, i will increase Athletism myself :P).

About the grogs... all the 3 sound good, but i imagine that the Cook also have more skills than just cooking? Also, I can help with the sheets if you want.

Oh, damn, now i read that the story is well past the Black Forest point... (that was a very fast travel... ^^!) So... forget about Onfroi for now D:

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Onfroi could have met Regulus, and helped keep things safe. Don't worry, there may be other forests, and other dangers ahead. Regulus has to travel the wilds to find the missing Herman.

Actually I was just pointing out who has appeared recently, nominally if nothing else. You can stat them if you want to have them on the adventure, or just stat someone who would be more useful. =]

But since Onfroi seems to be finished, maybe he arrives while the magi are waiting for Regulus' followers and he and Regulus can reminisce a bit about how their recent meeting? The travel might have been fast, but surely fraught with dangers! =9

Exactly. You can reminisce on some of the dangers avoided.

As you prefer, we can reminisce or i can be Celeste the one that founds Onfroi. You choose.

Reminisce. I want to see Onfroi in the scene...

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Ok then xD Gimme a cue to enter in scene when you feel like its the moment.
Onfroi would remain waiting outside the Durenmar for now, he has a big boar with him, after all, and he wants to avoid making trouble.

A half Satyr with a big boar wouldn't be that unusual in Durenmar, plus, the Mercere Portal is within the Covenant.

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Re: this, being Celeste immune to the Mentem effect she would be able to guide the rest of her group, and once the group is within line of sight of Dankmar they won't have trouble approaching (of course, the letter gave no details about the specifics of the Mentem spell, so maybe Celeste is not aware of that).

The way things are going do prevent me from tagging along with a few grogs. =[
Unless we want to have someone from Dankmar desperate to get away from there.

I don't see a reason why Celeste would be aware of the exact details of Dankmar's enchantment. If they had included enough details to tell her that, she would have taken some grogs with her.

Straight up reputation roll perhaps (Dankmar's reputation)?

Remind me how to roll on the forum...

Tbh, i was very surprised when Celeste just rushed away without searching a little more info about the place before ^^!

Idk... unless i miss something, all the mundane people there are basically braindead drones there. They dont have any will left...
Maybe a lost person in the forest (hunter, woodcutter o something like that) that find and join her?

Sounds good. Also, a Lore roll for Black Forest so you can find and maybe know how the path its traveled would be good too.
I will wait before i continue, as depending on the roll and Celeste's decisions some grogs could join.

@discobot roll 1d10 (replacing Roll with your language wording)

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lol, hi Bot :stuck_out_tongue:

It's that my cue?

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Yes, it's your cue.

I want to state that one of the reasons I wanted to play a Merinita was exactly to play with their special RDTs. And explore their Initiations.

Great :slight_smile:

Unsure about what RDTs stands, but i imagine that you mean their progression as a mystery cult and their secrets.