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Regulus will propose a few additions to the Charter as soon as possible (preferentially before the Charter is signed, so that there is no need for unanimous opinion). Should I put them up for debate into the Charter Discussion topic? Or in my OOC topic, since this is a thing for Regulus, and not the others?

Speaking as a player: there is no need for the members of the covenant to agree to his motion. This is Regulus' personal agenda. His objective is to have a working precedent, so that he can show at the Tribunal that the system works. If the motion is failed he will take it as practice and try to understand what are the reasons for disagreement so that he can address them as soon as possible.

My intent in discussing this now is that, when he joins the covenant later, we don't need do spend in-character time with him explaining any of this.

You can certainly put the elements in the Charter Discussion topic. He might have had a chance to talk it over with Augustus beforehand, for it is he who actually prepared the charter.

And if the troupe agrees and it doesn't contradict any of the saga's pre-existing constraints, I see no problem including additional clauses into the charter.

When the covenant was founded, it must have been registered in some tribunal, or it wouldn't be a covenant:

  • Normandie demands that
  • Alps demands that
    Rhine demands that

Where is it registered?

I understand that this decision is yet to be made? I understand that we need to register only at the Tribunal (the event). The covenant is being founded in 1205, next tribunal is in 1207.

Do we need to show an inclination for a particular Tribunal, since our charter is being notarized? In that case, I think Normandy would be the easiest, since it only requires us to have vis sources. The Alps also require only vis (albeit in larger quantities).

This is one of the things this saga is built to explore.

Tugurium is in a peculiar situation, something that has never been tried before. It is not registered with any Tribunal, but is rather trying to file its Charter directly with House Guernicus, at least temporarily. For some reason, Augustus Nero suppports that attempt (which is risky for him), but it may very well fail. At a minimum, it will raise a legal s**t storm.

In the letters each of your magi has exchanged with Clusius before joining the covenant, that peculiar situation has been made clear. The covenant has basically 3 options, and the members will need to decide which one to pursue:

  • Join one of the three Tribunals (Rhine, Normandy, Greater Alps). Each has its own requirements and constraints on the creation of new covenants. No matter which one you would join, the other two Tribunals will be very unhappy with having you at their border and "poaching" vis source(s) within "their" territory.
  • Maintain a neutral status by not joining any Tribunal. That would be a balancing act, hard to defend legally and though to achieve. The benefit is that no Tribunal could impose its rules on you.
  • Push for the rebirth of the Lotharingian Tribunal. This would instantly gather you some allies and some enemies, but would put you in a very good position to influence how that reborn Tribunal is structured.

What about Provence?

Rhine and Provencal tribunals don't have a border. Provencal is actually quite small in area.

There's a map on pg. 201 of the main book.

Provence is about 250 miles to the south, but we are right at the border of Normandy, Alps and Rhine. There is this nice image with the rough borders of the Tribunals overlaid on a more recent map of Europe, I don't remember where I found it. It shows rough borders and approx. positions of canon covenants.

Cool map, though it should be noted that a number of those covenant sites are incorrect.

That map is a bit inaccurate, as the Provencal Tribunal (according to the map in Faith & Flame) actually goes as far north as Lyon. But that is still quite some way from Basel, which is the closest large city near Tugurium.

But the point is that no, Provence has no claim on that territory. Trying to join the Provençal Tribunal would be very hard to justify.

Nice to know it's innacurate, I didn't look at the map from F&F (or most of the others source books, for that matter).

That map is a joke - Durenmar isn't even within the black forest!

@Arthur Thanks for the clarification

Eikona's arrival got me thinking: how much does the villagers know about the covenant? Do they know us as "the weird people in the manor" or as "the weird magic people in the manor"?

Does anyone knows we are magi? Father Luc, the Telsberg family...?

How much more ooc stuff are you planning to write into an ic thread?
The offending thread has long been edited by the way. Sorry for not being able to guess your mind.

The way my character behaves on her approach should be for me to decide. If she decides to be extra polite and express that she doesn't consider herself a member of the covenant yet, then she can do that.

I have to sleep sometimes, you know. :wink:

And this post is the first notification I have received that you had edited your first post.

I wasn't "offended" by the post. My point was not to dictate how your maga made her approach. I was simply making sure you (the player) was aware of all the information your maga would have had before making that approach, and that you (the player) was aware of the potential impacts of her current path.

Taking me to task for trying to give you all the information does sound a bit rude, BTW. Of course, that may not have been your intent.

That is simply untrue. I had noted that in the ic thread before posting here - the post is still there.

So yes, my post above in this thread expresses my irritation that you ignored my corrected version and the fact that there was a corrected version and had posted more ooc stuff instead.

Your latest post indicates that you simply misread, which is why I suggest you return to posting ic so we can bury this unpleasantness.

This would be in-character information that would have been shared later, but may also have been mentioned in letters.

For the villagers, you are the "weird people in the valley" for now. Leonardus' last visit was over 8 years ago and he was an infrequent visitor. So for the most part the villagers were only exposed to the mostly-mundane inhabitants of Tugurium, with Julius as the steward of the place.

The only one who knows for sure that Leonardus was some sort of magus is the head of the Telsberg family, who had made a deal about forty years ago for use of the valley in exchange for some magical services (including a longevity ritual for himself and his wife).

There may be others who know or suspect, but you don't know who they are and how much they know.

That is true, but the forum does not notify me when someone edits a post, and I had made my response before you did the edition. Or maybe I was writing it as you were editing. All I can say is that yes, I had reread your initial post before commenting and that no, I was not aware it had been edited when I posted my answer.

Those things happen. Getting irritated about that and trying to assign blame is pointless. Any unpleasantness was certainly unintended on my part.

I have already deleted my OOC posts in the story topic, BTW. They will completely disappear in 24h.

I've done my share of ic thread cleaning now.