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If you postpone it, take into account that Celeste will take the Summer of 1206 to bind Lencor as her familiar. (She has a Lab Total of 37, and needs 35, IIRC)

For a moment i didnt understand you xD I mean, both Celeste and Regulus can go to Dankmar (so, theoretically, Celeste doesnt need to go alone if you want), so i didnt have a character in mind for it.

His reason would be to help a traveller to avoid entering into a dangerous place, first, and helping to survive if said traveller really needs/wants to enter anyway, second.
Into a more "tame" wilderness, that reason isn't there so, even if he finds Regulus, the magus should be more proactive to him, since he wouldn't have that same motivation to start the conversation and travel with the magus.

The letter will leave open to the magis when they want to come to Dankmar to talk. So you can prepare or plan ahead as you need (ofc, depending on the decisions and delays, later can be consequences too).
But having Lencor as familiar sound good and logic to me :slight_smile:

And related with that... thats my main issue with moving forward in time like that.
I mean, we basically skipped a year ahead. So... what changed exactly into our lives? Is Stella already a familiar? I've learnt the spells that i wanted? I've gain exp to Athletism (Walking long distances) from coming from Durenmar to Tugurium in first place? Etc.

It can't be much earlier, because letters take time to come and go, so it has 0 chance of being in the Spring of 1205 for example. And since I have previously run a story on Summer and Autumn of 1205 it made sense in my head to just chose another timeframe... But I could move mine to Summer or Autumn of 1205 TBH. It simply made sense at the time to push it to 1206.

Also, part of the reason for starting in Summer of 1206 is to leave you some time (but not too much time) to chose how to engage with the story.

Yes, yes, yes, yes....? I mean, whatever Alba wants to do with that time? She can improve a lab and bind Stella, or use our books, or travel around Laimunt and gain Practice XP in Athletism, or have long, unconfortable talks with Father Luc and learn about Theology, or discuss with the craftsman about her future lab and explore our quarry to see if the stone is good quality (I could run a story regarding the lab planning if you want)...? Your choice, I think, as long as it's coherent? Your seasons are free. What does Alba want to do? Or rather, what do you want Alba to do?

We can sidestep the whole "first encounter" issue and have Onfroi join the covenant earlier. He has no flaw or virtue that justifies an OoH Lore score, but that doesn't mean he can't already be part of the covenant (nominally at least). His lycanthropy surely gives him some reason to seek magi who supposedly can help him get rid of the curse (or at least control it). But if you want to avoid any prior contact with the magi, so be it. =]

I was thinking that Regulus would follow from Basel, first following the Rhine and than taking the Black Forest Road close to Strasburg (he is not dumb enough to just go directly through the Black Forest). But still, part of the travel would cross the Black Forest, so they could meet there. The Black Forest Road is not exactly safe.

No problem if they don't. More screen time for the grogs. =D

Didn't realize we have 5 seasons...

We can have one Season Celeste will explore the area, to gain Practice in Area Lore: Rhine Tribunal, and she can encounter him then.

And will figure out the other seasons.

I have updated Celeste's Character sheet with the activities for the 5 seasons: Set Up Lab, Bind Lencor (not using the special faerie Cords), Area Lore Practice, Read Tractatus on Disciples of the Worm, and Read Animal Summa.

How long would it have taken for a silver mirror to have been brought to Tugurium, from Spring 1205 when Celeste orders it? Just so I know how to spend her seasons.

I still need to know what Minor Virtue is there.

BTW, Durenmar is placed within the North-Eastern reaches of the Black Forest, so the way there is dangerous, potentially. If you want, Onfroi could have met up with Celeste in 1205, and then go with Regulus to Durenmar. Maybe the Bjornaer Magi could help with his curse... or know of some way to remove it.

@Gaxxian assuming you don't want Onfroi to tag along Regulus to Crintera, which grogs you think would make for an interesting journey?

Simon is going anyway, feel free to play him if you want.

Peter (cook) and Klaus (fighter, gossiper) have made appearances before, but do not have stats yet.

And of course, you can just stat someone.

I have already managed to catch up getting the adventure ready and preparing Onfroi sheet and all, so let go :stuck_out_tongue:

Ohhh, if thats your path, then its perfect :slight_smile: It goes perfectly well if you find him at the entrance of the Black Forest path, so lets go with it :smiley:
I though that you would go directly from south to Durenmar, but I suppose that its a very forested path for somebody without some wood living background.

@Red-Shadow-Claws, then you can then use that season to another thing instead of practicing Area Lore if you want (btw, we are lacking from the experience the Spring season when we travelled from Durenmar to Tugurim, but i imagine that you could use those XP to level Area Lore if you want... personally, i will increase Athletism myself :P).

About the grogs... all the 3 sound good, but i imagine that the Cook also have more skills than just cooking? Also, I can help with the sheets if you want.

Oh, damn, now i read that the story is well past the Black Forest point... (that was a very fast travel... ^^!) So... forget about Onfroi for now D:

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Onfroi could have met Regulus, and helped keep things safe. Don't worry, there may be other forests, and other dangers ahead. Regulus has to travel the wilds to find the missing Herman.

Actually I was just pointing out who has appeared recently, nominally if nothing else. You can stat them if you want to have them on the adventure, or just stat someone who would be more useful. =]

But since Onfroi seems to be finished, maybe he arrives while the magi are waiting for Regulus' followers and he and Regulus can reminisce a bit about how their recent meeting? The travel might have been fast, but surely fraught with dangers! =9

Exactly. You can reminisce on some of the dangers avoided.

As you prefer, we can reminisce or i can be Celeste the one that founds Onfroi. You choose.

Reminisce. I want to see Onfroi in the scene...

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Ok then xD Gimme a cue to enter in scene when you feel like its the moment.
Onfroi would remain waiting outside the Durenmar for now, he has a big boar with him, after all, and he wants to avoid making trouble.

A half Satyr with a big boar wouldn't be that unusual in Durenmar, plus, the Mercere Portal is within the Covenant.

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Re: this, being Celeste immune to the Mentem effect she would be able to guide the rest of her group, and once the group is within line of sight of Dankmar they won't have trouble approaching (of course, the letter gave no details about the specifics of the Mentem spell, so maybe Celeste is not aware of that).

The way things are going do prevent me from tagging along with a few grogs. =[
Unless we want to have someone from Dankmar desperate to get away from there.

I don't see a reason why Celeste would be aware of the exact details of Dankmar's enchantment. If they had included enough details to tell her that, she would have taken some grogs with her.

Straight up reputation roll perhaps (Dankmar's reputation)?

Remind me how to roll on the forum...