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Tbh, i was very surprised when Celeste just rushed away without searching a little more info about the place before ^^!

Idk... unless i miss something, all the mundane people there are basically braindead drones there. They dont have any will left...
Maybe a lost person in the forest (hunter, woodcutter o something like that) that find and join her?

Sounds good. Also, a Lore roll for Black Forest so you can find and maybe know how the path its traveled would be good too.
I will wait before i continue, as depending on the roll and Celeste's decisions some grogs could join.

@discobot roll 1d10 (replacing Roll with your language wording)

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lol, hi Bot :stuck_out_tongue:

It's that my cue?

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Yes, it's your cue.

I want to state that one of the reasons I wanted to play a Merinita was exactly to play with their special RDTs. And explore their Initiations.

Great :slight_smile:

Unsure about what RDTs stands, but i imagine that you mean their progression as a mystery cult and their secrets.

Range, Duration, Target.
Even the basic Faerie Magic virtue grants access to some, like the Bargain duration I've used.

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You cannot do several rolls at the same time nor add descriptions after you call Discobot ^^!

What you can do is tell the bot to roll 2d10, so you can have both rolls into the same message.

@Red-Shadow-Claws, reading through your advancement for preparing mine, i saw that you noted a +4 Aura bonus when you binded Lencor. But in Tugurium the Aura is 5.
Not like it would change the binding in this case, but i tell you for the future :wink:

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I wlil talk about it here to avoid filling the scene with spell talking :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe i'm wrong due to not having a full fleshed level in English, but i've always thought that:
Straight wall =/= Wall in a straight line
To me it's like a wall that its not inclined, so you cannot do shenanigans like domes, tubes or makeshift bridges.
In fact, in Spanish, the spell it's literally translated as "muro vertical" (vertical wall).

Also, i dont see any logic reason to not be able to spawn every bush a little moved from the other in a circle or a curve. It would be a very weird specific indication to add to the spell, since you can do just exactly the same spell but without that limitation (and with +5 extra paces lenght, since by default its also shorter that it could be).

If im wrong, its ok, but i would like to ask to be able to make some changes to my starting spells, since with this one it would already have 35 spell levels (the other spell being the sun light circle one) that will just be used to gain a bonus for "similar spell" in my lab work, since they dont serve the purpose for which I chose them in the first place.

We might need to wait for @Arthur position on that, as soon as he is available.

My reading

is that formulaic spells generally have restrict effects, unless the flexibility is acconted by in spell design.

If we are talking about a slightly curved wall, or a slight tilt, I'd agree. But by the time we are talking of a proper circular wall, or a large tilt, or complex wall shapes (a "S" or "L" shaped wall for example), this needs to be accounted by in spell design.
I do not agree that "straight wall" is a limitation (in the sense that it needed not be there). Its a necessary and intrinscec part of spell design.

Similarly, a different CrHe spell could create a longship, but not freely create either a longship, a trireme or a small boat (it could create small variations in design however, as long as the final result is still a longship). It could also change the type of wood (as long as the wood is suitable for ship construction), but not make a small longship model out of leaves and pinecones.

But again, I think Arthur has the final word to hear here.

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My take:

Generally speaking, spells are restricted. If you want to give the spell the ability to do curved walls, and such, then it needs at least +1 Flexibility.

The Conjure the Mystic Tower spell, cast by the same caster, will produce very similar results every time, since the basic design is dictated when the spell is designed. If you wanted to have more flexibility in the produced tower, you need to either research it again, for each design, or add +1 Flexibility.

Likewise, a spell to turn into a specific mammal is easier than one that allows you to turn into any kind of animal. that will likely require +2 or +3 Flexibility, and use the higher guideline.

Im not saying that there is no restriction into the spells.
Im saying that i dont read that the straight wall needs to be in a straight line, but straight like up, in vertical. I read that differently and the people that translated the game in my language also thought the same.
Thats it, its a different topic.

I took Clothe the Naked Form as base spell (CrHe 10, found in MoH pg.58). And, i adjusted duration to Diameter to lower the level to 5. Alba cannot do it with Sun duration.

About the fancy clothes... yeah, its Alba. She doesnt care. If it were for her, she wouldnt wear clothes. She is just trying to follow the conventions, nothing else. So anything that covers that without being excesively annoying its good enough xD

lol, you read my mind xD Alba was going to offer her xD

Are you serious? Its me, the Lord of the Long Posts xD I dont care xD

@Red-Shadow-Claws now might be a good moment for Alba to meet someone, if you desire. A young man intending of using the flower to conquer the heart of a girl (if his intentions are pure is another matter)? One deeply in need of help, because he is much less competent outside towns?

That is, if you still want to go ahead with Renard (or some variation of the concept).

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