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Really sorry for my absence, had a much crazier couple of weeks than I was thinking. I'm going to spend time getting caught up here today


No problem, life always takes precedence. =]

@Arthur could you please create a thread for the story? I'm thinking "1205 Summer - A Pilgrimage for Vis".

You are likely right. XD
Feel free to grab a few grogs, or to introduce a companion if you have someone in mind.

Topic created.

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Sorry, I'm quite bad at being motivated to play characters other than my magus. Haven't had a compelling companion idea yet.

So long as you're happy playing grogs in stories that your magus cannot join, that isn't a major issue.

I think it would make more sense for this sanctuary to have been built by either Lucelle Abbey (northeast of the valley) or Moutier-Grandval Abbey (south of the valley). See the Laimunt Valley Map to see where each is located relative to the covenant.

It's possible. I based the descriptive text on what I found about the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Vorbourg (this was the one I had in mind for that particular phrase). Albeit I'm not sure if it was already dedicated to Mary in that time. I'm sure that there were chapels built by both abbeys, though.

Anyway, the text is an attempt to put a bit of color on the religious life of the valley, but the specifics can surely be adjusted. =]

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I'm just suggesting ways to develop other interesting entities that are present in the valley, instead of piling up everything on the Telsberg family. :wink:

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I am in for this story, but at a games convention for the weekend so slow to reply

Quick question. Marcus realises we are short of people who are free to cast spells to gather Vis. If he wanted the Vis from stores to enchant a magic item to do the job, would people let him have it? It seems like being able to give mundanes or companions a way to gather Vis is a useful thing.

I see no problem, and Regulus doesn't either (he asked for a couple of pawns for travel expenses, after all).

We are talking two pawns of either Rego or Vim right? I think the only caveat is that this is the same needed for the Aegis, so we don't have much to spare.

EDIT: Also, a charged item doesn't seem like a bad choice to me, if we want to save the pawns. After we have a lab text a recently gauntleted magus would probably manage to get 5 or 6 charges at minimum (assuming ReVi is at least 10).

I don't recall if there is an agreement about rolls (and in special, about asking for rolls).

I've conducted the little scene with Father Luc with a few hidden rolls on his end and assuming Marcus rolled a 5 for things he would just notice by being in the right place and time (eg., Father Luc being displeased or looking around).

But suppose Marcus and Edwardo decide to go wandering off-trail and I want an Athletics roll to see how well they deal with the mountains. Do I ask for it and wait? We roll a few numbers and use them in order as needed? I roll the dice myself (as long as this doesn't infringe upon player agency)?

Changing subjects, I need a few days to prepare, but I think I should be capable of running another story together with this one.

But we are still in the beginning of Trouble with Telsbergs, and as before I don't want to hog all the seats, so I'd rather give someone else the chance to flex their storyguiding muscles before going ahead. :slightly_smiling_face:

For the record, nobody has asked Wolfgang, and he's quite able to do that. He would actually volunteer to do it, if we don't have a lot of vis to spare. He needs an LR this winter so he's conscious of saving up. (And on a partially unrelated note quite happy to go hunting some giants for Corpus vis.)

I said in the thread that Marcus would ask everyone for help on casting the spell.

Wrong of me to assume everyone reads every post in every thread. Want to come along? We are still in the covenant and could be on our way to pick you up

My bad. I will post.

I didn't not read it on purpose, it just didn't tell me it was unread cause I wasn't in the thread, so I was unaware.

As I said, wrong of me to assume. Should have posted here too.

I'm all for the SG rolling whn the circumstances require it. It also saves a lot of time in the PbP format to have the SG roll for minor things instead of asking the players to do so.

Sorry for the delay in my side. My vacations are coming soon and I have a lot of balls in the air that need my attention.

That is the main reason why I set up the saga with so many beta SGs. Things can keep rolling even when I am absent for a time.

I will note that most vis sources shouldn't require a specialty spell to harvest them. It might not be as convenient to do, but it should be possible.

That said, Clusius would not object to such an item. But the covenant's stores in Rego and Vim are indeed limited at this time. Should be much better in a year or so.

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I think the sg rolling makes more sense too, if it helps.

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I would tend to say that there's no chapel on the covenant's grounds. Chastellion is close enough that those covenfolk who are devout can go there.

Cool, makes sense. It was a possible aspect of the weird folly construction so I thought I'd mention it.