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My take:

Generally speaking, spells are restricted. If you want to give the spell the ability to do curved walls, and such, then it needs at least +1 Flexibility.

The Conjure the Mystic Tower spell, cast by the same caster, will produce very similar results every time, since the basic design is dictated when the spell is designed. If you wanted to have more flexibility in the produced tower, you need to either research it again, for each design, or add +1 Flexibility.

Likewise, a spell to turn into a specific mammal is easier than one that allows you to turn into any kind of animal. that will likely require +2 or +3 Flexibility, and use the higher guideline.

Im not saying that there is no restriction into the spells.
Im saying that i dont read that the straight wall needs to be in a straight line, but straight like up, in vertical. I read that differently and the people that translated the game in my language also thought the same.
Thats it, its a different topic.

I took Clothe the Naked Form as base spell (CrHe 10, found in MoH pg.58). And, i adjusted duration to Diameter to lower the level to 5. Alba cannot do it with Sun duration.

About the fancy clothes... yeah, its Alba. She doesnt care. If it were for her, she wouldnt wear clothes. She is just trying to follow the conventions, nothing else. So anything that covers that without being excesively annoying its good enough xD

lol, you read my mind xD Alba was going to offer her xD

Are you serious? Its me, the Lord of the Long Posts xD I dont care xD

@Red-Shadow-Claws now might be a good moment for Alba to meet someone, if you desire. A young man intending of using the flower to conquer the heart of a girl (if his intentions are pure is another matter)? One deeply in need of help, because he is much less competent outside towns?

That is, if you still want to go ahead with Renard (or some variation of the concept).

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How long would the mirror take to arrive? I guess that depends on how large your maga wants it to be. What's your definition of a large mirror? Remember that mirrors at the time were usually made of polished silver, not silvered glass, so it is a fairly specialized item. That means ordering it from specialized craftspeople, possibly from far away. Or not. :wink:

As for the final list of virtues and flaws for the temporary lab, let's go with: Size +1, Elevated (Free Structure Virtue), Basic (Free Structure Flaw), Auspicious Shape: hexagonal (Minor Structure Virtue), Vulnerable (Free Structure Flaw).

The last flaw is because the stairs to the top of the tower where the lab is located leads straight into the lab and has no door.

I haven't read the post where the spell is being cast yet, but I tend to agree tat formulaic spells have only a small amount of flexibility in their effect, and that is usually specified in the spell's description (though not always). That spell already offers a certain amount of flexibility in that the wall can be shorter than the full 20 paces long. To me, a straight wall is a wall in a fairly straight line, as well as growing straight up.

If I understand correctly, the question here is whether Wall of Thorns can be made into a curved wall. My answer would be: only slightly so. It cannot be made into a circular wall around you, but it might be made into an arc, or follow the edge of a cliff. For such feats I will usually require a fairly difficult Finesse roll. Having it curve into a 30 degrees arc might only have an Ease Factor of 9, while following a cliff would be 15. Making it fully circular might be an EF of 24 (so almost impossible).

Actually, the lab is on the last floor of the tower (she asked for Elevated), with the stairs leading directly into the lab (no door).

Welcome back! Hope your vacations have been agreeable. =]

Exactly that.

Using Finesse for large bends seems very reasonable.

Welcome Arthur :slight_smile: Good to see you again ^^

Using Finesse sounds reasonable, yeah.

I'd say she'd want one that's about 3 feet tall, and 1 foot wide, in an oval shape.

I like this, while it makes the lab vulnerable, it means that anyone who climbs the stairs, is liable to having forfeited their lives as they enter her Lab.

...which includes servants delivering her dinner, children curious about her, and even pets wandering into her lab. :wink:

With the reputation of being haunted the lab will soon get, most children will stay away... and then there's a handful who will likely go there exactly because of the reputation. Better find a few grogs to stand on guard. XD

That's the thing about this flaw, grogs don't have a place to keep guard effectively, unless they themselves are in the lab! :laughing:

About the mirror, the covenant can probably obtain it within a year. Time needed to locate a source, have a merchant purchase it, have it made and delivered.

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Caught up on the Sponsors 1 topic. Is there a need to change the name of the story to something more telling?

yes please, if you can...

"Two Swans of a Feather"

@Arthur please, when you can, could you change the name of "Finding Sponsors 3" to this: "Road into the lion's den"?
Thanks! :smiley:

Will do, as soon as I catch up on that story.

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Sorry, am sick, so posting is delayed.

Don't worry Itzhak, get well soon :slight_smile:

Btw, i'm a little late to the topic, but i would like to add that technically the mirrors didnt need to be made in silver.
It could be made of any polished metal. Some of the most typicals were silver, tin and bronze. But it could be done in anything (copper, brass, electrum...). Ofc, some metals would need more cleaning and maintenance to avoid oxid than others, but thats it.

I only mention it to be accurate, and also in case Itzhak plans to add an enchantment to the mirror and wants a special material. If he doesn't have any preference, i would advise to go for tin or pewter, due to the reduced costs while being efectively the same as silver :man_shrugging:

Edit: and if we want to go fancy and magical, i'm pretty sure that Clusius could make a marvelous mirror made with water solidified into a surface :stuck_out_tongue:

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